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Spring 2005 Acorn Newsletter - Salt Spring Island Conservancy

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Text of Spring 2005 Acorn Newsletter - Salt Spring Island Conservancy


AcornNumber 29, Spring 2005

The Newsletter of the Salt Spring Island Conservancy

Mount ErskineHelp Us Reach for the Top!The Board asks for your generous nancial support for this important acquisition by the Conservancy. A donation and pledge form is included on page 3 for your use. Please call Charles Kahn (537-1899) or Peter Lamb (537-4859) if you have any questions. We would also be delighted if you could help with our campaign in any way or have any creative ideas for fund-raising. - Peter Lamb and Charles Kahn

The Ultimate Peak Experience! Inside:photo: David Denning AGM & Elections ................2 Presidents Page ...................3 Directors Desk ....................3 Erskine Pledge Form ...........3 Events Calendar...........................4 Event Notes Imagining the Worst .....5 May in July! ..................5 Travelling the Dempster 5 Eco-Home Tour ................9 Features Living Whole in a Divided World ...........................6 Nightrise, Dayfall .............8 Chocolate Lily ..................9 Inside SSIC ............................ Nancy Braithwaite ............8 Kudos Pam Barry ......................10 Susan Evans ...................10 Nina Raginsky ................10 Broom Pullers .................10

We are pleased to announce that we have reached agreement with the owner for the purchase of the 40 ha (100 acre) parcel of vacant land, which includes the summit of Mount Erskine. Successful completion of this acquisition will result in the protection of a large, contiguous area of undeveloped or covenanted land on Mount Erskine. The property contains spectacular arbutus and coastal Douglas-r forest, (which B.C.s Conservation Data Centre classies as an ecosystem at risk) along the edge of a dramatic cliff, as well as some wetlands and Salt Springs largest habitat for hairy manzanita. This privately owned property also includes a vital portion of the trail network from Collins Road to Toynbee Road and provides spectacular views over Stuart Channel and Vancouver Island from the peaks summit and western ridge. The purchase of this 100-acre property will secure this popular trail, now and for future generations. A major fund-raising campaign has begun in earnest to raise the required $650,000 total purchase cost by August 31, 2005. This amount includes related acquisition expenses such as appraisal, legal, baseline study, fund-raising and future land management expenses. This will be an ambitious campaign for us and we need to have a solid base of nancial support from Salt Spring Islanders if we are to attract other major funds in the short time available.

AGM and Elections 05Salt Spring Island Conservancy Annual General Meeting Friday, May 13th, 7:00 pm Lions Hall, Ganges Tie a string around your nger, cross your palm pilot, mark your calendar - do whatever it takes to remember your Conservancys Annual General Meeting. Our 2005 agenda includes a slide show by a very special speaker, Dr. Rob Butler, entitled The Web of Life. Youll hear reviews of highlights of the year from our inspired and tireless committees, Pres. Peter Lamb will offer perspectives from Mount Olympus, and Exec. Director Karen Hudson will tie the efforts of board and committees to fundraising, membership, volunteers, and ofce management. You will be able to vote on an increase in membership fees to help offset increases in rent and postage (among other things). You will also elect new directors. This year Samantha Beare, Maureen Bendick, Charles Dorworth, Linda Quiring, Brian Smallshaw, Bob Weeden, and Doug Wilkins will let the calendar move them smoothly into year 2 of their 2year terms. Nigel Denyer, Jean Gelwicks, Peter Lamb, Rachel Ogis and Ruth Tarasoff, apparently no wiser than when they agreed to serve in 2003, have chucked their chapeaux onto the pile on the oor and are at your mercy. Two candidates, Steve and Maxine Leichter, are fresh faces. They found land on the Island 10 years ago and began readying for the move (2003) from Los Angeles. They are just nishing their pro-environment home on Mt. Belcher, which features low-energy appliances, an off-the-grid solar electricity supply, and water catchment. Other clues to their approach to life are scattered unobtrusively all around: moss divots back in place after construction dislodged them, piles of decaying Scotch broom, footpaths avoiding every possible patch of blueeyed Mary. Maxine volunteered for the Conservancy her rst year here, helping to write our successful stewardship grant application. She was, in fact, a grantwriter by profession in California. Steve is an attorney, a seasoned negotiator, and an experienced business person.

