Stock Market Crash (1929)Bank FailuresReduction in Purchases

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The Great DepressionMajor CausesThe Stock market crashBank Failures

Reduction in Purchasing

The Turning point to Recovery

FDRs New dealFirst One Hundred Days

Closed all banks nationwide for a three day cool downFDIC was created (insures money placed into the banking system, up to $5000, at the time)The Gold Reserve Act was passed, taking the U.S. away from a gold-backed currency systemThe Economy Act was passed, cutting government salaries and saving $500,000,000The Agricultural adjustment Act (AAA), Resettlement Administration (RA), Farm Security Administration (FSA), Rural Electrification Administration (REA), and Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) were all used to address the rural problems in America, as well as create jobsRepealed Prohibition, creating large revenue for citiesFDRs new dealThe second new deal 1934-35Brief Recession

The end of the depression

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