® ® Engine Engine Model Cat ® C32 ACERT™ Flywheel Power 634 kW 850 hp Weights Operating Weight 104 590 kg 230,100 lb Shipping Weight 74 418 kg 163,200 lb Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic controls and fluids, 810 mm (32 in) extreme service shoes, 11U ABR bulldozer, single-shank ripper with pin puller and fast fuel, engine doors (optional equipment) and operator. Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel, and ROPS with FOPS cab. Operating Weight – CD 113 000 kg 248,600 lb Shipping Weight – CD 75 455 kg 166,000 lb Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic controls and fluids, 910 mm (36 in) extreme service shoes, 11 carrydozer, single-shank ripper (optional equipment) and operator. Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel, and ROPS with FOPS cab. D11T/ D11T CD Track-Type Tractor

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EngineEngine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™Flywheel Power 634 kW 850 hp

WeightsOperating Weight 104 590 kg 230,100 lbShipping Weight 74 418 kg 163,200 lb

• Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fueltank, hydraulic controls and fluids, 810 mm (32 in) extremeservice shoes, 11U ABR bulldozer, single-shank ripperwith pin puller and fast fuel, engine doors (optionalequipment) and operator.

• Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel,and ROPS with FOPS cab.

Operating Weight – CD 113 000 kg 248,600 lbShipping Weight – CD 75 455 kg 166,000 lb

• Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fueltank, hydraulic controls and fluids, 910 mm (36 in) extremeservice shoes, 11 carrydozer, single-shank ripper(optional equipment) and operator.

• Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel,and ROPS with FOPS cab.

D11T/D11T CDTrack-Type Tractor

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D11T/D11T CD Track-Type TractorStrength from the past. Power for the future.™ The D11T/CD combines power and efficiencywith advanced technology for outstanding production at a lower cost-per-yard.

Engineered for demanding work.

The durable construction of the D11T iswell suited for tough working conditions.Combined with the Cat ® C32 ACERT™engine for superior performance, fueleconomy and meeting emission targets, itkeeps material moving with the reliabilityand low operating costs you expect fromCat® tractors.

Work Tools

Various bulldozer blades, rippers,winches, and other options allowyou to adapt the D11T to match yourspecific application, making you moreproductive. The CarryDozer bladecan handle larger loads to maximizeproductivity. pg. 13


The proven elevated sprocketundercarriage isolates the drive traincomponents from ground-inducedimpacts. The suspended undercarriageputs more track on the ground forhigher traction and less track slip.It absorbs shocks for a smoother rideand longer machine life. pg. 12

Implement and Steering Controls

Electro-hydraulic implement controlsallow low operator effort for dozingand ripping. Steering and gear selectionin a one-hand control system enhancesoperator comfort. pg. 7

Cooling System

The Advanced Modular Cooling System(AMOCS) combines higher coolingcapacity with easier servicing. AMOCSallows the machine to be operated in themost demanding environments with lessdowntime. pg. 6

C32 with ACERT™ Technology

ACERT™ Technology works at thepoint of combustion to optimize engineperformance and to provide low exhaustemissions. Matched with the torquedivider and power shift transmission,it provides years of dependable andefficient service. pg. 4

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✔ New Feature


Serviceability and Customer Support

Combining easy-to-access, modularcomponents with your CaterpillarDealer’s advanced rebuild and repaircapabilities ensure rapid componentreplacement and minimum downtime.pg. 15


Caterpillar® has been and continuesto be proactive in developing machinesthat meet or exceed safety standards.Safety is an integral part of all machineand systems designs. pg. 14


Mainframe is heavy, strong and durable.Full box sections, steel castings andcontinuous rolled rails provide durablesupport to the suspended undercarriage,elevated final drives and other integralframe components. pg. 11

Drive Train

The electronically controlled powershift transmission, efficient clutch/brakesteering and durable planetary final drivesdeliver outstanding power transfer andlong life to ensure maximum productivity.pg. 10

Operator Station

Designed for operator comfort,convenience, and productivity. Machinecontrol and vital information is providedat the operator’s fingertips. A full dayof work is no problem in this efficientwork place. pg. 8

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C32 Engine. Performing at full rated netpower of 634 kW (850 hp) at 1,800 rpmwith a high torque rise of 21 percent, thelarge displacement and high torque allowthe D11T to doze through tough material.Matched to the high efficiency torquedivider and electronically controlledpower shift transmission, it will provideyears of dependable service.

C32 Block. The block features adesign that adds structural strengththrough compaction and thicker walls.This design supports the engine’shigher compression ratios.

Overhead Cams. Two, single (one perhead) overhead cams are driven bygears on the flywheel end of the engine.Placing the cam gears at the flywheelend significantly reduces noise andvibration. To reduce wear, two pendulumabsorbers are mounted at the front of thecamshafts. Together, these two featurescontribute to the long-life and durabilityof this engine.

ADEM™ A4 Engine Controller.The ADEM A4 electronic controlmodule manages fuel delivery and airflow to get the best performance pergallon (liter) of fuel used. It providesflexible fuel mapping, allowing theengine to respond quickly to varyingapplication needs. It keeps track of engineand machine conditions while keepingthe engine operating at peak efficiency.

Fuel Delivery. Multiple injectionfuel delivery involves a high degreeof precision. Precisely shaping thecombustion cycle lowers combustionchamber temperatures, generatingfewer emissions and optimizing fuelcombustion; translating into morework output for your fuel used.


A combination of innovations working at the point of combustion, ACERT ™ Technologyoptimizes engine performance while meeting EPA Tier 2 and EU Stage II engine exhaustemission regulations for off road applications.

C32 with ACERT™ Technology

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MEUI Fuel System. A highly evolved fuelsystem with a proven record of reliabilityin the field. MEUI combines the technicaladvancement of an electronic controlsystem with the simplicity of directmechanically controlled unit fuelinjection. The MEUI system excels inits ability to control injection pressureover the entire engine operating speedrange. These features allow the C32 tohave complete control over injectiontiming, duration, and pressure.

ATAAC and Airflow. Air-to-airaftercooling keeps air intaketemperatures down and, in concert withthe tight tolerance combustion chambercomponents, maximizes fuel efficiencyand minimizes emissions. Significantimprovements in air flow are generatedby water-cooled turbochargers, uniquecross-flow head, single rear-drivenoverhead cams, and a more efficientintake manifold.

