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Welcome to the third installment of Strange & Charmed Magazine. This is the January/February "Resolution Issue" that will center around some of the most popular New Year's Resolutions and tools and tricks to keeping yourself on track!

Text of Strange & Charmed Issue 3

  • 1Strange& CharmedIssue 3 Jan/Feb 2013

    The Resolution Issue


    Health StressManagement

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  • 3Welcome to Issue 3 of Strange & Charmed

    Magazine! We hope you have a

    wonderful time!

  • 4Table of Contents









    Letter from the Editor

    Staff Resolutions

    Staff Picks: Organizers & Planners

    5 Tips for Success: Health

    5 Tips for Success: Productivity

    5 Tips for Success: Stress Management









    Arts & Entertainment: Must Read Books for 2013

    Six Pairs of Comfort

    The Next Big Thing is the iPad Mini

    Must Have iPad Mini Cases

    Skimming for Time

    Picking the Perfect Planner

  • 5pg.








    Digital vs. Analog

    Must Have Apps for a Successful New Year

    Upgrade your Pedometer

    Get Board to Reduce Stress

    Horoscope Survival Guide: New Years Resolutions by Star Sign

    Mantra: Simple Yoga Breath to Relieve Stress

  • 6 Letter from the Editor

    Welcome to the third installment of Strange & Charmed Magazine and to the New Year 2013! Since the New Year is always considered a fresh start and an opportunity for person-al growth and betterment, this issue will be centered around our collec-tive New Years Resolutions. When I sat down to think about the most popular resolutions, three immedi-ately stood out in my mind; health, stress management, and productiv-ity. Every January more and more people sign up for a gym member-ship, only to let it go to waste in a matter of weeks or months. They

    buy books on productivity only to let them sit unfinished on the shelves and join a yoga class only to see their money go to waste. Why is it that we cant stick to our own per-sonal resolutions year after year? The reasons are many and vary by individual, but I think the best way to make a resolution and to stick to it is to surround yourself with the tools you need to succeed. So, in this issue, Strange & Charmed will be arming you with some great tools to set you up for success whether you are resolving to be healthier, re-solving to succeed with stress man-agement or resolving to increase your productivity. Inside these pages will be apps, books, websites and more to give you inspiration and some great tips and tricks to achieving your resolutions in 2013!

    xoxoAlexis Giost ra

    Editor in Chief

  • 7Staff Resolutions: Alexis Giostra

    1. Cont. Developing Strange & Charmed.

    2. Network with more Writers.3. Do more side projects I enjoy!

  • 8 Staff Resolutions: Kate Marshall

    1. Send Out Stories for Publication.

    2. Look for more Professional writing opportu-nities.

    3. Have Fun!

  • 9 Staff Resolutions: Mike Cousineau

    1. Make smarter choices for eating.

    2. Be more proactive in helping around the house.

    3. Be the best husband I can be.

  • 10

    Staff Picks: Organizers & Planners

    Gallery Leather Large Monthly Planner

    Moleskine Large Horizontal Weekly Planner

  • 11

    Filofax Metropol Personal Organizer

    Quo Vadis Hebdo Planner with Club Cover

    Moleskine iPad Cover with Volant Notebook

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    Resolution: Health

    I resolve to be healthier by...

    Drinking water. Hydration is a key piece of the health puzzle and by drinking enough water each day you can prevent dehydration headaches, pains of hun-ger (that are actually thirst) and help remove toxins from your body. Although they say drink 10 8oz glasses a day, the best rule of thumb is to take your body weight and di-vide by two to get the minimum ounces you need a day.!

    Parking further away. If your primary means of transportation is driving, try parking a little fur-ther from stores and restaurants to get some extra walk-ing in. Not only will you find parking easier, but you can burn off a few calories and breath the fresh air in your way.



    5 Tips for Success{ }

    By: Alexis Giostra

  • 13

    Taking the stairs. Whenever you are out and about and you have the option if taking an elevator or the stairs, opt for the stairs as often as possible. It may take you some extra time but walking up and down stairs is a great way to burn some quick calories and get your heart pumping.

