Summit Urban Farming Initiative

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Land Access for Urban Agriculture. Summit Urban Farming Initiative. Land Access for Urban Agriculture. Property Information Zoning Finding land City of Akron land resources Questions and Discussion. Surrounding features Solar orientation Utilities Access. Property Characteristics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Summit Urban Farming InitiativeLand Access for Urban Agriculture</p></li><li><p>Land Access for Urban Agriculture</p><p>Property InformationZoningFinding landCity of Akron land resourcesQuestions and Discussion</p></li><li><p>Property CharacteristicsLocationSizeDimensionsTopographyPresence of trees, bushes, structuresSoil attributes</p><p>Surrounding featuresSolar orientationUtilitiesAccess</p></li><li><p>Property InformationSummit County Geographic Information System (GIS) Information tabTax MapsParcel search or map viewer</p></li><li><p>Summit County GISParcel searchKnow address or parcel numberMap viewerKnow where a property is</p></li><li><p>Parcel InformationParcel number and addressOwner and allotmentSize of parcelAppraised and taxable valueRecent sales historyTaxes</p></li><li><p>Map ViewerShows parcel in relation to adjacent parcels and roadDimensionsAerial photos available showing parcel and surrounding conditions</p></li><li><p>Other InformationTitle searchPrior Uses Environmental Phase OneTroppe EnvironmentalCardinal EnvironmentalFloyd Brown GroupArcadis</p></li><li><p>ZoningLegal establishment of what use may occur on landSingle familyApartmentsRetailOfficeLight industrial</p></li><li><p>ZoningEstablishes conditions or regulations on where use can occur on siteSetbacks from property linesWhat else must be done on siteParking how much, where, materialsLandscaping amount, location, typeEach municipality and township establishes its ownIncludes zoning map</p></li><li><p>Agricultural Use by CityAkron Flood Plain districtU1 Single familyU2 ApartmentsULB OfficeU3 - Retail</p></li><li><p>Agricultural Use by CityCuyahoga Falls Park District NP1Rural Residential RRLarge lot Residential R1At least 16 acres if no residenceAt least 5 acres for orchards, livestock</p></li><li><p>Agriculutral Use by CityStow www.stow.oh.usConservation Districts OIndustrial District I1 as a conditional use</p><p>Tallmadge www.tallmadge-ohio.orgResidential - R1</p></li><li><p>Agricultural Use by CityGreen www.cityofgreen.orgCrop raising in all districtsLivestock in Rural Residential (R-R), Low Density Residential (R-1), Industrial (I-1)</p><p>Barberton www.cityofbarberton.comAgricultural and Estate District</p></li><li><p>Agricultural Use by CityCopley www.copley.oh.usAll residential districts R1-6Also permits road side stands and composting</p><p>Fairlawn fuhgeddaboutit</p></li><li><p>Summit County General Land Use Plan - 2005</p><p>Noted that in past 25 years, 24% of available farm land was developed for other uses 6,588 acres20,764 acres remain in permitted agricultural use</p></li><li><p>Summit County General land Use Plan - 2005</p><p>Significant community support for small scale production and sale of locally grown foodCommunity policies should support and preserve such small-scale farms</p></li><li><p>Finding PropertyAkron Area Board of RealtorsCuyahoga Conservancy Find a FarmHome Builders Association of Summit/Portage Counties Lot FinderNewspaper or www.ohio.comSheriff Sales</p></li><li><p>Sheriff of foreclosure action due to unpaid mortgage or property taxesSales are scheduled up to 3 months in advanceOccur every Friday at 10 am in Summit County Courthouse lobby</p></li><li><p>Sheriff SalesAddress and parcel numberVacant land noted as V/L next to addressPlaintiff and defendantAppraised value, opening bid and deposit (5% of appraised value or $750 whichever greater)</p></li><li><p>City of Akron Land Information</p></li><li><p>Questions and Discussion</p><p>**********************</p></li></ul>


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