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Sleeping beauty 2

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An alternative fairytale by Anita Hanak, Marija Isabela Markovinović, Ivana Božić and Lucija Mađerić from High school Čazma.

Text of Sleeping beauty 2

  • The Sleeping Beauty


    Anita Hanak,

    Marija Isabela Markovinovi,

    Ivana Boi,

    Lucija Maeri


    Ah, social networks. The perfect place for people all around the world to gather.

    Have anything planned for tonight, Ella?

    Nope! Wanna go to that caf I told you about earlier? I heard some cute

    band is going to perform there :D :)

    Facebook was probably her favorite one. She had over 2000 friends there.

    Alright, see you tonight.

    Just as teenager was about to reply, she heard an elderly voice call her name. Oh.

    She was still in class. She completely forgot about that. The teacher was glaring

    daggers at her, and everyone knew what that look meant. Time to say goodbye to

    her Smartphone. Ella stood up quietly and approached the teachers desk, muttered

    out an apology, then marched back to her place as if she returned from a

    battlefield. Whispers and giggles were heard from all directions. Only the girl sitting

    next to her kept quiet. The girl, Rheanne, was a new student, so she could not have

    known that this had already become a traditional scene. Rheanne gazed at Ella with

    worried expressions on her face. It seemed the girl was about to say something as

    she turned away.

    Say it. Ella murmured. Her voice revealed her bad mood.

    W-what? Rheanne asked, trying to act oblivious.

    I know you have some kind of comment.

    You really shouldnt text in class was all the newcomer had to say.

    Ella sighed. Every adult says that. Although Rheanne seemed a bit reserved, and

    they barely knew each other, she acted as if she was her mother or even her closest

    friend. It confused Ella. Did she have hidden intentions or was she just nosy to

    begin with?

    What are you going to do now when they took you phone?

    Again with those questions. For some reason, Ella didnt mind having no privacy

    online, but in real life, it was a totally different situation.

    Dont worry, my parents will get it back for me.

  • They wont be angry with you?

    They probably will. Oh well.

    Then it struck her. If they hear about this, they wont let her go to the caf tonight.

    And she wont be able to tell the person that she wont come, since the Internet at

    her home broke down.

    Oh no

    Whats wrong, Ella? Rheanne asked the worry in her voice returning.

    Ella explained the situation. Not long after that, the bell rang, marking the end of

    school for day. The two left the school. Rheanne still relied on Ella leading her

    around the large place. As they were about to leave the school grounds, Rheannes

    phone rang. She gently pulled her device out of her pocket to reply. Ellas eyes

    widened. She had the same model! Sometimes, she wondered if the girl even had a

    phone, since she never seemed to be typing on anything but her calculator. In that

    moment, Ella got an idea.


    Can I borrow your phone for a day? Ella asked before even thinking about it.

    Excuse me?

    Yours is exactly the same as mine. Im going out tonight, and I really need it!

    I dont get it

    Pretty please!


    Come on, Ive been saving you since you enrolled! Now its your turn to save me!

    A-alright the confused girl gave in and showed her the phones password.

    Overjoyed with her success, Ella hugged her, took the phone out of her hand and

    ran off home. Good thing she lived nearby.

    Bye, Ella Rheanne muttered out, not sure if she did the right or wrong thing.

    When Ella came home, she was greeted by silence. Nothing surprising, since both of

    her parents worked till evening. She ate the lunch her mother prepared beforehand,

    cleaned the dishes and ran up to her room. She pulled out the phone as she sat

    down on her bed. It was in excellent condition. And it had 3G of data. Sweet.

    Naturally, Facebook was the first thing Ella decided to open. Rheannes name was

    shown in the corner of the page. Looks like she forgot to log out. Ella wasnt sure

    what to do. On one hand, taking someones phone and peeking into their privacy

    was wrong. But then again, she felt the need to know more about the person that

    wanted to hang around her all the time. Feeling somewhat guilty about it, Ella

    decided to poke around. It seemed most people in Rheannes friend list were

    relatives. Then, something caught her teenagers eye. A stunning face crammed into

    a tiny icon on the very bottom. A cousin, apparently. He was online too. Ella gulped.