Guest speaker Dr. Rob Butler will present a slideshow on the Web of Life. The high tide had pushed a large ock close to the marsh edge, and their twittering calls periodically erupted in a din of chirps as ocks rose from the beach. Some ocks began to form into long lines in the air and climb higher in the sky. I followed with my binoculars their silhouetted shapes against the reddening sky until the dots became specks and the specks merged with the sky. Their next stop would be the Copper River delta. In my imagination, I ew with them. The Jade Coast

Rob Butler is a senior research scientist with the Canadian government and an adjunct professor of biological sciences at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia. He has written over 100 scholarly publications for scientic journals and authored several books. His most recent book is The Jade Coast, a popular account of the ecology of the north Pacic Ocean. Dr. Butlers main research interest is the ecology of marine environments. Recent emphasis has been on bird migration, mostly of shorebirds; the ecology of great blue herons in coastal environments; and the ecology of Dr. Butlers research has been reported on national science radio programs, featured on television and in magazines. He has served on the executive of scientic societies and has received several awards for his research and conservation work. Dr. Butler earned his doctoral degree from the University of British Columbia and lives in New Westminster overlooking the Fraser River.

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The Acorn - Newsletter of the Salt Spring Island Conservancy

Presidents Page

Governing EnvironmentPLEDGE/DONATION FORMFew could deny that effective governance of Salt Spring and, indeed, all the Gulf Islands is critical to the work of the Conservancy. It is important, therefore, that we monitor and participate in, when necessary, the activities of the Islands Trust and the Capital Regional District. To do this, we have recently established a new standing Committee on Environmental Governance which will monitor legislation, regulations and programs affecting environmental governance on Salt Spring and recommend actions to be taken by the President and the Board where appropriate. It will be taking an active role in the proposed OCP review and related potential bylaw changes. If you have an interest in this topic, please let us know. There is no doubt in my mind that 2005 will be a pivotal year in the evolution of the Islands Trust and, hopefully, the strengthening of the original vision of our Islands as a special and sensitive environment worthy of real preservation and protection. Your Conservancy intends to remain vigilant. - Peter Lamb

Mount Erskine Property Salt Spring IslandYes, I would like to make a donation/pledge to help acquire the Mount Erskine property! I would like to donate/pledge: $50 $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $5,000 $ ___________ I would like my donation to be anonymous. Donations: Please make cheques payable to Salt Spring Island Conservancy and specify "Mt. Erskine Property." A charitable tax receipt will be issued for donations fo $20 or more on satisfactory completion of the total financing. Pledges: For pledges, 21 days notice will be given before the funds are required. A charitable tax receipt will be issued for contributions of $20 or more. Name: Phone: Email: Address:

Directors Desk

Saturday MarketSpring is here and for Salt Spring Islanders, the arrival of spring owers also means the infamous Saturday marketin-the-park has begun another year. For the Conservancy, this means the beginning of our 5th annual bench rafe in the market, and the quest to enlist volunteers for shifts every Saturday from May 21st to the draw at the Fall Fair on Sunday, September 18. Volunteers work with partners for three-hour shifts, either morning or afternoon, and sell rafe tickets. The driftwood bench, designed by local artisan Luke Hart-Weller, is so beautiful that the tickets sell themselves. We also need volunteers to do ofce work, a weekly GVM receipt collector, and assistance with this summers big fundraiser: the Salt Spring Eco-Home Tour on July 31. The Conservancy has now joined the AIR MILES Reward Program. We will be giving Conservancy Air Miles Cards out to members to show at participating merchants for points towards ights and other items needed for our work. Please let us know if you want a card or more information about this program. We are also collecting Canadian Tire dollars to enable us to buy tools for broom removal on our nature reserves. You can drop these at events or the ofce, or mail them to us. Locally, we have a receipt box at GVM, community chest number #58 at Thriftys, and you can credit your bottle returns to us at the SSI Refund Centre. Happy Spring! - Karen Hudson

Postal Code: Signature: Date:Mail or fax this form to: Salt Spring Island Conservancy Box 722, Ganges PO Salt Spring Island BC V8K 2W3 fax: 250-538-0319

Spring 2005


Conservancy Events

Upcoming EventsMay 13th (Friday): AGM 7:00 pm Lions Hall Salt Spring Island Conservanc

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