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  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    SimpleBGC Software User Manual

    Board ver. 3.0Firmware ver. 2.42

    GUI ver. 2.42

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Connection to PC

    To connect board to your PC, you need a miniUSB cable !irst time a USB cable is "lu##ed, you needto install t$e a""ro"riate so%t&are dri'er (% your PC does not install t$e dri'er automatically, install onemanually %rom t$is lin)* $tt"*++&&&silabscom+"roducts+mcu+"a#es+usbtouartbrid#e'c"dri'ersas"

    %ter you install t$e dri'er and connectin# t$e board, a ne& 'irtual C./ "ort &ill be created ou needto c$oose t$is C./ "ort in t$e SimleBC so%t&are U( to initiate t$e connection

    (t is sa%e to connect USB and main "o&er battery simultaneously But be 'ery care%ul to not re'erset$e "olarityo% t$e main battery, because in t$is case it &ill burn out controller and may dama#e yourPC

    T$ere is also a "ossibility to use Bluetoo$5To-Serial ada"ter 6C-07, 6C-08, S"ar)%un BlueS/i9!, andcom"arable to connect to t$e U( and tune t$e board remotely T$ere is a s"ecial connector on t$eboard t$at matc$es t$e same one on t$e BT module (t is mar)ed as U9T and contains "ins* 7:,;

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    GUI o"er"iew

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Blue di'is s"ow "ea)de$lecion am(liude. Usin' "ese num,ers! stabiliDation6uali& can,e esimaed.

    7erical red ,ars o "e ri'" o$ "e scales s"ow acual (ower level! $rom 0 o )008.

    Gra& arrows s"ows "e an'le o$ a saor o$ eac" moor! i$ #nown.

    7 9A

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Basi$ Settin,s;ote* Be%ore tunin# your controller, install t$e camera into t$e #imbal %irmly and ensure your #imbalFscenter o% #ra'ity is le'eled as muc$ as "ossible

    P.I.% / PI% re,ulation parameters for all a0es

    P 5 describes t$e "o&er o% disturbance res"onse 6i#$er 'alues means a stron#erres"onse reaction to eternal disturbance 9aise t$is 'alue until t$e stabiliDation Guality o%%ast disturbances &ill be adeGuate (% t$e P 'alue is too $i#$, oscillations o% t$e ais &illstart to be "resent T$ese oscillations &ill #et &orse i% t$ere are 'ibrations t$at reac$ t$e(/U sensor board I$ oscillaions occur! raise "e 9; (arameer ,& ) or 2 unis! and "en r&

    o raise "e 91 value a'ain. < 5 T$e

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Camera "itc$es %or&ard 5 t$e P(TC6 arro& s"ins cloc)&ise in t$e U(

    Camera rolls ri#$t - 9.LL arro& s"ins cloc)&ise in t$e U(

    Camera ya&s cloc)&ise - ? arro& s"ins cloc)&ise

    S3ip G4ro $aliration at startup- ?it$ t$is o"tion, t$e board starts &or)in# immediatelya%ter "o&erin# it on, usin# t$e sa'ed calibration data %rom last #yrosco"e calibration call6o&e'er, stored calibration data may become inaccurate o'er time or durin# tem"erature

    c$an#es ?e recommend you to re-calibrate your #yro %rom time to time to ensure t$e best"er%ormance

    Se$on( IMU sensor

    T$ere is an o"tion to install t$e second (/U sensor on t$e #imbal>s %rame T$e ad'anta#e is more"recise stabiliDation you may use lo&er P(s to #et t$e same Guality and )no&in# o% %rame tiltin#, t$at#reatly $el"s %or 3-ais system to etend t$e ran#e o% &or)in# an#les

    Second (/U s$ould be connected to t$e same (2C bus as main in "arallel Sensors s$ould $a'e

    di%%erent (2C address /ain (/U 08J !rame (/U 08 .n t$e Basecam (/U address 08 may



  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    (% t$e sensor is "laced ao"e 8A&motor, it $el"s to stabiliDe 9.LL, P(TC6 and ? motors But t$esystem becomes less stable durin# lon# &or) because t$e %rame $eadin#, estimated %rom t$e second(/U, may dri%t &it$ time and auto-correction may not &or) in all cases

    (% t$e sensor is "laced elow 8A&motor, it does not $el" ? ais stabiliDation, but &or)s morereliable (n t$is "osition, t$ere is additional o"tion you can c$oose %rom* MBelow 8A& 2 PI% sour$eM (tmeans, t$at i% !rame (/U is mounted belo& ? motor, it can be used as data source %or P(s o"eration isstable To "ro"er o"eration in t$is mode, it is strictly reGuired to calibrate Offsetsettin# seebelo& Li)e &it$ t$e !ollo& mode, its not recommended to use t$is o"tion in %li#$t, itsdedicated %or $and-$eld systems onlyNOTEt$at t$is o"tion is i#nored i% you connect second (/U mounted on t$e %rame, becauset$e data %rom t$e second (/U is more "recise t$an %rom motors