    Wearing comfortable shoes. For women, its very easy to pop on a cute pair of heels to go to the office, but usually heels and other types of shoes are very uncomfort-able to walk and stand in, which means you may stick to your desk more than you should. Switch to some cute and com-fortable flats and boots, and I bet you will find yourself get-ting up from your chair much more often!

    Leaving a little food. Portion control is a key part of keeping control of your weight. Whether you are eating at home or out at a restaurant, make it a habit to not finish all your food. Try keeping a small portion for left-overs and this will save you some calories and cash because you can save your portion for the next days lunch or snack!




  • 14

    Resolution: Productivity

    I resolve to be productive by...

    Writing everything down. This may seem simple, but think of how much information you forget simply because you thought you could remember it rather than write it down. Carry a notebook with you or your smartphone and take notes or voice capture information you need to refer back to later.

    Waking up earlier. Do you know how much you can get done with an extra 15 minutes? Probably more than you think, and 15 minutes is a lot of extra time in the morn-ing when we are all rushing around to get out the door to work or get our days started. Try waking up 15 minutes earlier each day and see how it affects your productivity..



    5 Tips for Success{ }

    By: Alexis Giostra

  • 15

    Taking shorts breaks throughout the day. You may think that taking a break from your work is counterpro-ductive, but taking short 10-15 minutes breaks every hour or two will actually help you recharge your battery through-out the day and help you stay fresh. You can take this up a notch and read productivity articles or play a quick brain teaser game on your smartphone to help keep you sharp!

    Centralizing tasks to one location. Often we have multiple streams of information hitting us at one time with various tasks and information we need. Email, phone calls, and texts can hit us all simultaneously, so keeping your to-dos in one spot can save you the headache of finding information. Make a habit of sending all your tasks to one place, like a file on your computer so you dont miss anything. Writing down all your tasks in a notepad may also help you keep track of things easily.

    Scheduling chores. You may not want to come home after a long day and have to clean your house or apartment, but if you leave it all to the weekend, you will have a lot to clean at one time. Try to schedule certain chores for certain days of the week so you can do 15-30 minutes of cleaning a day instead of a few hours at once.




  • 16

    Resolution: Stress Management

    I resolve to manage stress by...

    Breathing. Sometimes its the simplest things in life that are the most effective. Breathing is something that comes so naturally to all of us that we hardly notice we are doing it. When your feeling stressed out, make sure to breathe to keep yourself grounded. For more information on a great breathing tech-nique, check out the Mantra section for a simple yoga breath.

    Going to bed earlier. One of the best ways to manage frequent stress is to ensure you are sleeping well and regularly. Its easy to get into the mind set that if you are stressed out you should try to get more done in a day to combat it, but the fact is that day to day tasks are always there waiting for you. You cant do it all in a day! The best thing to do when you are over-whelmed at the end of a long day is get yourself to bed as early as possible to get the maximum benefit from your nights sleep.



    5 Tips for Success{ }

    By: Alexis Giostra

  • 17

    Stretch. Stress can take a major toll on your body physically and can manifest itself in the form of sort mus-cles in the neck and back most frequently. If you are feel-ing tense in your neck and shoulders, be sure to stretch of-ten by doing some neck rolls and simple arm stretches. You can find some great free print outs on easy office stretch-es by googling Office Stretches, at home or at work.

    Keeping a gratitude journal. You may recall that we covered gratitude journals in the Mantra section of our last issue, but they truly are a great tool to help manage stress. The simple act of writing for a few minutes a day is a great stress reliever and to reflect on all the good things in your life will really help keep your stress in perspective. I find it particularly helpful to try to find the good in whatever is stressing you out at the moment. For example, work may be a major source of stress, but perhaps if you focus on how grateful you are to have a job when many are out of work, you can make peace with your stress and work through it.

    Reading. Reading is a great stress reliever and a great activity to do during your break times. I like to read productivity or stress management articles when I take short breaks at work to keep my mind fresh and help give me great tips to manage myself and my work.




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