Sub- Saharan Africa. Countries  South Africa  Gabon  Botswana  Democratic Republic of Congo  Sudan  Chad  Mozambique  Madagascar  Nigeria  Ethiopia.

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<p>Sub-Saharan Africa</p> <p>Sub-Saharan AfricaCountriesSouth AfricaGabonBotswanaDemocratic Republic of CongoSudanChadMozambiqueMadagascar</p> <p>NigeriaEthiopiaTanzaniaKenyaZimbabweMaliGhana</p> <p>Physical CharacteristicsHuge Plateau and escarpmentsRivers hindered by waterfalls and rapidsEquator in middle of regionSmooth coastlineFew harborsMineral WEALTH!Landlocked countriesLimited fertility in rain forestsPhysical CharacteristicsDeserts:KalahariNamib</p> <p>Bodies of Water:Nile RiverZambezi RiverNiger RiverCongo RiverAtlantic OceanIndian OceanRed Sea lake VictoriaLake Tanganyika</p> <p>Economic CharacteristicsAgriculture is the primary activity:SubsistenceNomadic herdingSlash-and-burnPlantation</p> <p>Economic CharacteristicsCash and food cropsPoor infrastructureMany landlocked countriesSubstantial Mineral wealth:DiamondsGoldMetals</p> <p>Economic CharacteristicsExporters of raw materialsWide range of incomesProductivity that lags behind population growthDesertification</p> <p>Economic CharacteristicsDeveloping CountriesLow:GDP per capitaLife expectancyLiteracy rateHigh:Population growth rateInfant mortality ratePercentage of population under age 15Cultural CharacteristicsUneven population distributionMany ethnic and language groupsLarge number of refugeesOral traditions</p> <p>Cultural CharacteristicsMajor cities of culture/trade:LagosDakarJohannesburg</p> <p>Cultural CharacteristicsMasksSculptureDance MusicColorful DressJewelry</p>


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