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SXSW 2013: A Look at the Social Week That WasThe Social Buzz from SXSW Interactive (March 8-12)Jason BoiesBrand Journalist, Salesforce Marketing Cloud @jasonboies

Wednesday, March 13, 13

2013 SXSW Total Mentions: 1,193,591 Total Social Conversations90000 67500 45000 22500 0 3/8 12PM 3/9 12PM 3/10 12PM 3/11 12PM 3/12 12PM

Wednesday, March 13, 13

Keynoters: Elon Musk Dominates Conversation ThroughoutElon Musk

16,085Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, drove the most conversations before, during and after his keynote among all SXSWi keynote speakers.0

Julie Uhrman

Joshua Topolsky Tina Roth Eisenberg Matthew Inman 5000 10000



Wednesday, March 13, 13

SXSW 2013 Conversation Drivers: Mashable SpreadsWith consistent numbers every day, Mashable is the week-long champion. The official SXSW handle is second, while The Onions satirical take on the conference lands it third.600






0 @TheOnion 30SecondstoMars @JaredLeto

Wednesday, March 13, 13

The Startups with the Biggest Buzz During SXSWLeap Motion Memoto Shopcade Hater Yappem Mr. Arlo Bloom re Phone2Action Koozoo Click With Me 0 1250 2500

Leap Motion created a ton of buzz at SXSW this year, showing off technology that tracks gestures in front of a computer to prompt actions.3750 5000

*Based on companies listed in the SXSW Startup Village Spotlight List, the Accelerator nalists and other notable namesWednesday, March 13, 13

SXSW Speakers: Al Gore Wins the Horse RaceShaquille ONeal Al Gore Cory Booker Bre Pettis John Cena Dennis Crowley Amit Singhal Rachel Madow Andy Cohen Nate Silver 0 3750 7500

Al Gores talk at SXSWi drove conversation throughout the week, as he saw far more buzz than other speakers. Shaq and Cory Booker were neck-and-neck in social mentions behind Gore.11250 15000

Wednesday, March 13, 13

SXSW Sponsors: American Airlines Gets Mentions for its MoneyAmerican Airlines Yahoo! IFC Chevrolet Doritos Oreo Austin Chronicle AT&T Monster Energy 0 1500 3000

Thanks to an active Twitter presence, American Airlines was the mostmentioned SXSW sponsor. Chevrolets Catch a Chev campaigns and Oreos sponsored pedicabs drew buzz as well.4500 6000

Wednesday, March 13, 13

BBQ at SXSW: People love The Salt LickThe Salt Lick dominated the social media conversation among BBQ joints in Austin during SXSW. No other place was even close.600




The Salt Lick

Iron Works

0 Stubbs Rudys Lamberts

Wednesday, March 13, 13

The Top Austin Food Trucks Mentioned During SXSWWhen stopping to grab a bite to eat, SXSW attendees took to social media to talk about Coolhaus, ChiLantro and Peached Tortilla.400






0 Peached Tortilla Blenders & Bowls Cow Tipping Creamery

Wednesday, March 13, 13

#Most #Mentioned #SXSW #Hashtags#SXSWi


#CitySeedSXSW #Empireatx #austin 0 7500 15000 22500

Excluding the generic #SXSW hashtag, of cial hashtags #SXSWi and #SXSW2013 were still appended to the most Tweets during the week.


Wednesday, March 13, 13

SXSW Demographics: How Social Conversations Broke Down53% of the conversation was created by males during the week 25-34 year olds made up 42% of the conversation, followed by 35-44 year olds (31%) and 45-54 year olds (12%) The top home cities of SXSW Tweeters (based on Twitter bio locations): Austin, NYC, LA, San Francisco, Chicago and London

Wednesday, March 13, 13

Sentiment Around SXSW is Mostly Positive





Wednesday, March 13, 13

Lets Hangout: The Top SXSW LoungesCircus Mashimus

The Beacon

Samsung Blogger Lounge Roku Streaming Lounge Startup America Live 0 150 300

Looking at of cial SXSW Lounges, Circus Mashimus, in its 5th year of operation by Mashery, drew the most social conversation.



Wednesday, March 13, 13

Grumpy Cat Wins SXSWiGrumpy Cat, who was located at Mashables location throughout the week, received 13,931 mentions. Thats more than any of the top speakers, including former Vice President Al Gore.

Wednesday, March 13, 13

How Innovative was SXSW?

While its impossible to con rm The Onions claim that the word Innovate was spoken 650,000 times at the conference, it DOES appear in 3,681 social media conversations surround SXSWi.

Wednesday, March 13, 13

Thank You

Wednesday, March 13, 13