Soome ¤ripartnerina Priit Alam¤e Webmedia Group CEO

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Text of Soome ¤ripartnerina Priit Alam¤e Webmedia Group CEO

  • Soome ripartnerinaPriit AlameWebmedia Group CEO

  • Webmedia Group 2011600 employees in 8 countriesTallinn, Tartu, Narva, Helsinki, Oulu, Turku, Uusikaupunki, Rovaniemi, Vilnius, Kaunas, Bucarest, Belgrad, Doha, Muscat, Moscow

    Customers in 15 countriesTelecomFinancial ServiceseGovernmentPublic Finance ManagementeHealthIndustry automationLogistics

  • Timeline2000 Estonia2005 Lithuania, Sweden2006 Finland, Romania, Serbia2007 Denmark2007 Public Finance Management2008 Zeroturnaround, eHealth Platform2009 Qatar, Egypt, StaffLogic 2010 Oman2011 Finland, Russia2012 We will think of something...

  • Webmedia revenue dynamics

  • First try in Finland - 2005New company from scratchTop-notch sales person from the industry as the manager

    Near-shore business modelLocal Finnish team of project managers and consultantsDevelopment done in Estonia

  • First try lessons learnedFinnish market is matureMarket is divided among the big boysHigh barriers for newcomers risk management by customersEstonia is much much more than 80 km away...

    Finland is not like EstoniaEntering the market is extremely costly2000 people is a small company

  • Second try - 2011

    July 2010 first contacts

    January 2011 dating starts

    May 2011 marriage announced

    October 2011 honeymoon continues

  • CCC explained200 people in FinlandTop experts in: Industry automationLogisticsPublic sector

  • Our Finnish strategy2% -> 4%

    Trusted supplier for blue-chips

    Cross-border talent sharing

    Finnish experience + Estonian energy

  • Second try lessons learnedFinnish market is BIGFinland spends every year more on IT than Estonia has spent since independence

    Finnish market is matureThere is much more trust on the marketLong-term partnership vs constant shopping

    Finland has moved closer to EstoniaThe trust towards Estonia(ns) has increased

  • 2012 keywordsGrowth in FinlandIntegration of culturesSynergy!