    7ollow 7li,6t Controller5 camera is controlled %rom 9C to#et$er &it$ t$e mied si#nal %roman eternal %li#$t controller !C lmost e'ery !C $as ser'o out"uts to dri'e a #imbal (t %eedst$e in%ormation about t$e %rame an#les to t$is out"uts, in t$e P?/ %ormat t$at all ser'osunderstand Sim"leBC can #et t$is in%ormation and use it to control a camera (t is necessaryto connect and calibrate eternal %li#$t controller see E

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    button t %or#et to &rite settin# &$en %inis$ed(% t$e camera a%ter "o&er on is not le'eled, you need to ad@ust t$e o%%set settin#

    SPEE% * ad@ust t$e s"eed o% t$e camera rotation in t$e %ollo& mode t set bi# 'alues t$atmotors can not $andle i% motor does not "roduce enou#$ torGue, it &ill s)i" ste"s andsync$roniDation &ill be bro)en (n t$is case, acceleration limiter may $el" to $a'e bi# s"eedbut do not miss ste"s

    +P75 ad@ust lo&-"ass %ilter a""lied to control si#nal (% t$is 'alue set $i#$, %ast mo'ements o%t$e $andle &ill be smoot$ed But it reGuires care%ul o"eration near sto" "oint, ot$er&ise camera&ill o'ers$oot a%ter you sto" rotation o% t$e $andle

    O ti i t6 7 ll M (

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    A("an$e( ta A:RS- o"tions in%luencin# on camera an#le determination accuracy

    G4ro trust5 T$e $i#$er is 'alue, t$e more trust to t$e #yro data com"ared &it$ t$e

    accelerometer data &$en estimatin# an#les (t can reduce errors caused by accelerationsdurin# mo'in#, but also decreases #yro dri%t com"ensation, resultin# in $oriDon dri%t o'ertime !or smoot$ %lyin#, it is recommended to set lo& 'alues 40-J0, &$ic$ &ill #i'e morestable $oriDon %or lon#er time !or a##ressi'e %lyin#, it>s better to set $i#$er 'alues 100-170

    A$$elerations $ompensation5 enable it to use a "$ysical model o% multirotor tocom"ensate accelerations durin# %li#$t T$is o"tion &or)s only &$en eternal !C isconnected and calibrated

    Serial port spee(H c$an#es baud rate used %or serial communication

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Pus$ AUTObutton a#ain to com"lete calibration Calibration &ill sto" automatically a%tersome time too ;e& #ains &ill be &ritten into AAP9./ and s$o&n in t$e U(

    NOTE = ou may s)i" t$is ste" and lea'e Dero 'alues at initial setu"

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Ser"i$e ta

    Menu Button

    (% you>'e connected menu button to BT; connector on t$e controller, you can assi#n di%%erent actions toit ction is acti'ated by "ressin# button se'eral times seGuentially 1 to 7 clic)s, by "ressin# and$oldin# lon# "ress

    'ailable actions*

    Use profile 15H loads selected "ro%ile

    Calirate ACC5 t$e accelerometer calibration, &or)s t$e same &ay as button in t$e U(

    Calirate G4ro5 #yrosco"e calibration

    Swap RC PITC: / RO++H tem"orary s&a" 9C in"uts %rom P(TC6 to 9.LL (n t$e mostcases only one P(TC6 c$annel is enou#$ to control a camera in 2-ais systems Be%ore a %li#$tyou can assi#n control %rom "itc$ c$annel to roll, and ma)e a camera "recisely le'eledcti'atin# t$is %unction a#ain s&a"s c$annels bac), and sa'es roll "osition in t$e static memory

    Swap RC 8A& / RO++ H li)e t$e "re'ious "oint

    Set tilt an,les 4 6an(5 motors &ill be turned o%%, a%ter t$at you can ta)e t$e camera in $andsand %i it in t$e ne& "osition %or a %e& seconds Controller &ill sa'e and $old t$e ne& "osition

    T$is %unction may be use%ul to correct camera "osition be%ore %li#$t i% t$ere is no 9C controlconnected

    Motors to,,le. Motors ON. Motors O77- commands to c$an#e t$e state o% t$e motors

    Reset $ontroller

    7rame upsi(e*(own5 con%i#ures system to &or) in u"side-do&n "osition ;e& con%i#uration isstored to AAP9./ and a""lied e'en a%ter restart To s&itc$ bac) to t$e normal "osition,eecute t$is command a#ain

