Scottsboro Trails

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Scottsboro Trails. Initial Incident. fight between a group of whites and blacks The blacks forced the whites off the train Whites get the train stopped Authorities round up nine black youth Two girls accuse the boys of rape. The Scottsboro Boys. Haywood Paterson- eighteen years old. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scottsboro Trails

Scottsboro Trails1Initial Incidentfight between a group of whites and blacksThe blacks forced the whites off the trainWhites get the train stoppedAuthorities round up nine black youthTwo girls accuse the boys of rape

There was fight between a group of whites and blacks on a train heading south. The two groups were looking for work. During the fight the blacks managed to force the whites off of the train. The whites contacted the stationmaster and he contacted ahead and got the train stopped. Authorities searched the train and rounded up nine black youth. Two white girls are found and accuse twelve blacks of raping them and identify six of the rounded up boys as the rapist. The authorities decide that if six of them were the rapists all of them were.2The Scottsboro BoysHaywood Paterson- eighteen years oldCharles Weems- nineteen years oldClarence Norris- eighteen years oldAndy Wright- nineteen years oldOzie Powell- sixteen years oldOlen Montgomery- seventeen years oldEugene Williams- Thirteen years oldWillie Roberson- seventeen years oldRoy Wright- thirteen years old

These are the nine black boys that were accused of rape. Haywood Paterson, a eighteen year old. Charles Weems, a nineteen year old. Clarence Norris an eighteen year old. Andy Wright a nineteen year old. Ozie Powell a sixteen year old. Olen Montgomery a seventeen year old. Eugene Williams a Thirteen year old. Willie Robinson a seventeen year old. Roy Wright a Thirteen year old.3The AccusersVictoria Price a 21 year old femaleRuby Bates an 18 year old femaleThese two accused the nine boys of rape

Victoria Price a 21 year old and Ruby Bates an 18 year old. These two white females accused 12 back men of raping them and identified six of the Scottsboro boys as the rapist.4The First Trials 1931Four separate cases All the boys were either sentenced to death or life in prison No blacks had served on the juryThe case is appealed

The first trials were in 1931 where the boys were tried in four separate groups. The first case was Weems and Norris, and a verdict calling for the death penalty was returned in less than two hours.

The next day, Haywood Patterson, 18 years old, was tried alone, as the second case. In three hours the jury returned with the death penalty verdict. In the third case, five of the remaining six boys were tried: Olin Montgomery, Andy Wright, Eugene Williams, Willie Robeson; Ozie Powell. It was brought out in this trial that Willie Robeson was suffering from a bad case of venereal disease, which would have made it painful, if not impossible for him to have committed the act of which he was accused. The case went to the jury at 4 p.m. on Wednesday, April 8, and early Thursday morning, the jury again turned in the verdict calling for the death penalty. Judge Hawkins proceeded at once after the convictions returned against the five Negroes in the third case, to pronounce the death sentence on the eight who had been tried. He set the day of execution for July 10, the earliest date he was permitted to name under the law, which requires that 90 days be allowed for filing an appeal of a case.

In three days' time, eight Negro boys all under 21, four of them under 18 and two of them sixteen or under, were hurried through trials which conformed only in outward appearance to the letter of the law. Given no chance even to communicate with their parents and without even as much as the sight of one friendly face, these eight boys, little more than children, surrounded entirely by white hatred and blind venomous prejudice, were sentenced to be killed in the electric chair at the earliest possible moment permitted by law. It is no exaggeration certainly to call this a legal lynching. the fourth trial of fourteen-year-old Roy Wright, a young brother of another of the defendants. At two o'clock on the afternoon of Thursday, April 9, the jury announced that they were dead-locked and could not agree on a verdict. Eleven of them stood for the death penalty and one for life imprisonment.

Judge Hawkins declared a mistrial, and the child was ordered back to jail to await another ordeal at a later date. He is now in the Birmingham jail. The other eight defendants were kept a short time also in Birmingham, and then removed to Kilby prison, about four miles from Montgomery.5Later TrialsRuby Bates denied being rapedThe boys are continually convictedPatterson and Norris are sentenced to deathWright and Weems are sentenced to live in prisonPowell gets 20 yearsThe other four are pardoned

Ruby Bates wrote a letter declining being raped. The boys are continually convicted to death or life sentence. Eventually Patterson and Norris are sentenced to death. Wright and Weems are sentenced to live in prison. Powell got 20 years in prison after assaulting a sheriff otherwise he was pardoned. Willie Roberson, Olen Montgomery, Willie Roberson, and Roy Wright are pardoned.6End ResultsBy the end all of the boys ended up being pardoned Most of the boys died soon after they were pardonedNorris died at age 76 as the oldest Scottsboro boy

In the end all of the boys are pardoned. The longest trial lasted 45 years. Most of the boys died soon after they were pardoned. Norris lived to 76 when he died in the Bronx public hospital. He was the oldest Scottsboro boy. 7Works Cited last accessed Nov. 17th 20118