Engine maintenance and repair.Is easier through monitoring keyfunctions and logging critical indicators.Electronic diagnostic access is possiblewith the Electronic Technician (Cat ET).

Aluminum Spacer. Located betweenthe block and head to eliminate theneed for block counterbores, andextend block life.

Hardened-faced valves. Through-hardened crankshaft journals and steel-backed, copper-bonded aluminumbearings, help assure reliable performancein the toughest duty.

Components have longer life. Becauseoil-cooled pistons and full-length, water-cooled cylinder liners provide maximumheat transfer. The cylinder heads alsoutilize additional coolant passages toprovide maximum cooling to the engine.


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Two-pass cooling system. Using atwo-pass system, the AMOCS radiatorprovides a more efficient heat exchange.The coolant is routed from a sectionedbottom tank up the front side, over thetop of the core, and down the engineside of the core to the bottom tank.This flow pattern allows the coolantto pass through the radiator twicefor better cooling.

Modular Design. The cooling elementsare individual core modules connectedto a sectioned bottom tank. There isno top tank to remove.

• Standard 9.4 steel fins per 2.54 cm(1 in), or an optional 6 steel fins per2.54 cm (1 in)

• Brass tube construction within eachcore for improved reliability

Hydraulically Variable, Demand Fan.The hydraulically driven demand fanprovides engine cooling capability thatis matched to the ambient conditions.In cooler conditions, the fan turns at aslower speed, reducing power demands.This frees up more power in high loadfactor operations or reduces fuelconsumption in lower load factoroperations. Low speed fan operationalso reduces both operator and spectatorsound levels. The ADEM A4 enginecontroller regulates the fan speedthrough a variable displacement pump.An attachment low speed option isavailable for cold weather operationsto avoid over cooling the engine.

Easy Serviceability.

• Servicing of the AMOCS canbe performed without tilting theradiator guard

• No need to remove or replace amajor component as on single-coreradiators

• Each core module can be replacedindividually (without removing theentire radiator), saving considerablecost and repair time


Cooling SystemSuperior cooling in the most demanding work conditions.

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Dozer Control Lever. A low-effortelectronic dozer control handle gives theoperator control of all dozer functionswith one hand. Fore/aft movement ofthe lever lowers and raises the blade.Left/right movement directionally tiltsthe blade.

The thumb lever at the top of thehandle, controls blade pitch fore and aft.The trigger switch pitches the bladeforward to dump the load.

The two thumb buttons to the left of theimplement control provide control overthe semi-automated blade pitch functionsthat Dual Tilt provides. Blade pitch forload, carry and spread segments canbe preset on Advisor and controlled bythe buttons. The left side button cyclesbetween the pitch settings for eachsegment of the push cycle. The rightside button cancels out of the pitchfunctions without losing the preset pitchangles. This Auto Blade Assist (ABA)feature is turned on and off using aswitch on the right side console.

Computer Aided Earthmoving System(CAES) (optional). Computer AidedEarthmoving Systems (CAES) replaceconventional surveying with advancedGPS and radio communicationsequipment, improving operator’saccuracy and efficiency. CAES cancommunicate back and forth with theoffice and access site design plans.Office software can generate designs onthe fly and provide customized productionand design reports. CAES gives operatorscontinuous, interactive access to machineand operating information right in thecab – so they have the tools they needto operate with more precision andpredictability. An in-cab display givesoperators easy-to-understand colordiagrams of where to cut and fill.With CAES, the effort of reading mapsor looking for grade stakes is virtuallyeliminated. And because it givesimmediate, accurate feedback, operatorscan doze quickly, accurately andconfidently. CAES helps identify waysto reduce errors and constantly improvethe production process – ultimatelyhelping reduce cost.

AutoCarry (optional). AutoCarry providesautomatic blade control (raise and loweronly) during the carry segment of thedozing cycle. Drawbar pull, groundspeed, track slip, and machine attitudeare integrated to control track slip andmaintain optimal blade loads. AutoCarryis intended to enhance the operator’sproductivity in high productionearthmoving with carry distances over30.5 m (100 ft). By monitoring groundspeed with the belly-mounted radar gun,the auto carry system controls bladeload to maintain approximately 2.4 km/h(1.5 mph) true ground speed. Track slipis monitored and limited to under 16%.Readouts of the true ground speed andtrack slip are available in the AutoCarrymenu on Advisor. Through the system’sDynamic Inclination Sensor (DIS),readouts of the tractor pitch angle andside-to-side scope are also availableon Advisor.

Ripper Control Lever. A rigidly mountedhandgrip provides firm support forthe operator even when ripping in theroughest terrain. The low effort thumblever controls raising and lowering.The finger lever controls shank-in andshank-out positioning. The thumbbutton automatically raises the ripper.

Finger Tip Controls (FTC). Clustered foreasy, one-hand operation to the operator’sleft. They control steering, machinedirection and gear selection.

Electronic Clutch and Brake (ECB)steering System – consists of two smalllevers that send signals that control thesteering valve. Levers require less thanthree pounds of pull to actuate. Steeringis accomplished in much the same way astraditional clutch and brake arrangements,but with less time and effort.


Implement and Steering ControlsLow effort control functions significantly reduce operator fatigue for increased performance.

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Designed for operator comfort, convenience, and productivity, the state-of-the-art cab setsa new standard.

Operator Station









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1) Steering Control. Finger Tip Control(FTC) combines steering, machinedirection and gear selection into a singlecontrol system, operated with one handfor enhanced operator comfort.

2) Cat Comfort Series Seat.Fully adjustable and designed forcomfort and support. Thick seat andback cushions provide support for thelower back and thighs, while allowingunrestricted arm and leg movement.Wide retractable seat belt providespositive, comfortable restraint.

3) Adjustable Armrests. Standardadjustable armrests provide additionalcomfort for the operator.

4) Electronic Ripper Control. A rigidlymounted handgrip, with low effortthumb and finger controls, providesfirm support and positive control ofthe ripper when operating in toughconditions. Programmable features,such as Auto Lift, Shank-Out and AutoStow, increase operator efficiency.

