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Spring newsletter revised spring 2013

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Spring Newsletter

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    Spring into Giving Freezing May temperatures are no match for all the warm hearts that have taken a special interest in feeding the hungry. The Peppers Ranch Giving Garden is taking shape with an array of produce which will soon be ready to pick. We are excited to see our families planning, tilling, digging, and planting with a Servants heart. Part of the garden harvest will go to the Logan County Food Bank. We also appreciate the time and support that Courtney Coates of OSU Services, and Mayor-elect, Mr. Mark Spradling have given to this project. It is a goal that we strive to instill the values of compassion and generosity in the children that call Peppers Ranch home says Tonya Ratcliff, Director of Programs, Services and Parent Support for Peppers Ranch. Children begin picking up behavioral cues from their parents and others at a very early age. Whether those behaviors are positive or negative, children will eventually imitate what they see. It is our job as a community whose mission is breaking the cycle of child abuse and

    neglect, to put forth immense effort towards living what we teach, as we teach our children.

    I N S I D E T H I S

    I S S U E :

    Walk A Mile In

    My Shoes


    Spring into Giving 1

    C.R. Head Honors

    Peppers Ranch


    Peppers Ranch

    Artist on Display


    Chapel Hill UMC

    At Peppers Ranch


    Clover Buds Trail

    Mix Showdown


    Take A Bow 3

    Mutton Bustin Rodeo


    Weather Ready



    Spring Break 2013 4

    Ranch S PR I N G 2013

    Walk A Mile In My Shoes The Peppers Ranch community along with other Oklahomans gathered at the Bricktown ballpark in Oklahoma City to take part in a 1 mile walk to promote Foster Care Awareness. There are currently over 10,000 children in the Oklahoma DHS system due to a shortage of good foster homes and lack of community involvement. The Harris Family of

    Peppers Ranch gave their testimony and expressed the immediate need for more Oklahoma families to open their home to a child in DHS custody. It was a beautiful display of so many caring individuals coming together to find a way to change the life of a child. In addition to the walk, participants were asked to bring a suitcase to pull or carry during the walk which is symbolic of the many moves foster children endure due to the shortage of available foster parents and foster homes.


    Peppers Ranch is a Labels for Education

    recipient! Please save and mail your labels to

    our community.

    Pepper Ranch Labels for Education

    P.O. Box 3814 Edmond, OK 73083

  • The Peppers Ranch 4-H club recently

    visited the Regional Food Bank of

    Oklahoma and prepared 8,421 meals. That is almost 11,000

    pounds of food!

    C.R. Head Honors Peppers Ranch C.R. Head, the owner of Head Country Barbeque celebrated his 40th birthday in

    style with 300 of his closet friends. At the top of his wish list was Peppers Ranch

    which was designated as his charity of choice, in lieu of gifts. Thanks to his call to

    action and the generosity of his friends and family, over $9100 was raised. C.R. has

    been a long time supporter of the Peppers Ranch community for over 10 years. Not

    a Christmas goes by in which he doesn't set up his smoker, pull out his lawn chair,

    and cook up a fantastic feast at our annual Christmas party. C.Rs commitment and

    support of children in need of homes and families is evident in his giving. C.R would

    never be the one to take credit for his generosity, but we know his heart is bigger

    than his best brisket. Thank You C.R. for all you do.

    Peppers Ranch board member, Jim Wiliston, and members of Chapel Hill United

    Methodist Church have a tradition that keeps our community beautiful. Every

    year, without fail, a group of members head to Peppers Ranch on a Saturday

    morning to put time and effort into our gardens and flowerbeds. The children at

    Peppers Ranch bring shovels, spades and hand rakes and find a buddy to dig in

    the dirt. Its a very special time when regardless of age, everyone can lend a

    hand. Its probably one of the few times your Mom has told you to go play in the


    Peppers Ranch Artist on Display

    Chapel Hill UMC Keeps Peppers Ranch Beautiful

    Brie Barlow was chosen to display many of her amazing art projects at the Guthrie High School art show. Brie is a freshman with a passion and gift in art. Brie dreams of becoming a professional artist and a foster parent when she grows up. Great job, Brie!

    Everything you can imagine is real. Pablo Picasso

  • Hold on to your lamb chops, because Anthony and Blake Wilburn will take you for a ride youll never forget. These two daring souls took part in the Logan County Rodeo and participated in Mutton Bustin. In this event, a sheep is held still, either in a small chute or by an adult handler while a child is placed on top in a riding position. Once the child is seated atop the sheep, the sheep is released and usually starts to run in an attempt to get the child off. Blake took 2nd place and Anthony took 9th. Great job boys.

    Clover Buds eat up the competition in Trail Mix Show Down Members of the Peppers Ranch Clover Buds, a division of the Peppers Ranch 4-H club participated in the Logan County Food Show in early April. Coy Ratliff took 1st place, followed by Evan Ratcliff in 2nd, J.T. Ratcliff in 3rd, and Elliott Ratcliff in 4th.

    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. Albert Einstein

    Mutton Bustin: Noting to Baaahhh at!

    Matt Mahler from News 9 came to Peppers Ranch and refreshed us on the importance of tornado safety. In 2011 Peppers Ranch was hit by an F5 tornado, which did over 1 million dollars in damage to our community. We watched videos, talked about safety measures, and asked lots of questions. Thank you, Mr. Mahler for keeping Peppers Ranch Weather Ready in 2013.

    Weather Ready, 2013 with Matt Mahler

    Peppers Ranch Children, Take a Bow! Peppers Ranch Kindergarten Graduates

    Arthur B. Kyleigh Gray Georgia Lile

    Caleb Lile J.T. Ratcliff Israel Washington

    Anthony Wilburn

    Cole Blankenship, Blue Jay of the Month

    Special Olympics Winners Circle, 2013

    Sara- 1 Silver Medal and 4th Place

    Joshua- 2 Silver Medals

  • Mad Science Spring Break 2013 Spring Break at Peppers Ranch was one for the record books. We took a new approach on some common

    household chemical combinations and created a week of explosive fun. Have you ever wondered what really

    happens when you add Mentos to Diet Coke? Have you ever blown up a latex balloon with vinegar and baking

    soda? Did you know that Breath saver Pep-o-mints will spark if they are hit with a hammer in the dark? We

    put these and many more scientific questions to the test in our week of Mad Science, Spring Break 2013. We

    even created our very own mad scientist. Its alive Its alive!

    P.O. Box 3814 Edmond, OK 73083


    A l l D o n a t i o n s a r e t ax - d e d u c t i b l e . P e p p e r s R an c h i s a 5 0 1 ( C ) (3 ) n o n - p r o f i t o r g an i z a t i o n . P e p p e r s R an c h P . O . B o x 3 8 1 4 E d m o n d O K 7 3 0 8 3 (4 0 5 ) 3 4 8 - 8 3 3 3 w w w . p e p p e r s r an c h . c o m

    P e p p e r s R an c h b o o k s , r e c o r d s an d a u d i te d f i n a n c i a l s t a te m e n t s ar e av a i l ab l e f o r r e v i e w b y c a l l i n g 4 0 5 - 3 4 8 - 8 3 3 3