Slavery: An American Tragedy

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Slavery: An American Tragedy. Your name Date 5 th Grade History Project. My Slavery Project Will A nswer :. What was slavery in America? Where was slavery in America? How was slavery justified? Who were slaves in America? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Slavery: An American Tragedy

Your nameDate5th Grade History ProjectSlavery: An American TragedyMy Slavery Project Will Answer:What was slavery in America?Where was slavery in America?How was slavery justified?Who were slaves in America? What was the Economic Impact of Slavery? Who Profited from slavery?Who were the Abolitionists? What impact did they have on slavery.Describe plantation lifeReflectionBibliography

What Was Slavery in America?

Read from the following link. Summarize the most important ideas.Put into your own words.

Where Was Slavery in America? this link to get a map of states with slavery.

How Was Slavery Justified?

Read information. Think about the Main Ideas.State three reasons for slavery.

Example:-Religious doctrines such as the The Curse of Ham which depicted blacks as preordained to be slaves.-There were already slaves in Africa, and it could be potentially better for them to be slaves in America.-Aristotle rationalized that certain people lacked the higher qualities of soul to be anything other than a slave.

Who were slaves in America? Use this link to get images of slaves.

What was the Economic Impact of Slavery?

Read information. Think about the Main Ideas.Summarize the economic impact of Slavery in America?

Who were the Abolitionists?

Describe the roles and major impact of abolitionists?Identify one abolitionist and write a one paragraph summarizing their contribution to slaves.

Narrative of Former SlaveEXAMPLE James Cape, Age over 100"I's bo'n in yonder southeast Texas and I don' know what month or de year for sho', but 'twas more dan 100 years ago. My mammy and pappy was bo'n in Africa, dats what dey's tol' me. Dey was owned by Marster Bob Houston and him had de ranch down dere, whar dey have cattle and hosses."When I's old 'nough to set on de hoss, dey learned me to ride, tendin' hosses. 'Cause I's good hoss rider, dey uses me all de time gwine after hosses. I goes with dem to Mexico. We crosses de river lots of times. I 'members once when we was a drivin' 'bout 200 hosses north'ards. Dey was a bad hail storm comes into de face of de herd and dat herd turns and starts de other way. Dere was five of us riders and we had to keep dem hosses from scatterment. I was de leader and do you know what happens to dis nigger if my hoss stumbles? Right dere's whar I'd still be! Marster give me a new saddle for savin' de hosses. Plantation Life of SlavesDescribe a day in the life of a slave in America.Compare and contrast a day in your life with child in slaveryReflectionWhat did you learn about the plight of African-Americans during slavery?

Bibliography Library of Congress Memory Home Recorded interviews manuscripts images Historical DataJames Cape, Age over 100

Narrative of a Former Slave EXAMPLE Hughes, Age 101 "You wasn't no more than a dog to some of them in them days. You wasn't treated as good as they treat dogs now. But still I didn't like to talk about it. Because it makes, makes people feel bad you know. Uh, I, I could say a whole lot I don't like to say. And I won't say a whole lot more."

Subject Matter and Technology StandardsSubject Area: History/Social Studies CA content stds

Technology Standards3. Research and Information FluencyStudents apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information. Students:b. locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information from a variety of sources andmedia.c. evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.