(SectionA:1a—2c) sing dance swim paint /draw

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Text of (SectionA:1a—2c) sing dance swim paint /draw

  • (SectionA:1a2c)

  • sing

  • dance

  • swim

  • paint/draw

  • play chess

  • speak English

  • play the guitar

  • play the violin

  • play the piano

  • play the drums

  • Play the trumpet

  • ---Can ++V.+?--- Yes, +can. /No , + cant . sing (Tom)paint/draw (he)swim (he)speak English (she)play the guitar (Bob)dance (you)play chess (they)play the violin (she)Task 1 Pairwork

  • Can you translate these sentences?

    I can play the trumpet.She can play the piano.He cant sing or dance.They cant speak English.Can you swim? Yes ,I can.Can she play the violin? No ,she cant.

  • Make a surveyModel:I can play the guitar.My friend, Mary can sing, but she cant dance. Tom can dance and speak English. Li Hong can swim and play chess. Zhang Li can

  • Join us

    English clubart clubmusic clubchess clubswimming club

  • Task 2 GroupworkModel: A-What club do you want to join? B/C-We want to join the swimming club. A-Can you swim? B-Yes, I can. C-No, I cant.

  • speak English

  • paint/draw

  • swim

  • music clubplay the guitarsing(Bob)(he)

  • play chess(they)

  • Lets listen!Task 3

  • David: What club_____ you want ______ join?Lisa: We ______to join the chess _______.David: Can you ________chess?Lisa: No, I __________.Joe: I can.dotowantclubplaycantComplete the conversation

  • Here are all the clubs.What club do you want to join?I want to join the English club. How about you?Hmm. I want to join the chess club. Can you play chess?No, I dont like chess. Do you like music?Oh, yes. I can sing and dance. I like music.Me, too. Lets join the music club.()

  • Can you rewrite them ?I can play chess .

    She can speak Chinese .

    Can your brother play the guitar?

    Can Tom and Amy paint ?

    We want to join the English club .Can you play chess ?She cant speak Chinese .Yes , he can.No, they cant.What club do you want to join ?

  • Summary:1.{Can ++V.+?Yes, +can. /No , + cant .2.{What club do you want to join ?I want to join the club.

  • Homework: Make an interviewWhat can your father/mother/brother/sister do?

  • (Introduce yourself to the class.)Model: My name is Linda.I can sing and dance. I can play the guitar and violin.I want to join the music club. My telephone number is 657-7254.