5) Electronic, Programmable DozerControl. Features such as blade response,blade float, auto blade pitch, and spreadrate can be set and adjusted using theAdvisor panel. Auto Blade Assist(standard) and AutoCarry (optional)make the tractor even more efficientin specific applications.

6) Cat Monitoring Display System.The combination dash mountedinstrument cluster and the AdvisorMonitoring System provide keymachine operating data and give theoperator and service technician insightinto the machine’s operation andmaintenance needs.

In-Dash Instrument Cluster.The instrument panel, with easy-to-readgauges and warning lamps, keeps theoperator aware of any potential problems.All gauges and readouts are easilyvisible in direct sunlight.

Advisor Monitoring System (AMS).On-board diagnostic abilities minimizedowntime and maximize machineperformance.

7) Wide Panoramic View. The operatorstation offers an exceptional viewingarea. A large view hole in the single-shank ripper frame provides a viewof the ripper tip. The tapered hood,notched fuel tank, and narrow single-shank ripper carriage gives the operatora clear line of sight to the front and rearwork areas. The large single-pane doorwindows provide an excellent viewto the sides and blade.

8) Heating and Air Conditioning.Conveniently located air circulationvents evenly distribute airflow withinthe cab. Controls are easily accessiblefrom the operator seat.

High Intensity Discharge Lights (HID).High Intensity Discharge lightingpackages are standard to enhancevisibility when 24 hours operationsare required. The HID lights are bluishin color and offer less glare whilesignificantly extending the sightlinesaround the tractor.

Fuse Panel and Diagnostic Access.The new compartment features a singlelocation fuse panel that includes adiagnostic port for the Cat ET to connectfor rapid machine diagnostics.

Comfortable Operation. Standardisolation-mounted cab reduces noiseand vibration. The cab is pre-wiredfor a 12-volt or 24-volt radio, equippedwith two speakers, an antenna and aradio mount recessed in the headliner.

Footpads. Two footpads, mounted onthe floor and wide, sweeping stabilizerpads keep the operator comfortable andin control while working on slopes.

Other Features. Built-in storage spacewith tie downs for lunch box or otherpersonal items.

• Ashtray and cup holder.

• Inside door releases.

• Power point plug-in on the righthand console (12-volt laptop andwireless phone compatible).


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Torque Divider. A single-stage torqueconverter with output torque dividersends 75 percent of engine torquethrough the converter and 25 percentthrough a direct drive shaft for greaterdriveline efficiency and higher torquemultiplication. The torque convertershields the driveline from sudden torqueshocks and vibration.

High Torque Multiplication. The moreefficient and better matched torqueconverter provides high drawbar pullreserves at converter stall. High torquemultiplication gets heavy loads moving.

Elevated Final Drives. Isolated fromground and equipment induced impactloads for extended power train life.

• Double-reduction, planetary finaldrive gears provide smooth, quiet,low-maintenance operation.

• Splash lubrication and Duo-Cone®

Seals extend service life.

• Gears and planet carriers are sizedfor higher loads and increaseddurability.

• Axle and spline have been enlargedfor higher torque.

Planetary Power Shift Transmission.Three speeds forward and three speedsreverse, utilizing large diameter, high-capacity, oil-cooled clutches.

• Modulation system permits fastspeed and direction changes.

• Modular transmission and bevelgear slide into rear case for servicingease, even with ripper installed.

• Oil-to-water cooler for maximumcooling capacity.

• Forced oil flow lubricates and coolsclutch packs to provide maximumclutch life.

• Controlled throttle shifting regulatesengine speed during directionalshifts for smoother operationand longer component life.

• Size of bevel group unit increasedfor higher torque.

Electronic Clutch Pressure Control.The Finger Tip Control (FTC) systemhas an additional drive train feature foradded performance, Electronic ClutchPressure Control (ECPC). This featureprovides smoother shifting by modulatingindividual clutches. ECPC also providesthe auto-shift and auto-kickdown feature.

Auto-Shift/Auto-Kickdown. Auto-shiftallows the operator, by just making adirectional change, to go from firstforward to second reverse.

Auto-kickdown automatically downshiftsthe transmission when significant loadincreases are detected. These featuresare especially useful in backfilling orrough grading applications or with aless skilled operator. Depending onapplication, operators can select auto-shift mode only, auto-shift and auto-kickdown mode, auto-kickdown modeonly, or manual mode. The operatormay override these automatic shiftfeatures at any time.

D11T Brakes. The brakes are applied bysprings and hydraulically released forsafe and reliable braking performance.

• Thick, large diameter plates anddisks provide high torque capacityand service life.

• Brake housing has cast-in-ribsfor more durability and a newvalve design.

• Cooling oil valve controls 284 L(75 gal) of oil per minute.

• Clutch disks allow greater torquecapacity on the clutch.

• Tapered roller bearing designprovides excellent service life.

Drawbar Pull vs Ground Speed.As loads on the tractor increase,the D11T offers unmatched luggingcapability and smooth shifting as theneed occurs to change gears undervarying loads. The 3-speed forward,3-speed reverse transmission offersexcellent runout speeds.

Modular Power Train. The modularpower train design permits quickremoval and installation of majorcomponents such as the engine,transmission and final drives.








00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 mph

lbs x 1000

















0 2 4 6 8 10 12 km/h

kg x 1000

D11T/D11T CD Drawbar Pull

Machine Speed

1st Gear

2nd Gear

3rd Gear



r Pul



Drive TrainThe D11T/CD provides maximum efficiency in combination with the Cat C32 engine.

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Mainframe Strength. The D11T andD11T CD mainframes are built toabsorb high impact shock loads andtwisting forces of severe dozing andripping. The two frames share thefollowing features:

Frame Rails. Full box section designkeeps components rigidly aligned.

Heavy Steel Castings. Strengthen themain case, equalizer bar saddle, frontcross member and tag-link trunnion.

Top and Bottom Rails. Made fromcontinuous rolled sections to eliminatewelds and machining, which providesuperior mainframe durability.

Main Case. Elevates the final drives wellabove the ground level work area toprotect them from impact loads, abrasionand contaminants. Also provides supportfor the ROPS and ripper mounting.