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng



    .n some boards t$ere is an out"ut to t$e buDDer or buDDer is installed on-board, t$at is tri##ered onsome e'ents, li)e noti%ication on errors or con%irmation %or user actions A'ents are con%i#ured turned.; or .!! in t$e U(

    ou can connect an acti'e buDDer only &$ic$ $as an internal sound #enerator, &or)in# %rom 7:,currents belo& 40m c$ec) t$is

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Monitorin, ta(n t$is tab you can see ra& sensor data stream, lo#ical 9C in"ut le'els and some debu# in%ormation


  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    %i,ital 7ilters taT$is tab contains settin#s to con%i#ure di#ital %ilters t$at can $el" to im"ro'e Guality o% P(< controllero"eration

    Notch ilters

    T$ese %ilters can re@ect narro& band&idt$ T$ey can $el" in case &$en t$e system $as a "ronouncedmec$anical resonance 9aisin# t$e etent %eedbac) #ain, oscillations &ill a""ear %irst on t$e mec$anical

    % i d d t d d i ti % P ( < tti ( t$i i

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    (n t$is eam"le &e $a'e not needed to set %ilters %or t$e ot$er aes But it can $a""en t$at resonanceoccurs on more t$an one aes T$en you &ill need to set %ilters on bot$ aes "ossible &it$ t$e same%reGuency

    Low!pass ilter

    Applying this filter can be needed for large gimbals (heavy cameras with high moment of inertia) or for gimbals

    with reduction gear. The working frequency range for them are lower than of the lightweight gimbals. But factor

    D f !D l i f db k h h hi h f A hi h f i h f h

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    ()* an# +rou,leshooting

    L: Firmware u(loadin' (rocess was inerru(ed and ,oard is no wor#in' now! no res(ondin' o GUI.Is i $aal

    * ;o, its not %atal %or your board moreo'er, its im"ossible to dama#e board suc$ &ay ou @ust needto u"load s"ecial Mreco'eryM %irm&are ou can %ind it in t$e M%irm&areM %older, named

    >sim(le,'crecover&32,i>, or do&nload %rom our site 9e%er to instructions $o& to u"load %irm&are int$e manual mode T$en, you can connect to t$e board and u"#rade to any 'ersion, as re#ular

    L: I #now $rom some,od&! "a "ere is $res" version! ,u I donK see i w"en c"ec#in' $or u(daes.N"&

    * (ts normal T$ere are may be beta 'ersions, a'ailable %or beta-testers only, or may be di%%erent'ersions %or di%%erent boards ou &ill recei'e only stable 'ersions, issued %or your board

    L: Can I u('rade $irmware $rom Mac or

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Step*4*step setup se@uen$e

    -% )#.usting the $echanics

    /ount t$e camera on t$e tray and balance t$e #imbal in all t$ree aes StabiliDation Guality stron#lyde"ends on balance Guality To c$ec) your balance, "ic) your turned o%% #imbal in $ands /a)e %astmotions alon# all aes, try to catc$ resonance "oint and s&in# t$e #imbal (% it is $ard to do - #imbal isbalanced correctly

    NOTE = Good ,alance and low $ricion can scale down (ower consum(ion and #ee( 'ood6uali& o$ sa,ili@aion.

    (% you re&ound motors by yoursel%, it>s recommended to c$ec) &indin# 9emo'e motors %rom #imbal,connect t$em to controller and set "arameters P0, (01,

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    0% +uning ,asic settings

    Connect t$e main "o&er su""ly

    Set PO&ERaccordin# to t$e motor con%i#uration see recommendations abo'e

    uto-detect number o% "oles and motors direction

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    1% Connecting an# coniguring RC

    Connect one o% t$e %ree recei'er>s c$annels to 9CRP(TC6 in"ut, "reser'in# ri#$t "olarity

    (n t$e 9C Settin#s tab*

    Set SORCEP?/

    ssi#n 9CRP(TC6 in"ut to P(TC6 ais

    Lea'e all ot$er aes and C/< as no in"ut

    !or P(TC6 ais, set MINANG+E-0, MA

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


    Possile prolems an( solutionsProlem Possile $auses Solutions

    /otors donFt s"in -Po&er su""ly is not connected

    -Su""ly "olarity in'erted-P.?A9 set to 0

    -C$ec) all connections

    -Set P.?A9 bet&een 70200

    Camera is tryin# to ali#n, but %allsbac)

    -Camera is not balanced

    -(t>s an error in motor &indin#s, or one"$ase is bro)en

    - P.?A9 is not $i#$ enou#$

    -Balance camera

    -C$ec) motor &indin#

    - (ncrease P.?A9 "arameter

  • 8/10/2019 SimpleBGC 32bit Manual 2 42 Eng


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