Seward Stampede

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Seward Stampede. By: Andy and Mitch. Event/League Name. Seward Stampede Semi-Professional baseball team Competitive in Class A. Sponsorships. Mission Statement. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Seward Stampede

Seward StampedeBy: Andy and Mitch

Seward Stampede

Semi-Professional baseball team

Competitive in Class AEvent/League Name


Provide entertainment and offer a friendly family environment for all of our fans while offering the best opportunity for our players to be the best that they can beMission StatementNew field 7 year plan ConcordiaEstimate $3000 per seat, $2000 bench seating (4000-6000 seats) league average 5500, biggest 6500Making bluff road paved New parking lotPlayer housing


5 month schedule (April through September) from Clinton Lumber Kings, Seattle Mariners Class A affiliate MIDWEST LEAGUEBurlingtonQuad CitiesWisconsinBeloitCedar RapidsBowling GreenLansingLake CountyKade CountyFort WayneDaytonPeoriaGreat Lakes

SchedulingPaidManager (paid by Mariners)Coaches (paid by Mariners)Summer help (minimum wage)Players (paid by Mariners)Grounds keepers (5 month salary)Concession workers Ticket takersSecurityParking attendants

StaffVolunteerConcordia athletes looking for volunteer workCollege InternshipsBall boys

Training: Experience with professional sports teamsPBEO

Medical/Emergency StaffTeam physician to work with team and travel as well


Strengths:Increase trafficIncrease Concordia knowledgeConcordia and city incomeBusinesses profitWeaknessesStart-up money (25-30 million)Low class A teamLand areaNew and not known by many

SWOT AnalysisOpportunitiesNational exposurePossible big name players College baseball exposure

ThreatsPossible Lincoln team (Salt Dogs)Ability to acquire start up funds

SWOT AnalysisSeward and Lancaster Counties

Baseball fans of all ages

Families in the area

Baseball players looking to further their careers

Market Analysis

Billboard along I-80 coming into Seward

Social Media


Marketing Plan

$29.75 million7-year plan .25 mil a year from Concordia = 1.75 million.25 mil a year from City of Seward = 1.75 million3 million a year from Seattle Mariners Organization = 21 million.75 million a year from donors/sponsors = 5.25All profits are put towards expenses, whatever is left is split between Concordia, the City of Seward, and Seattle Mariners.

Budget Forecast70% profit after expenses goes to Mariners10% profit after expenses goes to Concordia10% profit after expenses goes to City of Seward 10% profit after expenses goes to emergencies, stadium improvement, pay raises for employers Revenue generating event that after the 7-year plan is paid off will produce a great amount of profit as an organization

Budget ForecastInjured players

Flying bats and balls into the stands injuring fans

Facility built to regulations

Contracts with players

Sponsorship contracts

Legal Concerns