Pivot Shaft. The pivot shaft and pinnedequalizer bar maintain track roller framealignment.

Case and frame design. Features one-piece cast case with ripper and ROPSmounting. Oil reservoir included inone-piece cast casting.

Heavy cast saddle. Ribbed designincreases frame life.

Engine and Radiator Guard Mount.The new fabricated common frontengine and rear radiator mount featureheavy castings.

CarryDozer Frame. The CarryDozerframe is specifically designed forthe carrying material long distances.The taller front end accepts additionalframe loads generated by the uniqueCarryDozer blade design. Tag-Link. Reduces wear and brings the

blade closer to the machine for moreprecise dozing and load control.

• The Tag-Link design provides solidlateral stability and better cylinderpositions for constant break outforce, independent of blade height.


StructureEngineered to provide durability and the solid support necessary for maximum productionand service life in the most demanding work.

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Suspended Undercarriage Design.Absorbs impact loads to reduce the shockloads transferred to the undercarriage byup to 50 percent in uneven terrain.

Bogie suspension conforms closely tothe ground. Providing up to 15 percentmore ground contact, especially in hard,uneven terrain. Higher traction meansless slippage, better balance, and asmoother ride.

Sprockets. Have five bolt-on replaceablerim segments of abrasion resistant toughsteel for long wear life.

Equalizer Bar. End pin bearings are oillubricated from a remote reservoir foreasy maintenance and longer life.

Rollers and Idlers. Feature symmetricDuo-Cone seals for long sealing life toprevent oil loss and dirt entry. Toric ringsmaintain performance over a wide rangeof temperatures. Rollers and idlers areserviceable and rebuildable to providevalue. Abutment-style caps securelyattach rollers and idlers to the bogies.

Integrated Carrier Roller Mount.The carrier roller mount is cast intothe track roller frame making it easierto add the optional carrier roller inthe field, if conditions require it.

Reinforced Roller Frames. Tubular designresists bending and twisting, with addedreinforcement where operating loadsare highest.

• Roller frames attach to tractor by apivot shaft and pinned equalizer bar.

• Large pivot shaft bushings operatein an oil reservoir.

• A low friction, no maintenancebushing is used in the saddleconnection.

• Resilient pads restrain equalizerbar oscillation.

• The recoil system is sealed andlubricated.

• Patented alignment design increasesundercarriage wear life.

• Idler guards (optional) increaseundercarriage life in abrasiveapplications.

• Track adjustment provided to120 percent undercarriage wear limit.

Positive Pin Retention (PPR) Sealed andLubricated Track. Permanently coatsthe track pin with a sealed-in lubricant,minimizing metal-to-metal contact.

• Virtually eliminates internal pinand bushing wear.

• Lubricant is held in a reservoirin the track pin.

• Coated track bushing maximizessealability.

• Stronger track link resists highimpact loads.

• Positive pin retention mechanicallylocks the link to the pin, resistingend play and increasing joint stability.

Sprocket Segments. Made exclusivelyof Caterpillar Tough Steel™ for longerwear life and precision machined afterheat treat for proper fit. Segments canbe removed or replaced withoutbreaking the track.

Track Shoes. Track shoes are availablein a variety of sizes and styles to matchthe working conditions.


UndercarriageThe Caterpillar elevated sprockets are designed for better machine balance and longercomponent life.

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Bulldozers. All blades feature a strongbox-section design that resists twistingand cracking. Blades are made ofCat DH-2™ steel that has high tensilestrength and stands up to the mostsevere applications. Heavy moldboardconstruction and hardened bolt-oncutting edges and end bits add strengthand durability.

• Semi-Universal Blade. Built for toughapplications where penetration is moreimportant than capacity. The “SU” bladeis more aggressive in penetrating andloading material than the “U” blade.The blade wings are designed forsuperior load retention and penetrationin tightly packed materials and forfinishing applications. Can also beconfigured with a push plate forpush loading scrapers.

• High-Capacity Universal Blade.Offers maximum capacity and is perfectfor moving big loads over long distances.The “U” blade has large blade wings andis ideal for stockpile work, reclamation,charging hoppers or trapping for loaders.

CarryDozer Blade. The CarryDozercarries material inside the blade curvature,rather than pushing it. This carriedmaterial increases the effective weight ofthe tractor, enabling larger loads in frontof the blade and enhancing operation onsteeper uphill slopes. These two effectscombine to maximize productivity.

• Abrasion Versions. The abrasionversions of the “SU” blade and “U”blade extend blade life in more severeapplications. Abrasion blades areequipped with rock guards, wear platesand extended wear life cutting edgesand end bits.

Dual Tilt. Improves load control andallows the operator to optimize theblade pitch angle for each portionof the dozing cycle.

Single Lever. Controls all blademovements, including the optionaldual tilt.

Cutting Edges and End Bits. Cutting edgesare made of DH-2 steel. End bits are madeof DH-3™ steel to provide maximumservice life in tough materials.

Rippers. Single and multi-shank rippersare made to penetrate tough materialfast and rip thoroughly for use in avariety of materials.

Single-Shank Ripper. Operator canadjust the shank depth from the seatusing an optional single-shank pin puller.Large upper frame view hole improvesripper tip visibility. Heat treated spacerbars in ripper carriage extend pocket lifeand reduce shank notching. Large one-piece shank is available in deep rippingconfiguration.

Multi-Shank Ripper. Tailors the tractorto the material by using one, two orthree shanks.

Hydraulic Pitch Adjustment Cylinders.Hydraulic pitch adjustment cylindersvary the shank angle to get the bestpenetration so the material is liftedand shattered.

Rear Counterweights. Provide propertractor balance to maximize dozingproduction. Recommended if notequipped with any other rear attachment.


Work ToolsWork Tools and Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T.) provide the flexibility to match the machineto the job, maximizing performance.

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Product Safety. Caterpillar has been andcontinues to be proactive in developingmining machines that meet or exceedsafety standards. Safety is an integralpart of all machine and systems designs.

ASE and ISO Standards. The D11T/CarryDozer is designed to many nationaland international standards.

ROPS and FOPS. The external ROPS/FOPS structure is designed to carryloads directly into the tractor mainframe and protect the operator.

