Session10 conversation-story strategy

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  • 1. ConversationTalk, dont shout
  • 2. Conversation
  • 3. ConversationTechniques for talking with the Groundswell:1. Create and Share Engaging for Video, for Audio2. Engage in Social Networks as a recognized brand and voiceFacebook & Twitter3. Participate in the Blogospherenot only listen to other blogs and bloggers, but respond to them, and provide your own platform for controlling conversations.4. Reach to build your own online community5. Others
  • 4. ConversationReview of Story Strategies
  • 5. FACTS ARE MEANINGLESSNarrative Analysis suggests that the problem isnot necessarily what people dont know (thefacts). Rather, the problem may be what they doknow (underlying assumptions).In other words people have existing storiesabout their world that may act as narrativefilters to prevent them form hearing certainmessages.
  • 6. Product + Mythology = Message Campaign
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  • 8. +
  • 9. Narrative Elements of a Story Conflict Characters Imagery (Show Dont Tell) Foreshadowing Assumptions
  • 10. Samsung: The next big thing
  • 11. Client Story Strategies Break into groups and share your story strategy ideas Work with partners in your group to further develop your ideas for storytelling and your client Identify social platforms where stories can be told or shared Present ideas to the class
  • 12. Client Story Strategies Assignment Refine your Client Story Strategy Identify the goal of this Story Strategy, how will this story change your audiences thinking? Identify the Conflict, Characters, Imagery, Foreshadowing and Assumptions. Provide some short examples or ideas on how this can be played out on Social Media.