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Specially tailored to the requirements of birdwatching, nature and animal observation. Discover the most innovative and easy to handle birdwatching, nature and animal observation binoculars ever. Ease of use as well as optical performance make observing successful under any conditions. Details of essential interest to you appear clear and true to life in every situation.

Text of Steiner Birdwatching Binoculars

  • Discovery SkyHawkPro


    Focused on your demandsProfessional birdwatching binoculars by STEINER

  • 2People with a passion have one thing in common they let themselves be fascinated. And two things in particular fascinate us nature and binoculars.

    STEINER has been producing binoculars for 60 years that have been developed for use in nature. This has made us the world market leader in professional binoculars.

    Now weve compressed all of our experience and spe-cialisation in our new birdwatching range. With just one aim we want you to enjoy birdwatching to the full.

    To achieve this, innovations that are specially tailored to the requirements of birdwatching were developed in close cooperation with birdwatchers from all over the world. Intensive workshops and discussions gave us input on what next-generation birdwatching binoc-ulars should look like.

    Its obvious that these would have to meet or exceed the highest quality standards available. Its also clear that they must possess the legendary STEINER rugged-ness. In addition to all the precision, our new range of birdwatching binoculars offer absolute comfort and ease of use.

    60 years of binocular specialisation for those moments youll never forget

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    You can identify exactly which bird it is quickly and accurately. It doesnt matter whether you undertake long tours or short trips, are exposed to extreme weather conditions or sunshine. STEINER binoculars will give you a completely new birdwatching experience.

    Find out for yourself that we are focused on your demands.

    Hours of waiting and observing are the price a bird-watcher has to pay. Our new birdwatching binoculars prove that it can also be a pleasure.

    Ease of use and performance make observing success-ful under any conditions. Let yourself be swept along by the sights that nature bestows on you. Concentrate on the essentials enjoyment and birdwatching.

    For every demand that you make on your binoculars, product innovations have been developed for even more exact and comfortable birdwatching. Details of essential interest to you appear clear and true to life in every situation.

    Discover the most innovative and easy to handle birdwatching binoculars ever

  • 4They nestle so comfortably in your hand that youll hardly know they are there. Even during long periods of observation they guarantee that you wont suffer pressure points.

    Twist-Up Eyecups

    With the extensive eye relief, you will be able to set the desired eye distance or eye relief for maximum viewing comfort.

    It is easy to use Discovery with or with-out glasses or with or without the con-venient side flaps.

    This enables the three eyecup positions: ergonomic, classic and a position for people wearing glasses.

    The open design of the binoculars allows secure han-dling at all times even in situations where only one hand is being used, leaving the other free for making notes whilst watching. Suitable for all sizes of hands, our binoculars ensure that you always have a grip on things.

    Achieve this enjoyment with the Comfort Balance System by STEINER

    This unique system sets new standards in handling and comfort. It makes the Discovery the perfect com-panion for short trips or long tours. Whatever the kind of weather you meet. The Comfort Balance System combines benefits for perfect handling and fast fo-cussing like: - Softgrips- Twist-Up Eyecups- Fast-Close-Focus


    The Discoverys ergonomic Softgrips are especially formed soft thumb cush-ions with a non-slip surface that make the Discovery unique in its handling.

    They are a revolutionary symbiosis of high-tech mate-rials and the ergonomic demands of your hands. Our novel Softgrips for your thumbs meet the need for a firm but comfortable grip.

    Discovery Feel the comfort of innovation

  • Discovery 10x44

    Discovery 8x44



    If you need fast identification, the Discoverys Fast-Close-Focus comes into its own. A small movement of the focussing wheel is all thats needed to

    make everything sharp and recognisable down to the last detail. There is no longer any complicated focuss-ing and turning. Identify what youre looking at quick-ly, easily and comfortably with the Discovery.

    As you can see, Discovery sets new standards in bird-watching with its Comfort Balance System. Experi-ence a new dimension in professional birdwatching at your specialist dealer and see the difference for yourself.

    Find more revolutionary highlights of the Discovery on the following pages.