Access/Egress. Wide opening cab doorsprovide both primary and secondaryaccess/egress from the cab. Primary andsecondary access are via the platformoutside the cab doors and the track,using strategically placed grab ironsand steps. An attachment rear walkway[with 1987 L (505 gal) fuel tank] isavailable to provide a means of cleaningthe rear and side windows and providesmaintenance access to the rear lights.An attachment, hydraulically actuated,access ladder is available, separately,for applications where wet or freezingmaterial would make access/egressvia the tracks more challenging.

Visibility. An attachment WAVS rearvision camera is available to provideadditional visibility to the standardmirrors.

Electrical System Lockout/Tagout.A disconnect switch is available toshut off all machine electrical power.Another disconnect switch shuts offpower to the starter, while keepingmain power available for diagnosticsand troubleshooting.

Lighting. Standard HID lighting providessuperior illumination around the machinefor night operations. The 35 watt HIDlamps provide lighting equivalent to4 Halogen lamps, without producingsignificant glare. Multiple switches in thecab allow segregation of specific lampsin the event that the tractor is workingnear other machines. Two under-hoodservice lamps illuminate the enginecompartment for easy night service.The fender light switch can be left inthe on position when the ignition keyis turned off. The fender lights will stayon for a pre-timed period to allow theoperator to egress the machine at night.The fender lights will automaticallyturn off after 10 minutes.



SafetyCaterpillar mining machines and systems are designed with safety as the first priority.

Page 15: Specalog D11 T.pdf

Serviceability. Minimizes maintenanceand repair downtime. New sight gauges,filter locations, improved access to oiland coolant sampling ports, and an enginecompartment mounted work lamp,make daily and periodic service fasterand easier. Equipped with a dozer andripper, there are only 18 lube points.

Built-in Servicing Ease. Less servicetime means more working time.Major components are made asmodules and most can be removedwithout disturbing or removing others.

Heater and Air Conditioner Cores.Accessible without disconnecting heaterand air conditioner cores are accessiblewithout disconnecting lines. A diagnosticconnector allows the Cat Dealer’selectronic test instrument to quicklytroubleshoot the electrical portionsof these systems.

Ecology Drains. An environmentalmethod to drain fluids. They are includedon the radiator, hydraulic tank, fueltank, torque divider and transmission.

Engine Oil Filters. Engine oil filtersare located on the engine for easyservicing access and minimal downtime.Further time is saved with fast fuel andquick oil change attachments.

Quick Disconnect Fittings. Allow for fastdiagnosis of the power train, hydraulicsand attachment oil systems.

S•O•SSM Analysis. Scheduled Oil Samplingmade easier through live sampling portsfor the engine oil, hydraulics and coolant.

Caterpillar Product Link PL300 (optional).This option allows the customer ordealer to obtain machine diagnosticsand location information from theiroffices. Product Link PL300 providesupdates on service meter hours, machinecondition and machine location, as wellas integrated mapping/route planning.Built-in flexibility allows for futuretechnology development.

Machine Selection. Make detailedcomparisons of the machines you areconsidering before you buy. How longdo components last? What is the costof preventive maintenance? What is thetrue cost of lost production? Your CatDealer can give you answers to thesevery important questions.

Purchase. Consider the financingoptions available as well as day-to-dayoperating costs. This is also the timeto look at dealer services that can beincluded in the cost of the machineto yield lower equipment owning andoperating costs over the long run.

Product Support. Plan for effectivemaintenance before buying equipment.Choose from your dealer’s wide rangeof maintenance services at the time youpurchase your machine. Programs suchas Custom Track Service (CTS),S•O•S analysis, Technical Analysisand guaranteed maintenance contractsgive peak life and performanceto your machine.

Parts Program. You will find nearlyall parts at your dealer parts counter.Cat Dealers use a world-wide computernetwork to find in-stock parts to minimizemachine downtime.

Ask about your Cat Dealer’s exchangeprogram for major components. This canshorten repair time and lower costs.

Remanufactured Components.Genuine Cat Remanufactured partssave you money. You receive the samewarranty and reliability as new productsat cost savings of 40 to 70 percent.Components are available for thedrive train, engine, and hydraulics.

Operation. Improving operatingtechniques can boost your profits.Your Cat Dealer has training videotapes,literature, and other ideas to help youincrease productivity.

Replacement. Repair, rebuild or replace?Your Cat Dealer can help you evaluatethe costs involved so you can makethe right choice.


Serviceability and Customer SupportThe most serviceable machines from the most committed dealers. World-class productsupport. The Cat Dealer network trained experts keep your fleet up and running, maximizingyour equipment investments. Caterpillar. The difference counts.™

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16 D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications


• Meets EPA and CARB emissions requirements for 2006

• Single piece design for outstanding structural rigidity

• Mechanical Electronic Unit Injection (MEUI) and ADEM A4allows variable injection timing and controls the quantityof fuel

• Twin wastegate turbochargers provide higher boost over awider range that will improve engine response, outstandinglow end performance and improved peak torque

• Forged steel design piston provides higher strength, lighterweight, better oil control, and less liner wear

• Cylinder liners are hardened plateau honed to reduce wear,reduce blow-by and improve oil control and consumption

• Leak free design by improving joints throughout theengine and all fluid connections using the standardthread ‘O’ ring design

Final Drives

Double-reduction planetary final drive gears with taperedroller bearings.Features

• Splash lubricated and sealed with Duo-Cone® floatingring seals

• Sprockets have five bolt-on, replaceable rim segmentswith more bolts to resist high impact loads

• Eliminate ground and implement induced impact loadsfor extended power train life

• Abrasion-resistant steel increases sprocket segmentwear life


Engine Model Four-stroke cycle, V12,Cat C32 Diesel Engine

Gross Power 698 kW 935 hpFlywheel Power 634 kW 850 hp

Net Power – Caterpillar 634 kW 850 hpNet Power – ISO 9249 634 kW 850 hpNet Power – ISO 3046-2 634 kW 850 hpNet Power – EEC 80/1269 634 kW 850 hpBore 145 mm 5.71 inStroke 162 mm 6.38 inDisplacement 32.1 L 1,959 in3

• Engine ratings apply at 1,800 rpm.