    Is it possible to be attracted to a mere picture? She clicked on him. His name was

    Brandon. Only a year older than her. Perfect in every way. She wanted to text him

    so badly. But how was she going to pull it off without coming off as a creepy

    stalker? Well, Rheanne was his cousin. It wouldnt be creepy if she was the one

    texting. Knowing she would probably regret this later, Ella decided to become

    Rheanne just for one afternoon.

    Wassup, Brandon?

    Okay, thats probably how Rheanne wouldnt sound. Oh well.

    Hey, Rhea! :)

    What now, what now?!

  • Hows life?

    Everythings alright. What about you? Is the new school treating you well?

    Any new friends, new boys?

    Schools nice, no boys, but I have a nice friend. She helps me and stuff

    Its too early to introduce yourself, idiot.


    Great, he probably feels awkward now and has no idea what to type in anymore.

    A couple of minutes passed. Ella stared into the screen, wondering why she got

    herself into this situation to begin with. She didnt even feel like going to that

    concert anymore. Then, another message came in.

    Anyway, do you need me, or

    I just wanted to say hi

    Seriously, is something bothering you? Weve been in this situation before.

    They were in this situation before? Looks like she did pull of a good Rheanne after


    Dont worry, Im fine. Thanks for being considerate though.

    Family sticks together.

    Oh, yes. She was pretending to his cousin, she forgot for a moment.

    Good night.


    Ella logged out, placed the phone on her desk and laid down on her bed. She stared

    into the ceiling, aware that Rheanne was going to find out sooner or later. The

    whole situation was pretty interesting though. There was the fact that the quiet girl

    might have a shady past, and then theres this amazing, sweetest guy ever.

    Will I ever get a chance to truly know both of you, after this? she asked herself.

    She picked up the phone once more and logged in as herself.

    Sorry, Ashley. Im not coming tonight.

    What, Why?!

    Just forget it; Im not in the mood.


    A new day in school. Ella walked into the classroom to find Rheanne already sitting

    in her usual spot. Ella sat next to her and placed her books on the desk, before

    reaching to her pocket and pulling out the phone.

    A tiny smile appeared on Rheanne's face as she took it back: So, how was the


    I didn't go, Ella replied simply.

    It faded as soon as it appeared: What? Why? Did your parents figure out that...

    I didn't tell them, and they didn't figure out, Ella cut her off, I just lost my will to


    She stood up and dragged Rheanne out of the classroom, hoping to find a quiet

    spot. They soon found themselves in the bathroom at the end of the hallway.

    Rheanne's expression was a mixture of confusion, fear and worry. Ella knew it was

    going to go downhill from there. She took a deep breath and then explained

    everything. The poking around, Brandon, the chat. Rheanne's confusion turned to

    disappointment, then anger.

    I always seem to run into the wrong people, she muttered out, Ella being barely

    able to hear it. The girl looked like she was about to snap, but ended simply turning

    around and leaving the bathroom.

    Ella simply stood there, not sure what to do. Feeling nervous about going back into

    the classroom, she stayed there until the bell rung. It turned out to be a terrible day

    all around. Rheanne moved to another desk, and then there was Ashley who was

    still mad about the concert thing.

    At least something good was going to happen though. Her father promised her that

    they would get their internet fixed today. It was no lie. When she came home, the

    network was strong and going.

    The first thing she did was search up Brandon on Facebook. Despite not really

    wanting to, she sent him a message about the thing from yesterday, explaining

    everything in a similar fashion like she did to Rheanne, just excluding the detail of

    her being strangely attracted to him. She got a reply fairly quickly. It was something

    along the line of her being disrespecting to his cousin and an awful person all


    I know I have no right to ask, but... Is something troubling her? The way we

    communicated earlier, it seems like something used to or might still be


    Why do you even care?

  • Ella wasn't sure about it. Perhaps she just wanted to stay in touch with him.

    Maybe, she really started caring. She couldnt tell at that moment.

    I don't know.

    Everything is fine. Now, get out.

    I... Do care. Please.


    Ella gave up. This wasn't going anywhere. She didn't want to give up though. That

    day, she decide