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..excel with glory and distinction..

when its snowing in Stevens

To all my seniors, Wish all of u, all the best...May God bless you... May u succeed in ur future...Last but not least, thanks for all ur good deeds...Without ur helps, we might not be as happy as today.....Thanks.. ps: Nanti dah kahwin jgan luper ajak aku... "Waaaaa, Sweet Gilerrrrrr!" (quoting from Irwan) - mr arif -



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Congrate to my fellow seniors. Sekian lama menanti,akhirnya graduate jua anda2 sekalian. Good JOB!! My wish to all of u guys, please leave your belongings to us,(tv,ps3 or anything) and especially lab reports,solution, etc. We want to be successful like you too..;p. Thank you. Semoga maju jaya. - Hakim -

The Prestige M Eechanical ngineering

Abdul Qayyum Abdul Halim

Ammar Sirry Yashaa

Fatimah Al-Zahra Naamat

Muhammad Nur Ihsan Mohd Narwawi

Noorsyafiq Nazri

Wan Ahmad Fauzan Wan Jusoh

Congratz to my fellow graduating seniors!! It's been wonderful knowing each and everyone of you. Seriously, you have been my best seniors that I ever had =) Without you guys, studying in Stevens will not be as fun. It's definitely not gonna be the same when suddenly 20 of you guys will not be here anymore. All the best to you guys. Going out to the real world is going to be interesting and challenging. Finally, hopefully we will keep in touch. Adios amigos! Abdul Wahab Anwar Tajuddin

Abdul Qayyum Abdul Halim | qayyumAddress 17, Jalan N5, Taman Melawati, 53100, KL

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12/28/87 Library n Davidson lab coz it's the only place i could think properly. the conferences-> the muktamars, NMFs n Alif Ba Tas..

Favorite place in Stevens and why The best memory in United States

Bad memory in United States

even bad things is good if viewed at another an gle

If I were not an engineer/bio chem, I would be a Few words to fellow Malaysians

an economists/ political scientist

keep in touch bros. And always remember God

What Stevenians Taught Me

Stevenians taught me betrayal Stevenians taught me anger Stevenians taught me sadness Stevenians taught me hopelessness Stevenians taught me loneliness BUT Stevenians also taught me forgiveness Stevenians also taught me self control Stevenians also taught me love Stevenians also taught me endurance Stevenians also taught me FRIENDSHIP

Challenge are given for a reason. There is always a way out. Take it and make it yours.

Always love u guyz, Abdul Qayyum Abdul Halim

Ammar Sirry Yashaa | AmmarAddress 47 Taman Sri Wangsa, 08800 Guar Chempedak Kedah Darul Aman 017-5846807 / June 17th, 1986Sinatra Park (View of NYC). It is very lovely to be there when the tension runs high. When watching the colorful lights and the awesome skyscrapers, all the tension melts away in a blink of an eye. When I was in the freshmen year. I learned that I could be anyone I wanted to be. There was no difference between me and other people. What makes me different is the hard work I do. My worst memory was when I gave my first speech/ presentation to my peers. It was as lousy as hell. I thought a parrot could talk better than I did. an accountant. Actually I never thought myself as an engineer. I wanted to be an engineer but I thought I didnt have the capability and intelligence to be one. I always loved numbers which I knew for sure. But the fate helped find my way to become who I am today and I am glad I am who I am today; even though I really, really want to be an accountant deep in my heart. Thats life. We have to choose between things that we love and I chose to be an engineer long time ago by paying the price of not becoming an accountant. What an expensive price to pay. (1) Be who you really are. Dont get influenced by the flow of the world and define yourself the way you want it. (2) Always think about next 10 years when you are doing things. Think about it either it is worth doing it or not. (3) Treat people the way you want people treat you. Let people do injustice on you, but it doesnt qualify you to avenge the hateful actions. (4) Be sincere to your own self. Always want you really want deep inside your heart. Is it money, love, or happiness that we are looking for? Or just the Love and Care for the Great One? (5) Never stop praying, working hard, and believing in yourself even though the fate is not on your side. Believe that the fruits of hard work come in many unpredicted ways.