• Based on standard conditions of 25° C (77° F)and 99 kPa (29.32 in. Hg) dry barometer.

• Used 35° API gravity fuel having an LHV of 42 780 kJ/kg(18,390 Btu/lb) when used at 30° C (86° F) [ref. a fuel densityof 838.9 g/L (7.001 lb/U.S. gal)].

• Net power advertised is the power available at the flywheelwhen the engine is equipped with fan, air cleaner, muffler,and alternator.

• No derating required up to 2286 m (7,500 ft) altitude, beyond2286 m (7,500 ft) automatic derating occurs.

D11T/D11T CD Drawbar Pull








00 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 mph

lbs x 1000

















0 2 4 6 8 10 12 km/h

kg x 1000

Machine Speed

1st Gear

2nd Gear

3rd Gear



r Pul


Page 17: Specalog D11 T.pdf

17D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

D11T CD Weights (approximate)

Operating Weight 113 000 kg 248,600 lbShipping Weight 75 455 kg 166,000 lb

• Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank,hydraulic controls and fluids, 910 mm (36 in) extreme serviceshoes, 11 carrydozer, single-shank ripper (optional equipment)and operator.

• Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel,and ROPS with FOPS cab.


ISO 3471-1 1986 ROPSISO 3471-1 1994 ROPSISO 3449 1992 LEVEL II FOPS

• Caterpillar cab and Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS)are standard in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Sealed and Lubricated Track

Positive Pin Retention (PPR) for extra protection of track sealin high impact conditions.

Pitch 318 mm 12.5 inNumber Shoes/Side 41Shoe Type Extreme serviceWidth of Shoe

D11T 710 mm 28.0 inD11T CD 910 mm 36.0 in

Length of Track on Ground 4444 mm 14 ft 7 inGround Contact Area

D11T 6.3 m2 9,781 in2

D11T CD 8.1 m2 12,581 in2

Grouser Height(from ground face of shoe) 102 mm 4.0 inGround Clearance 623 mm 24.5 inGauge 2896 mm 9 ft 6 in


• Sleeve bearing track

• Lubricant reduces internal bushing wear

• Hydraulic track adjusters; track guiding guards; and large,positive clamping, two-piece master link are standard

• Improved track joint sealability

• Stronger track link to resist high impact loads


1 Forward 3.9 km/h 2.4 mph2 Forward 6.8 km/h 4.2 mph3 Forward 11.8 km/h 7.3 mph1 Reverse 4.7 km/h 5.9 mph2 Reverse 8.2 km/h 5.1 mph3 Reverse 14.0 km/h 8.7 mph


• Special modulation system permits fast speed anddirection changes

• 533 mm (21 in) diameter, high torque capacity oil-cooledclutches

• Exclusive F 37 friction material for excellent life

• Modular transmission, bevel gear, and differential pluginto rear of main drive case

• Two oil-to-water coolers mounted under radiator

• Single-stage torque converter with output torque divider

• Double universal joint eases service

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank 1609 L 425 galOptional Fuel Tank 1987 L 505 galCooling System 238.8 L 63 galEngine Crankcase 106 L 28 galPower Train 344 L 91 galFinal Drives (each) 30 L 8 galRoller Frames (each) 95 L 25.1 galPivot Shaft Compartment 51 L 13.5 galImplement Hydraulic 243 L 64 galSystem Tank Only

D11T Weights (approximate)

Operating Weight 104 590 kg 230,100 lbShipping Weight 74 4182 kg 163,200 lb

• Operating Weight: Includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank,hydraulic controls and fluids, 810 mm (32 in) extreme serviceshoes, 11U ABR bulldozer, single-shank ripper with pin pullerand fast fuel, engine doors (optional equipment) and operator.

• Shipping Weight: Includes lubricants, coolant, 20% fuel,and ROPS with FOPS cab.

Page 18: Specalog D11 T.pdf

18 D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

Hydraulic Controls

Complete system consists of pump, tank with filter, oil cooler,valves, lines, linkage and control levers.

Attachments – Gear-type pump (D11T)Output at 1,890 rpm 620 L/min 164 gpmand 6895 kPa (1,000 psi)Tilt Cylinder Flow 155 L/min 41 gpmBulldozer Relief Valve Settings 22 750 kPa 3,300 psiTilt Cylinder Relief Valve Settings 24 300 kPa 3,525 psiRipper (Lift) Relief Valve Settings 22 750 kPa 3,300 psiRipper (Pitch) Relief Valve Settings 22 750 kPa 3,300 psi

Attachments – Gear-type pump (D11T CD)Output at 1,890 rpm 670 L/min 177 gpmand 6895 kPa (1,000 psi)Tilt Cylinder Flow 250 L/min 66 gpmCarryDozer Relief Valve Settings 24 135 kPa 3,500 psiDump Cylinder Relief Valve Settings 24 825 kPa 3,600 psiRipper (Lift) Relief Valve Settings 24 135 kPa 3,500 psiRipper (Pitch) Relief Valve Settings 24 135 kPa 3,500 psi

Electro-hydraulic pilot valves assist operations of ripperand dozer tilt controls. Standard hydraulic systems includetwo valves for carrydozer and dump, and a regeneration valvefor quick dump.

Standard Ripper Control

Two additional valves for ripper function

• Hydraulic shank pitch adjustment

• Optional pin pull on hydraulics

Track Roller Frame

Oscillation 362 mm 14.3 in


• Lifetime lubricated rollers and idlers resiliently mountedto roller frame by a series of bogies

• Tubular design resists torsional loads

• Bogies oscillate on sealed and lubricated cartridge pinconnections, travel controlled by resilient pads

• Roller frame attaches by a pivot shaft and fully pinnedequalizer bar

• Eight rollers per side

• Large pivot bushing operate in an oil reservoir

• Equalizer bar-roller frame ball joint pins and high capacitybearings have improved seal and operate in oil reservoir

• Improved center bearing in equalizer bar for improvedlife. Improved pin corrosion resistance, provides easeof serviceability

• Recoil system is fully sealed and lubricated

• Large idler caps with three-bolt mounting

Steering and Brakes

Electronic Finger Tip Controls (FTC) combine steering clutchdisengagement and braking for each track. Pull back slightlyto disengage steering clutches, fully back to brake track.

