Secondary Writing Strategies and Resources

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Secondary Writing Strategies and Resources. November - Teacher Leader Meeting. Writing today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many. The National Commission on Writing, 2003. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Secondary Writing Strategies and Resources</p> <p>Secondary Writing Strategies and ResourcesNovember - Teacher Leader MeetingWriting today is not a frill for the few, but an essential skill for the many. The National Commission on Writing, 2003Cubing: A pre-writing strategy that has students examining a topic from six different perspectives. Department of Education Middle School Writing Modules Cultural InstituteVisit the site: Project</p> <p>Historic Moments</p> <p>World WondersNCWise OwlWhat is New?E-booksAP Images</p> <p>**Remember the password is wiseowl</p> <p>ReadWorks</p> <p>A great resource for non-fiction pieces that are on different grade levels.Each passage comes with multiple choice and constructed response questions.</p> <p>bookrA tool to create and share your own photobook using Flickr images</p> <p> Writing Assignments</p> <p>Picture it With PoetryThe students will have begun a unit on Poetry and will apply this knowledge by creating multimedia videos on After conducting research online, they will select a poem of their choice and create a visual representation of it, which includes visual and auditory imagery. The students will present their final videos to the class.</p> <p>Sharing of Writing Strategies</p> <p>Storybird RMHS Storybirdwww.storybird.comNCHSThree Argumentative Appeals,Aristotle's methods of convincing: Reason (logos), Ethics (ethos) or Emotion (pathos)</p> <p>Quote Responses ParkerStudents were to find quotes about money by famous people and tell why they agree with them. The next stepis to comment on a peer's quote.</p> <p>..\Money83block_Parker.docx</p> <p>Writing - EMSDifferentiating Between Modes of Writing_EMS.docx</p> <p>Check list for elaboration_EMS.pdf</p> <p>Examples of Transitions_EMS.docx</p> <p>Peer Editing in ver 2003_EMS.xlsxAudio Feedback and Story Reflections - NNHSShort Stories Project Reflection.doc</p> <p>Providing Audio Feedback for Students about Their Writing.docSharing Table - SNMSPeriod4SharingTable.docxWrite to Learn - ROMThis program allows teachers to use the pre-made prompts or lets a teacher create their own prompts.This is Pearson product that Felecher has used with a lot of success with her students.Evernote and Creative Writing Activity SNHSUse Evernote as a tool for note taking and keeping information organized for research assignments.</p> <p>Creative Writing activity using google form and a radomizer. Students complete the form identifying character, setting, and conflict. Students randomly select from each category and have to develop a short story using the information selected.Creative Writing Links</p> <p></p>