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SAP BAPI COMPLETE LISTList of important BAPIs in SAP.BAPIs f. BOR obj. BUS4003 (AddrContPart)BAPI_CHARACT_GETLIST BAPI for Characteristics Find Name0002 BAPIs for Company Code ( Business Object 0002 )BAPI_CCODE_GET_FIRSTDAY_PERIOD For Company Code: First Day of PeriodBAPI_CCODE_GET_LASTDAY_FYEAR For Company Code: Last Day of Fiscal YearBAPI_COMPANYCODE_EXISTENCECHK Check if Company Code ExistsBAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETDETAIL Company Code DetailsBAPI_COMPANYCODE_GETLIST List of Company CodesBAPI_COMPANYCODE_GET_PERIOD For Company Code: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal YearBAPIs for Business Area ( Business Object 0003 )BAPI_BUSINESSAREA_EXISTENCECHK Check if business area existsBAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETDETAIL Business area detailsBAPI_BUSINESSAREA_GETLIST List of business areas0004 Business Object Controlling AreaBAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETDETAIL List Detail Information for Controlling Area0004CORE Business Object: Controlling Area (Core)BAPI_COAREA_GETPERIODLIMITS Controlling Area: First and Last Day of a PeriodBAPI_COAREA_GET_RELATED_CCODES Determine Company Codes Assigned to one Controlling AreaBAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_FIND Derive Controlling Area from Company CodeBAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETLIST Output List of Controlling AreasBAPI_CONTROLLINGAREA_GETPERIOD For Controlling Area: Posting Date -> Period, Fiscal YearBAPIs for Sales organization ( Business Object 0006 )BAPI_SALESGROUP_GET_DETAIL Sales Group: Display NameBAPI_SALESOFFICE_GET_DETAIL Sales Office: Display NameBAPI_SALESOFFICE_GRP_EXIST Sales Office / Sales Group: Existence CheckBAPI_SALESORG_EXIST Sales Organization: Existence CheckBAPI_SALESORG_GET_DETAIL Sales Organization: Display DataBAPI_SALESORG_OFFICE_EXIST Sales Organization / Sales Office: Existence CheckBAPIs for Cost Center ( Business Object BUS0012 )BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Cost CentersBAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL Detailed Information About Cost Center For Key DateBAPI_COSTCENTER_GETDETAIL1 Detail Information for Cost Center on Key Date (1)BAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST List of Cost Centers Using Selection CriteriaBAPI_COSTCENTER_GETLIST1 List of Cost Centers for Selection Criteria (1)BAPI_CTR_GETACTALLOCATIONTYPES Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ.BAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYPRICES Read prices for cost center/activity type according to selectionBAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYQUANTITIES Rad plan activity/capacity/scheduled activity for cost center/acty typeBAPI_CTR_GETACTIVITYTYPES List of cost centers / activity types with control informationBAPIs for Company Business Object ( 0014)BAPI_COMPANY_EXISTENCECHECK Check if company existsBAPI_COMPANY_GETDETAIL Company detailsBAPI_COMPANY_GETLIST List of companies0015 Profit Center BAPIBAPI_PROFITCENTER_CHANGE Change Profit CenterBAPI_PROFITCENTER_CREATE Create Profit CenterBAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETDETAIL Display Profit Center Master DataBAPI_PROFITCENTER_GETLIST Display List of Profit CentersBAPIs for Functional Area Business Object ( 0023 )BAPI_FUNC_AREA_EXISTENCECHECK Check if functional area existsBAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETDETAIL Functional area detailsBAPI_FUNC_AREA_GETLIST List of functional areas0PBAPI0105 (Bapis for infotype 0105)BAPI_EMPLCOMM_CHANGE Change communicationBAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATE Create communicationBAPI_EMPLCOMM_CREATESUCCESSOR Create subsequent communication recordBAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELETE Delete communicationBAPI_EMPLCOMM_DELIMIT Delimit communicationsBAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAIL Read communicationBAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETDETAILEDLIST Communication: Read instances with dataBAPI_EMPLCOMM_GETLIST Read communication1001 ( BAPIs for Business Object RetailMaterial)BAPI_MATERIAL_MAINTAINDATA_RT Create and Change Material Master Data (Retail)1001DIA ( Dialog APIs for Business Object Material)BAPI_MATERIAL_DELETE Flag Material for DeletionBAPI_MATERIAL_DISPLAY Display MaterialBAPI_MATERIAL_EDIT Change MaterialBAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_CREATE Create MaterialBAPI_RETAILMATERIAL_DELETE Discontinue MaterialBAPI_STANDARDMATERIAL_CREATE Create/Extend Material1001UEB ( BAPIs for Creating/Changing Matl Data )BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA Create and Change Material Master Data1006 ( Business partner )BAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHANGEPASSWO Change contact persons passwordBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKEXISTEN Check contact persons numberBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CHECKPASSWOR Check contact persons passwordBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_CREATE_PW_RE Create entry for contact persons passwordBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_DELETE_PW_RE Delete entry for contact persons passwordBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_GET_PW_REG Read entry for contact persons passwordBAPI_PAR_EMPLOYEE_INITPASSWORD Initialize contact persons password1007 Customer business objectBAPI_DEBTOR_CHANGEPASSWORD Change Customer PasswordBAPI_DEBTOR_CHECKPASSWORD Check Customer PasswordBAPI_DEBTOR_CREATE_PW_REG Create Entry for Customer PasswordBAPI_DEBTOR_DELETE_PW_REG Delete Customer Password EntryBAPI_DEBTOR_EXISTENCECHECK Check Customer ExistenceBAPI_DEBTOR_FIND Customer MatchcodeBAPI_DEBTOR_GETDETAIL Customer Detail InformationBAPI_DEBTOR_GET_PW_REG Read Entry for Customer PasswordBAPI_DEBTOR_INITPASSWORD Initialize Customer Password1008 ( Vendor business object )BAPI_CREDITOR_CHANGEPASSWORD Change Vendor PasswordBAPI_CREDITOR_CHECKPASSWORD Check Vendor PasswordBAPI_CREDITOR_CREATE_PW_REG Create Entry for Vendor PasswordBAPI_CREDITOR_DELETE_PW_REG Delete Entry for Vendor PasswordBAPI_CREDITOR_EXISTENCECHECK Check Existence of VendorBAPI_CREDITOR_FIND Vendor matchcodeBAPI_CREDITOR_GETDETAIL Vendor DetailsBAPI_CREDITOR_GET_PW_REG Read entry for vendor passwordBAPI_CREDITOR_INITPASSWORD Initialize Vendor Password1010 ( Customer credit account business object )BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_GET_STATUS Determine Credit Status of Credit AccountBAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_REP_STATUS Receive Credit Management Account Status and Send to DatabaseBAPI_CR_ACC_GETDETAIL BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Master Record DataBAPI_CR_ACC_GETHIGHESTDUNNINGL BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Highest Dunning LevelBAPI_CR_ACC_GETOLDESTOPENITEM BAPI/BUS1010: Determine Oldest Open ItemBAPI_CR_ACC_GETOPENITEMSSTRUCT BAPI/BUS1010: Determine OI Structure1021 (Spec.Purpose Ledger BUS1021 )BAPI_SL_GETTOTALRECORDS Special Purpose Ledger: Select totals records for accounts1022 (BAPIs for BUS1022 (Fixed asset) )BAPI_FIXEDASSET_CHANGE Changes an AssetBAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE Creates an AssetBAPI_FIXEDASSET_CREATE1 Creates an AssetBAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETDETAIL Display Detailed Information on a Fixed AssetBAPI_FIXEDASSET_GETLIST Information on Selected AssetsBAPI_FIXEDASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE BAPI for Legacy Data Transfer1024 