• Low-effort Finger Tip Controls for steering

• Hydraulically applied multiple-disk clutches

• High capacity brakes are hydraulically released, springapplied, and have computerized electronic brake controlfor excellent brake modulation

• Single pedal simultaneously applies brakes to tracks forfast stops

• Parking brake applied electronically, which engagesparking brake and locks the Finger Tip Controls

• High capacity (high power dissipation)

• Large diameter disks 610 mm (24 in)

Page 19: Specalog D11 T.pdf

19D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

Dimensions – D11T CDAll dimensions are approximate.

With attachments add to overall machine length:

Single-shank ripper 2156 mm 7' 0.7"

Multi-shank ripper 1935 mm 6' 4"

11 Carrydozer 2178 mm 7' 1.5"

Width over trunnions 4365 mm 14' 4" Note: model shown equipped with 910 mm (36") shoes.

Dimensions – D11TAll dimensions are approximate.

With attachments add to overall machine length:

Single-shank ripper 1850 mm 6' 1"

Single-shank ripper with push block 2190 mm 7' 2.2"

Multi-shank ripper 1915 mm 6' 3.4"

11SU Dozer 2220 mm 7' 3.4"

11U Dozer 2668 mm 8' 9"

Width over trunnions 4365 mm 14' 4"

Drawbar height (centerline of clevis) from ground face of shoe 777 mm 30.6"

Note: model shown equipped with 710 mm (28") shoes.

4398 mm(14' 5")

1987 mm(6' 6")

2156 mm(7' 1")

2178 mm(7' 2")

6027 mm(19' 9")

10 918.2 mm(35' 10")

4667 mm(15' 4") 3580 mm

(11' 9")

3098 mm (10' 2")

4591.7 mm (15' 1")

2896 mm(9' 6") Gauge

674.5 mm(26.5")

3322 mm(10' 11")

3806 mm(12' 6")6706 mm(22' 0")

3322 mm(10' 11")

674.5 mm(26.5")

2896 mm(9' 6") Gauge

3606 mm(11' 10")

6358 mm(20' 10")

4667 mm(15' 4")

4398 mm(14' 5")

1987 mm(6' 6")

6027 mm(19' 9")

10 584.9 mm(34' 9")

2773.3 mm(9' 1")

3580 mm(11' 9")

4596 mm(15' 1")

Page 20: Specalog D11 T.pdf

20 D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

D11T BulldozerTag link dozer coupling brings blade closer for better balance and control.

Blade 11SU ABR 11U ABR 11SU 11UBlade capacity (SAE J1265) m3 27.2 34.4 27.2 34.4

yd3 35.5 45.0 35.5 45.0Width with blade mm 5600 6358 5600 6358 (over end bits) ft/in 18'4" 20'10" 18'4" 20'10"Blade height mm 2773 2773 2773 2773

ft/in 9'1" 9'1" 9'1" 9'1"Digging depth mm 766 766 766 766

in 30.2 30.2 30.2 30.2Ground clearance mm 1533 1533 1533 1533

ft/in 5'0" 5'0" 5'0" 5'0"Maximum tilt mm 1184 1344 1184 1344

ft/in 3'11" 4'5" 3'11" 4'5"Weight* kg 16 192 18 823 14 813 17 296

lb 35,698 41,498 32,658 38,131Total operating weight**(with blade and kg 101 955 104 590 100 573 103 060single-shank ripper) lb 224,300 230,100 221,260 226,733

*Does not include hydraulic controls but includes blade cylinders.

**Includes blade and single-shank ripper, hydraulic controls, blade cylinders, coolant, lubricants, full fuel tank,810 mm (32 in) shoes, ROPS, FOPS cab, and operator.


• Dual-tilt is standard for improved blade loading, carrying, and dumping

• Cutting edges are DH-2 steel and end bits are DH-3 steel for maximum durability

• Dozer lift cylinders mount to top corners of radiator guard to improve mechanical advantage

• Single lever controls all blade functions

• Aggressive heel clearance for improved blade penetration

Page 21: Specalog D11 T.pdf

21D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

D11T CD Bulldozer

Tag link dozer coupling brings blade closer for better balance and control.

CarryDozer BladeBlade capacity m3 43.6

yd3 57.0Width with blade (over end bits) mm 6706

ft/in 22'0"Blade height w/cutting edge at 53° mm 2740

ft/in 9'0"Blade height w/cutting edge at 53° mm 3255and rock guard ft/in 10'8"Digging depth

Rack back mm 688in 27.1"

Full dump mm 1708 in 67.2"

Ground clearanceRack back mm 1846

ft/in 6'1"Full dump mm 307

ft/in 12.1"Maximum tilt mm 1800

ft/in 5'11"Weight* kg 23 600

lb 51,920Total operating weight** kg 113 000

lb 248,600

* Does not include hydraulic controls but includes blade cylinders.

** Includes blade and single-shank ripper, hydraulic controls, blade cylinders, coolant,lubricants, full fuel tank, 910 mm (36 in) shoes, ROPS, FOPS cab, and operator.


• Dual-tilt/dump cylinders are standard for improved blade loading, carrying, and dumping

• Cutting edges and end bits are DH-2 steel for maximum durability

• Dozer lift cylinders mount to top corners of radiator guard to improve mechanical advantage

• Single lever controls all blade functions

• Aggressive heel clearance for improved blade penetration

• Rock guard

• Wear plates

• Router protectors

Page 22: Specalog D11 T.pdf

22 D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications


Redesigned ripper frame for improved visibility to ripper tip. Hydraulic tip adjustment cylinders vary shank angle to aidpenetration and help lift and shatter rock.

