Schools HR Workshop 13 th May 2015 HR Services for Schools

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  • Schools HR Workshop 13 th May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • AGENDA Payroll Update Recent Pressures Issues Update Future Development HR Update Issues Update Employee Assistance Programme Consulted Policies Industrial Action - NASUWT Legislation and the new Government Training and Development HR Training , Development Team, Learning and Development Offer Health & Safety Update Future Workshop dates
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  • Payroll Update May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • Recent Pressures Agresso Milestone 4 Development work needed to be tested and applied Unique Tax References All Community Schools have a different PAYE ref from April potential tax issue for multiple employer staff New Teachers Pension Scheme End of Year RTI programme difficulties Payroll reversal Late confirmation of an Academy conversion
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  • Issues Update Increments Paying in May with back pay Community schools must apply Single Status If individuals not to progress can you tell us? PAYE for multiple employer staff Advice to schools and individual staff letters from Jim Gray Take off staff not paid for last year (interrogate note) AVCs for some teachers/Employees pension contribution for some staff Being checked, Pensions corrected in June Reconciliation Advice from School Finance
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  • Future Development Self Service Initially for additional payments Greater information More Reports Contracts of Employment
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  • HR Update May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • Issues Update Overtime inclusion in Annual Leave Pay cases going through tribunals should clarify re regular OT Pension Auto-enrolment Council & many schools 3 year anniversary in May 2016 when need to re-enrol many opt outs, more info nearer the time Employee benefits new contractor being chosen for child care, cycle2work plus, we hope, Mobile and IT equipment, travel to work, employee discount portal Paper counterpart to Driving Licence not being issued from June GOV.UK tells how to check
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  • Employee Assistance Programme HR have tendered for an EAP for the Council and for any schools who might be interested We anticipate competitive pricing as it would be part of the bigger purchase for the Borough The service provided is expected to include: Access 24/7/365 for all staff and their families Access to up to 6 face to face Counselling sessions of for an employee on a confidential basis without a referral from the school Online support providing information on a range of issues such as Financial/Debt Counselling Support, Legal Support Services, Dependant Care Advice
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  • Consulted Policies Shared Parental Leave on SLN Maternity updated and going onto SLN Ordinary Parental Leave consulting (unpaid, available to childs 18 th birthday) Paternity & Maternity Support Leave consulting (amended due to SPL) Adoption Leave consulting (leave from start of employment, pay from 26 weeks service)
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  • Industrial Action -NASUWT Local Govt Association has reported that NASUWT has written to a number of Authorities giving notice of the escalation of action short of a strike Previous level of action seems not to have affected Southend schools Schools are asked to contact us if this is raised with them by the union or staff
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  • Legislation and the new Government Conservatives pre-election proposals which would affect schools Protect school funding per pupil (not inflation) Create further 500 free schools by 2020 15m workers (including public sector) entitled to three extra days paid leave to do voluntary work Changes to Strike rules minimum threshold of members voting to strike, three months limit on action after a vote
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  • Training and Development May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • HR Training Managing Investigations recently run successfully for Senior Leaders and Governors who may be asked to undertake an investigation. Course is designed to give the necessary tools and confidence to undertake investigations under the Disciplinary, Grievance and Dignity at Work Policies Please alert your SLT and relevant Governors (and consider if this would be of benefit to you) and let us know if you want us to re-run Any other training needs identified?
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  • , Development Team, Learning and Development Offer A range of Learning and Development courses are available for schools to access Schools should check and book for forthcoming events on Southend Learning Network Recent courses include: First Aid at Work Presentation Skills Data protection Excel Introduction Managing Professional Relationships Assertively Time Management
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  • Health and Safety update May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • Plastic Socket Covers
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  • Plug socket covers/protectors are designs which are not regulated and can in fact undermine the inherent safety features built into all UK socket outlets. There is no specific product safety standards for plug socket covers. This is due to the fact they bend and can get past the shutters to live contact points. We advise that the socket covers/protectors should not be used because they do not add any further reduction of potential risk than the standard design of the UK socket, and indeed could, in some cases, actually increase the risk and likelihood of harm.
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  • Industrial Draught Excluders
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  • Draught Excluders Ensure the PVC is fire protected If possible install the flaps on a curtain rail or something similar (this allows ease of movement) Ensure written fire evacuation plans appoint somebody to be responsible for the flaps during an evacuation (they may need to hook them over doors for example) Only ever use these if absolutely necessary.
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  • Future dates May 2015 HR Services for Schools
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  • HR Workshops 2015/16 Wednesday 21 st October 2015, 1pm to 3.30pm, Tickfield Wednesday 24 th February 2016, 1pm to 3.30pm, Tickfield Wednesday 25 th May 2016, 1pm to 3.30pm, Tickfield


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