Secondary School Teachers' Resources: Valentine Verses

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A programme of themes and ideas for new and established creative writing groups based around Valentine's Day.


<ul><li><p>Developing a Creative Writing Club in your Secondary School</p><p>Valentines Verse</p></li><li><p>Page 2 Valentines Verse project</p><p>Valentines VerseA programme of themes and ideas for new or established creative writing clubs.</p><p>Designed and produced by Mark Grist as part of the Well Versed Poetry in School project</p><p>ThemeLove through both poetry and prose</p><p>Programme LengthThe first 6 weeks of a the winter term, through to Valentines Day. </p><p>Final EventYou have a lot of choice with this one. You could create a display which would be put up on the notice boards/plasma screens/VLE in time for Valentines Day perhaps complete with a Valentines delivery service in school. You could even have a Valentines Day/anti Valentines Day reading if you wanted.</p><p>Suggested EquipmentIt totally depends on what you decide to create with this project whether its a display or a collection of poems or an event for students to come to is your choice.</p><p>Additional NotesThink about what other students would be interested in does everyone have a positive view of Valentines Day?</p></li><li><p>Page 3Valentines Verse project</p><p>Suggested activities</p><p>Choose 5/6 of the following activities to do during club hours over 5/6 weeks. </p><p>1. Spend 45 minutes finding the best love poem/stories. Share them as a group and each explain what they think is so effective about the pieces. Pupils can then use them as inspiration for their own love poems in following weeks.</p><p>2. Pupils write a scene for a romantic comedy. Why not have one character trying to tell the other how they feel, but the information gets confused somehow.</p><p>3. Watch Baz Luhrmanns Romeo nd Juliet and research the play, before pupils make their own modern day version of the story.</p><p>4. Create Valentines cards for other students to buy. Pupils could form a poetry takeaway service on Valentines Day and write messages on commission in these cards</p><p>5. Anti-love Poems Write an anti-love poem or a love poem to something people wouldnt normally fall in love with</p><p>6. Pupils write a letter to an agony aunt about a relationship problem. Then swap the letters with each other and respond to someone elses letter. </p><p>7. The Worst Date Ive Ever Been On Pupils write their own piece in any form they like about bad dates.</p><p>8. Pupils go around school interviewing people about what they think love is. Then write them up into a list poem.</p><p>9. Create a huge wall display, one side with positive love stories/poems. The other side with negative anti-love stories/poems.</p><p>10. Research and create a presentation on the most famous couples of all time.</p></li></ul>