D11T D11T/D11T CD D11T CDSingle-shankDeep Ripping + Multi-shank + Multi-shank

Single-shank Arrangement Arrangement Single-shank ArrangementOverall beam width mm — — 3330 — 3330

ft/in — — 10'11" — 10'11"Maximum penetration force*(shank vertical) kN 288 292 277 326 306

lb 64,800 65,644 62,325 73,350 68,850Maximum penetration(standard tip) mm 1612 2172 1070 1612 1070

ft/in 5'3" 7'2" 3'6" 5'3" 3'6"Pryout force(multi-shank ripper kN 660 657 646 642 650with one tooth) lb 148,500 147,772 145,350 144,450 146,250Maximum clearance raised(under tip, pinned mm 1115 878 1137 1115 1137in bottom hole) in 43.9" 34.6" 44.8" 43.9" 44.8"Number of shank holes 4 3 2 4 2Weight(without hydraulic kg 9643 10 022 9698 12 733 12 025controls) lb 21,215 22,050 21,335 28,076 26,515Total operating weight** with 11U ABR blade and ripper with 11CD blade and ripper

kg 104 590 104 970 104 485 113 000 112 521lb 230,100 230,935 229,867 248,600 247,039

* Specifications are converted from British to metric measure and rounded.

** Operating weight includes lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic controls, 810 mm (32 in) extreme service shoe, ROPS,FOPS cab, and operator.

+ Includes one shank. Add 671 kg (1,489 lb) for each additional shank.

Note: Single-shank, deep ripping arrangement weight includes required pin puller.

Features• Optional single-shank pin puller lets operator adjust shank depth from seat• Large one-piece shank• Multi-shank ripper allows variable use of one, two, or three shanks to match job conditions

Page 23: Specalog D11 T.pdf

23D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

Standard EquipmentStandard equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.


D11T: 710 mm (28 in), D11T CD: 910 mm (36 in)Extreme serviceSealed/lubricated PPR sleeve bearing trackThree bolt idler and roller caps41 section

Hydraulic track adjustersSuspension-type undercarriage,

8-roller tubular track roller frameTrack guides

OTHER STANDARD EQUIPMENTCD ROM parts bookDual-tilt blade controlEngine enclosuresFluid sampling portsGuards:

Bottom, extreme service, hinged, with front towing deviceHinged radiatorHinged power train

Vandalism, protection (8 caplocks)Ripper

ELECTRICALAlarm, back-upAlternator, 100-ampBatteries, 12-volt (4), 190 amp-hourConverter, 12-volt, 10-ampConverter, 12-volt, 15 ampDeutsch electrical connectorsDiagnostic connectorHorn, forward warningLighting system, 5 HID/4 Halogen

(2 forward, 2 rear)Receptacle, starting

OPERATOR ENVIRONMENTAdvisor – electronic monitoring systemAir conditioningArmrest, adjustableDeactivation switch, hydraulic controlsDecelerator, governor switchFinger Tip Control (FTC) steeringHeaterHydraulic system – electronically controlled for bulldozer

control (lift, tilt, dump)Product Link ready cabRadio-ready cabRearview mirrorROPS rollbar and FOPS sound suppressed cabSeat, air suspensionSeatbelt, retractable 76 mm (3 in)Wipers, intermittent


24-volt electric startAir cleaner with precleaner (2)MEUIEther starting aid, automaticFuel priming pump, electricMuffler with rain cap (2)Turbocharged/aftercooled

Advanced Modular Cooling System (AMOCS)Clutch and brake system, electronicDrains, ecology fluidFan, suction with hydraulic demand driveOil change system (for fast engine and drive train oil change)Parking brake, electronicPlanetary final drives, 4-planet, double-reductionPowershift transmission (3 speed)Precleaner with dust ejectorTorque dividerHeater, engine coolant (120 volt)

Page 24: Specalog D11 T.pdf

24 D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

Optional EquipmentOptional equipment may vary. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for details.

Heater, fuelHigh altitude arrangementHydraulics:

Pin pullerOil renewal systemOperators arrangement

(improves visibility and comfort for smaller operators)Paint, black hood and cylindersPin pullerPrelube, engine automaticRippers – D11T:

Single shankSingle shank with extra counterweight (3175 kg/7,000 lb)Multi-shankMulti-shank, deep

Rippers – D11T CarryDozer:Single shank, extra counterweight (3175 kg/7,000 lb)Multi-shank, extra counterweight (12 700 kg/28,000 lb)

Roller, carrierRoller frame, aligned straightRollers, single flangeSeat, vinylTank, fuel, additional capacity (1987 L/505 gallons)Tracks, pair 711 mm (28 in) ES (D11T only):

ARM grousersTrapezoidal holes

Tracks, pair, 813 mm (32 in) ES (various options)Stainless end treated bushingsARM grousersTrapezoidal holesTall, tough steel links (D11T only)Tall, tough steel links and trapezoidal holes

Tracks, pair, 914 mm (36 in) ES (various options)ARM grousersTrapezoidal holes (D11T only)Tall, tough steel links

Walkway, rear

Air conditioner, ROPS mounted (R134A)AutoCarry Blade Control SystemAccess LadderBulldozer – D11T:

11SU Abrasion(Semi-universal blade includes tilt cylinders, wear plates,

rock guard, and extended wear life cutting edges andend bits.)

11U Abrasion(Universal blade includes tilt cylinders, wear plates, rock

guard, and extended wear life cutting edges and end bits.)11SU

(Semi-universal blade includes push plate and generalduty cutting edges and end bits. Does not include rockguard or wear plate.)

11U(Universal blade includes push plate and general duty

cutting edges and end bits. Does not include rock guardor wear plate.)

Bulldozer – D11T CarryDozer:11 CarryDozer (Includes blade dump cylinders, wear plates,

rock guard, pin-on edge protectors, and general dutycutting edges and end bits)

Cab, enhanced cleanCamera, WAVS, single rearCamera, WAVS, dual rearCAES ready optionCounterweight:

Rear (4990 kg/11,000 lb)Rear (additional 2268 kg/5,000 lb)Rear (extended 13 608 kg/30,000 lb)

Cylinder, single tiltFan, reduced minimum speed, arcticFast fill fuel systemGlass, ultra strength [276 kPa (40 psi)]Grease point, ripper linesGuards:

Final drive clamshellPartial bottomTransmissionUndercarriage

Heater, engine coolant (240 volt)

Page 25: Specalog D11 T.pdf



D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor specifications

Page 26: Specalog D11 T.pdf



Page 27: Specalog D11 T.pdf



Page 28: Specalog D11 T.pdf


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