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  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    1. SIP (Service Improvement Project) 3 Interim Progress Proforma

    Intervention-led SIP

    Please detail a brief project plan here

    To create an instruction / guidance folder for systems within an out of hours

    Emergency Duty Team.

    Email team members to inform them of project and to request feedback of

    any areas with which they are having difficulties so these can be included in

    the instruction folder.

    I will write up and produce laminated instruction sheets which will act as

    guides for staff to assist with their performance of duties within a busy out of

    hours social services team.

    In order to keep this project manageable and small I will begin by introducing

    approx. 10 sheets for various systems. The project will be Intervention Led as the need has already been identified.

    The email to staff will assist with the creation of the instruction folder.

    Once in place I will give staff one month to trial the folders

    The evaluation will take place via focus group to discuss how useful the

    intervention has been and to identify future needs for expanding the folder.

    Please detail the extent of your progress here

    I have emailed staff to advise re plan for Instruction Folder and request any

    further feedback.

    I am working with management re implementation of intervention

    I am in process of designing instruction sheets

    Research question/s: Please detail the question/s your research will answer here

    Has the provision of an Instructions Folder improved confidence levels of staff

    in the performance of their role within an Emergency Duty Team?

    Has the Instructions Folder improved consistency of practice within the team?

    Progress on Research input: Please detail your progress in evaluating the intervention here

    I have received a positive response to my email advising colleagues of my

    planned intervention

    Staff are in agreement re need for an Instructions Folder and have offered

    ideas for input to the folder.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    General comments: Please place any issues or concerns here

    The Team are going through a difficult time at present with many staff

    changes, no permanent Team Manager and current staff under muchpressure covering extra shifts and working overtime.

    Due to working three times my usual hours I have less time to devote to

    study than anticipated so have fallen behind.

    I had hoped to trial intervention with new and old staff however new staff will

    not be in place till mid to end of April.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    2. SIP 3 Interim Progress proforma

    Enquiry-led SIP

    Project plan:

    March: prepare for and seek permission from County Council and NHS Trust for

    completion of focus groups and semi-structured interviews. Have completed:

    Focus group structure

    Semi-structured interview questions

    Information forms

    Consent forms.

    I have discussed the focus groups in our team meeting. I have also emailed the team,

    requesting they keep a provisional date free. Unfortunately this is not until the 1st

    May, as I will not have approval from the County prior to the Easter school holidays,

    when lots of staff members will be off. However, I am aiming to complete the

    interviews during this period.


    Distribute information sheets and obtain consent from all participants.

    Complete Semi-structured interviews.


    Complete focus groups on the 1/05/14.

    Complete thematic analysis.

    Take steps towards addressing identified problem.


    Steps to address problem to have been implemented by 6/06/14.

    Write up to begin.


    Simple evaluation of change to process to be completed via email by 5/07/14.

    Write up to be completed and hand in by 28/07/14.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    Research question/s:

    What are the challenges and/or difficulties you have when following these


    What do you think would improve this for you?

    Progress on Research input: As above. Disappointing that I am not able to complete

    the focus groups earlier, but this is due to school holidays followed by my own

    annual leave, which is taking up a significant chunk of April.

    Progress on intervention: N/A as focus groups/interviews have not been completed

    yet, cannot expand any more than plan above.

    General comments: Still hoping that Im on track! Due to the school holidays being in

    April, I think May will be fairly busy. But I still feel that in keeping the project small

    and focused, I will be able to implement the change and evaluate within the above

    time frame.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    3. SIP 3 interim Progress Proforma

    Enquiry-led SIP

    Project plan:The aim of the service improvement project is to improve the rate of

    compliance with the MCA amongst care coordinators.

    Research question/s:Section 2 of the PSIP attempts to define a question which will be

    directly related to the project aim. I settled on the following question; How closely do mental

    health workers in an Older Adult Community Mental Health Team comply with the Mental

    Capacity Act?. Feedback from my tutors included the fact that the questions should focus on

    the key issues (or factors) involved in practitioners achieving close compliance with the

    MCA. This above question provides a close alignment with my focus group. That is, the

    questions presented to my colleagues will be more concerned with the factors they feel aid or

    inhibit their compliance with the MCA. This reflection has focused my thinking on what

    questions I might present to my colleagues in order to better understand what intervention

    might improve their compliance with the MCA.

    Progress on Research input:Consent form, focus group interview guide and information

    sheet are all completed. The pilot group was held on 21/03/2014 and provided some very

    helpful learning points to consider when planning and facilitating my focus group.

    Housekeeping: Remembering to ask the participants to switch their phones off and ensure that

    they are not obstructing any cars in our car park (an ongoing problem on our site).

    Ethics of the participation of workers with line management relationships: Prospectiveparticipants feel that there would be a more candid exchange if their line managers were not

    present. The initial idea was for all care coordinators (including the lead social worker and

    lead occupational therapist) to be invited to participate. I will now negotiate the removal of

    these colleagues from the list of participants invited.

    Language: Dont use jargonistic language during the focus group; use language which is

    accessible to all.

    Sound quality: All participants could be clearly heard on the digital recording from a one and

    a half meter range. My humming in agreement with the statements of the participants seemed

    to interfere with the clarity of the sound. This would be an issue if I attempted to transcribe.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    Progress on intervention: From preliminary indications from colleagues and my initial

    findings from my pilot group, I have begun to think about what form my intervention would


    General comments:PlanFull Focus group to be held on 4thApril 2014, 10:00h.

    Intervention to be designed by mid April and implemented throughout May. Evaluation will

    be carried on in mid-June, with the majority of the analysis completed by then.

  • 7/27/2019 SIP 3 Interim Progress Reports


    4. SIP 3 Interim Progress Proforma

    Intervention-led SIP

    Project plan:

    My SIP is intervention led because it is concerned with change management which is

    a well recognized and theorized discipline. My SIP focuses on transition, which is the

    term used to describe the process by which people adapt emotionally to new

    situations. I am applying this knowledge to my particular service change

    circumstance. I will be using an established change management tool, the Personal

    Transition Curve (PTC), to capture a snapshot of how my staff are feeling about the

    work place changes they are experiencing. The PTC self-assessments will then

    inform a response strategy which will also constitute my SIP intervention. After 3

    months of exposure to this intervention staff will be asked to complete a repeat

    evaluation of their feelings about change and a comparison will be made with theoriginal assessment results. This will enable me to assess the progress of staff

    towards adoption of the new service structures and to draw conclusions regarding

    the impact of my intervention.

    Progress on intervention:

    Following BU ethics approval; project information sheets, participant consent forms

    and the initial personal transition curve response sheets were distributed in

    November 2013. 19 curves were sent out and 16 were returned. The responses were

    mapped on to the companion curve in the NHS Change Management Navigating

    Change toolkit. The majority of the responses (9) fell in the third quadrant of the

    companion curve which indicates that regular and reliable information about what is

    happening during the change is required to enable the team to process and

    internalize th