Phone Number Email Date of Birth Favorite place in Stevens and why The best memory in United States Bad memory in United States If I were not an engineer/ bio chem, I would be a

Few words to fellow Malaysians

= For the moments I could not go back and forget =

A Piece of Me

In my academic history, Stevens Institute of Technology is the longest education institution that I have ever stayed. I never stayed more 3 years in any other schools before because I have been moving around depending on my current academic interests and opportunities. I always believe the dynamics in education systems keeps me and my education aims fresh and relevant as the time passes by. Before I set my feet at Stevens, my world was totally different in every aspect of life. I used to be very skeptical with everything I saw. I never challenged the nature, and let alone, discovered the odds and other potential possibilities around me. This way of life really kept me at the mediocre level and, of course, put me in the safety net. It was almost shrinking my views in life as I grew up as an individual. This way of life changed when I came to Stevens. Undeniably, SIT and its community have the biggest influence in my world. My professors, friends and works expand my views to the whole new world in me. They change the way I see and think about the events happening around me. I am always at a constant state of pushing my limits everyday here. I never let myself feel comfortable with something until I am sure that I am the best in the thing I do. This keeps me feel the thrills to work harder and harder when I wake up in the morning. Among all the groups that I take part at Stevens, Malaysian Student Association (MASA) is a single group which shapes most of my personality. I almost cannot believe the history when I see how far weve come together. It makes me believe if we work together we can do better than I work alone. It is synonymous with the principle, together we unite, and alone you fall. MASA members influence me with many good elements in life. Teamwork, leadership, and pursuit of happiness are the major elements I learn from them. They teach me to be the man I am today. They never turn their backs on me and keep giving me countless second chances when I do mistakes. I believe I will remember all the members vividly even though we are apart in years to come. Each and every one of them is the guru in my life. I know sometimes I am not an easy-going person. I like holding to the stuff I know, no matter whether, it is right or not. With good grace and high respect they let me have my moment. By doing so, they discretely change me to be a better person by allowing me discover my own mistakes. It has been my pleasure to be a part of this group and I will not forget the lifelong lessons I learn here in MASA. I want to say my thanks to all the MASA members to let me to be who I am and never judge me when I do something wrong. I also want to bid my good-byes to my fellow seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. I hope you guys can make best out of your lives. Dont let any opportunities in life pass you by without trying to grab them. Remember, we have one life to live. Make the most out of it. May god bless us. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Best regards, AMMAR In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fatimah Al-Zahra Naamat | TiMAddress 23, Jalan Bistari 1/9, Taman Yayasan, 85000 Segamat, Johor 07-9443534

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Email Date of Birth March 1st, 86 Edwin Building cause I've done lots of things in there. It's the building for my classes, major, and my work place. It's so ghetto yet has a meaningful value inside. Travel wohooooo. I just love travel. Road trip, cruise, back packing, and camping

Favorite place in Stevens and why

The best memory in United States

Bad memory in United States

Struggling with new environment, new society, new place but everything just turns out to be perfect. At first it was bad, but getting better at the end. Computer Science or Graphic Designer. Didn't want to pick on those majors cause I thought it's a competitive major. Everyone is doing CS or Graphics. Jeez, wish that I hadn't had that useless thought. Life is so unpredictable. Embrace the present with full hearted, and always think big for the future. We may lost contact with some in the future, but hopefully we aren't inside.

If I were not an engineer/bio chem, I would be a

Few words to fellow Malaysians

Muhammad Nur Ihsan bin Mohd Narwawi | IhsanAddress 33 Laluan BG Perdana 4, Tmn Batu Gajah Per dana, 31550 Pusing, Perak 017-5271837

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Email Date of Birth 18 September 1986 Library,CPA209,Castle Point, Pierce Dining Hall first day at Stevens

Favorite place in Stevens and why The best memory in United States

Bad memory in United States


If I were not an engineer/bio chem, I would be a Few words to fellow Malaysians

"upscale retail sh