Simple cremation vs direct cremation

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Direct cremation service and normal cremation service Differs each other in every aspect. Get information about how cremation service differs from direct cremation service

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Simple cremation vs. Direct cremation

Simple cremation vs. Direct cremationPresented by Worth cremation Service


Advantages of Direct cremation over Simple cremationLess time consuming.No extra cost for gathering arrangements.Saves a lot of money for your family future.Money to be used in useless arrangement could be used for Future betterment. Useless economic stress is not there .

Where the money can be exactly usedMoney saved can be used by your family for studies.Your family can use that money for creative purpose in future.You can also donate that saved money for any charity purpose.

Flexibility of Direct cremation serviceYou can make changes in cremation service according to your need, means eliminate or add something according to you.Budget becomes first priority.Material does not matters.

Which one is best?Of course for people who prefer budget friendly and hassle free cremation. Direct cremation will prove better than any other normal cremation service.

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