Business Object ConsUnitBAPI_CONSUNIT_GETCURRENCY Procure Reporting CurrencyBAPI_CONSUNIT_GETLIST Display Consolidation Units1025 ( Business Object ConsChartOfAccts )BAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETITEMS Display Financial Statement ItemsBAPI_CONSCHARTOFACCTS_GETLIST Display Consolidation Charts of Accounts1026 (Business Object ConsLedger )BAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETEQUITY Display Changes in Investee EquityBAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETINVESTMENT Display Changes in InvestmentsBAPI_CONSLEDGER_GETTOTALS Display Totals Records1027 ( Business Object ConsGroup )BAPI_CONSGROUP_GETCONSUNITS BAPI Consolidation Group Get Consolidation UnitsBAPI_CONSGROUP_GETLIST Display Consolidation Groups1028 ( Business Object General Ledger )BAPI_GLX_GETDOCITEMS Line item of document for ledger with summary table GLFLEXTBAPI_GL_GETGLACCBALANCE Closing balance of G/L account for chosen yearBAPI_GL_GETGLACCCURRENTBALANCE Closing balance of G/L account for current yearBAPI_GL_GETGLACCPERIODBALANCES Posting period balances for each G/L account1030 ( Business Object BUS1030 (Cost Element) )BAPI_COSTELEM_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Cost ElementsBAPI_COSTELEM_GETDETAIL Detail Information for Cost Element on Key DateBAPI_COSTELEM_GETLIST List of Cost Elements for Selection Criteria1031 ( Business Object BUS1031 (Activity Type))BAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETDETAIL Detail Information for Activity Type on Key DateBAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETLIST List of Activity Types Using Selection CriteriaBAPI_ACTIVITYTYPE_GETPRICES Output Activity Prices for Activity Types on Key DateBAPI_ACTTYPE_CREATEMULTIPLE Create One or More Activity Types1036 ( Business Object BUS1036 Business Process )BAPI_PROCESS_CREATEMULTIPLE Create one or more business processesBAPI_PROCESS_GETACTALLOCTYPES Checks Which IST-ILV Types are Possible According to Activity Type Categ.BAPI_PROCESS_GETDETAIL Detail information for business process on key dateBAPI_PROCESS_GETLIST List of business processes per selection conditionsBAPI_PROCESS_SAVE_REPLICA Replicate individual business process (ALE)BAPI_PROCESS_SETSTRUCTURE Enter template in business process master data1037 ( Business object BUS1037 )BAPI_BPCONTACT_ADD_TO_ASGN BAPI Partner Sales Activity AddToAssignedBAPI_BPCONTACT_CHANGE BAPI Change Partner Sales ActivityBAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEFROMDATA BAPI Partner Sales Activity Create from DataBAPI_BPCONTACT_CREATEWITHDIA BAPI Partner Sales Activity Create from Data DialogBAPI_BPCONTACT_DELETE BAPI Delete Partner Sales ActivityBAPI_BPCONTACT_GETDETAIL BAPI Partner Sales Activity Get DetailsBAPI_BPCONTACT_GETLIST BAPI Partner Sales Activity Get ListBAPI_BPCONTACT_REMOVEFROM_ASGN BAPI Partner Sales Activity RemoveFromAssignedBAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATE BAPI Partner Sales Activity ReplicateBAPI_BPCONTACT_REPLICATECHANGE BAPI Partner Sales Activity Replicate Changed ObjectsBAPI_BPCONTACT_SAVEFROMMEMORY BAPI Partner Sales Activity Save from MemoryBAPI_BPCONTACT_SETTOACTIVE BAPI Partner Sales Activity Set simulated to active1057 ( Business Object Investment Program )BAPI_INVPROGRAM_CHECKEXISTENCE Check Existence (of Sub-Tree) of ProgramBAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_LEAVES Output End Nodes of an Investment ProgramBAPI_INVPROGRAM_GET_REQUESTS Output Appropriation Requests and End Nodes of an Investment ProgramBAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_ENTITIES Save Assigned Entities in Summarization DatabaseBAPI_INVPROGRAM_SAVE_VALUES Save Summarized Values in Summarization DatabaseBAPI_INVPROGRAM_SELRE_ENTITIES Select Assigned Entities and Replicate Them in Summariza