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    design diagnostics

    design diagnosticsDesigner/Collaborator

  • Longitudinal Section Cross Street - Created with Sketch up and PhotoshopSun Path

    Back pool Fold, approx. 25m from Cross Street in the heart of Manchester

    city centre. Adjoined on two sides and surrounded by taller building it

    receives little natural daylight.

    Built c1811-1815 on the site of the previous Radcliffe Hall as a warehouse

    and storage facility for the cotton industry.

    Plot size approx. 5.5m x 18m in a trapezoid form comprising of a

    basement and four upper floors, split level ground floor. Traditional solid

    masonry walls with timber (and partial concrete) floors and a timber

    framed duo-pitched roof.

    SITE Rainchester'

  • Multi Purpose Solution -

    internal and external Olfactory , Ventilation and

    The extraction fans of the neighbouring restaurants expel

    stale air laden with grease and cooking fumes. This

    airborne pollutant isn't is a pleasant smell nor is it one

    which one would happily associate with a high end

    establishment and in particular not a healthcare place.

    To balance the requirement natural ventilation with

    protection from the odours. Two strategies have been

    employed. The med intervention strategy was the

    introduction of air curtains over the main. This was more

    of a challenge within the min and med interventions in the

    ground floor entrance Due to space restrictions and

    maximum height above wine Glazed shop frontage.

    glazed wall system for borrowed light and air flow .

    This system also allows flexibility to generate professional

    training revenues from the Dr Knight centre of excellence.

    glim glass with electric current to give opacity and privacy

    when required.

    Secondary Skin

  • Initial exploratory sketches and thoughts

  • South-facing slope and solar operated vents

    conserving energy - thermal insulation

    peaceful environments - sound reduction

    secure surroundings - additional security

    Passive Ventilation

    Energy saving - reduces the need for

    artificial lighting.

    External Olfactory protection from surround buildings

    Daylighting strategy - Reflective glass

    Acts as a light diffuser for the alleyway

    One Strike Many Targets

  • Secondary Skin -evolved from daylighting strategy and reserach

    Benefits were multifaceted

    Solar activated vents for passive ventilation

    Aesthetically Balanced

    Multi Faceted Benefits - Secondary Glazed Skin

  • View from At Annes Square

    Views From St Annes Corner . North to March Wheel

    Proposed Street Scene - View from St Annes

    Square Corner of Cross Street ( No3 on the site

    map overleaf.

    contribution to Street Scene. Lift to SkyWalk -

    Created with Sketch Up and Illustrator

    Contribution Street Scene

  • The cctv set up to show market the business and the sky

    park. Design out crime and increase the feeling of

    security by increasing the street level visibility of the


    Design Out Crime


  • Space Planning with Sketch-up creates a visual reference for discussion with client

  • 1. Access or connection to nature. (Features

    which bring an oasis feel to the urban environment)

    View from Sky Garden Level facing south to the

    Sky Park. Spectacular view to Town hall across

    Manchester City Scape.

    Healing Environments

  • A greater sense of control in a clients environment. ( individual private suite for use of clients, , which can be booked for overnight stays and personalised to order)

  • Ground Level Client Welcome Lounge. Clients are issued with a key card to gain entry and staff are notified via a pager their clients have arrived . The interior circulation routes are carpeted with a beautiful but tough contract grade polypropylene organic "garden path' carpet. The whimsical pathway through the building is softly bending to create a psychologically pleasing route through the space.