  • 6Discovery The advantages at a glance

    Comfort Balance System by STEINER

    The STEINER Comfort Balance System guarantees comfortable han-dling.


    Our novel Softgrips for your thumbs ideally com-bine comfort with a firm grip on the binoculars. The lightweight and comfortable feel eliminates pressure points, particularly if you are observing for longer periods, for example when carrying out

    a bird population census. At the same time, they give the Discovery excellent balance.

    Twist-Up Eyecups

    The novel Twist-Up Eyecups offer optimum pro-tection against incidental light from the side. They dont just block troublesome reflections; they en-sure an extremely bright image. The three posi-tions of the eyecups offer an ergonomic, a classic

    cylindrical and a position for people wearing glasses. If the eyecups do not fit exactly to your eyes, they can be adjusted as desired by the eyecup fine adjustment mechanism.


    A small adjustment of the focussing wheel with your fingers is all thats needed to recognise de-tails of the bird quickly and with absolute sharp-ness. The Discoverys Fast- Close-Focus completely does away with the need for clumsy and time-

    intensive turning of the focussing wheel. With a close focus range of two metres, the Discovery provides extremely comfortable handling with perfect focussing in an unbelievably short time.

    High-Performance-Optics by STEINER

    High-Definition XP-Optics

    STEINER developed these remarkable optics. The optical formula is our own development using the purest index matched glass, and coatings using rare-earth formulations of titanium, fluorite and other mineral substrates. The resultis first-class

    light transmission, brightness and optimal contrast. The Discoverys roof prism system contains a specially developed dielectric mirror with a vapour-deposited phase correction coating. This high-tech phase correction gives exact resolution of detail and true colours. It also reflects up to 99% of incoming light. In addition, the dielectric mirrors prevent aging of the coating. Aging also means that there is a loss of light transmission after some time. The contours of these optics are always sharp and distinctly visible, even in poor light or at the onset of dusk.

    The perfectly adjusted distance of the exit pupil and the large diam-eter of the ocular lens provides you with relaxed and exact observ-ing experiences. You gain an into-the-image feeling, but you also achieve the highest comfort, even when viewing with low light or peripheral interference. The large above-average objective diameter of 44 mm guarantees clear, detailed and brilliant observation.

    Dual Precision Setting

    The Discovery delivers sharper images than any other binoculars thanks to its Dual Precision Set-ting. No other birding binoculars allow you to focus both eyes independently of each other. Its done directly at the ocular, and thus a perfect im-

    age is created for each eye. The Dual Precision Setting allows mas-sive differences in dioptre strength on each eye to be compensated for. Simply set the dioptre strength for each eye and you will always see sharply without having to readjust. Those without vision impair-ment simply set the control to 0.

    Distance Control System

    The Distance Control System guarantees fast and easy recognition of birds. Focussing takes place before you hold the Discovery up for viewing. When observing, the distance to the bird it can be read off in the binoculars at any time. If desired

    you can preset the distance even before you start looking at the bird. This gives you more valuable time for identification.

  • 7Ruggedness by STEINER

    STEINER Nano-Protection

    Unsurpassed clear vision is offered by the proven STEINER Nano-Protection. It provides the lenses with a dirt and water resistant surface, protecting them against aggressive environmental effects. Rain, snow and moisture are eliminated from your

    view. Cleaning is considerably simplified and hard-to-remove dirt becomes a thing of the past. The ultra-thin hydrophobic surface treatment on the objective and ocular lenses is extremely robust and ensures that your binoculars will deliver high-contrast brilliant im-ages across the decades.

    Nitrogen pressure system using 2-way-valve technology

    Fogging up or the formation of condensation in-side the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution. Even temperature variations between -40 and +80C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-

    filled binoculars. The unique 2-way-valve technology makes inspec-tion possible even after a number of years. Your binoculars are al-ways ready for action even under the most extreme conditions. Optical quality and precision are maintained for decades.

    The Discovery range is waterproof even up to a depth of five metres. This is made possible by special sealing technologies. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into the binoculars.

    NBR-Longlife rubber armouring

    This chemical formula i