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Taking Charge. United States Army Military Police School Officer Advanced Course. Preparation. Meet with the Boss Get his/her CMD Philosophy, Support Form, and Guidance for the Unit Study/review unit MTOE (Mission) People MOS’s Authorized vs Assigned Equipment (Property Book) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Taking Charge

  • Taking ChargeUnited States Army Military Police SchoolOfficer Advanced Course

  • PreparationMeet with the BossGet his/her CMD Philosophy, Support Form, and Guidance for the Unit Study/review unit MTOE (Mission)PeopleMOSsAuthorized vs AssignedEquipment (Property Book)Authorized vs Assigned/On-HandDA Form 2028sContingency Mission Brief

  • Preparation ContVisit Supporting AgenciesBattalion StaffXO, PBO, BMO, UMO, S1-S4, CSMDS MaintenanceAOAPHealth/Dental Clinicservice, conditions, proceduresBSB &/or Community AgenciesAER, ACS, DEH, Red Cross, JAG

  • Preparation ContWrite Command PhilosophyPet Peeves, Expectations, Goals, Standards, Your VisionReview Unit RostersGains/Losses, Battle/Manning Roster, Barracks Utilization Report, Alert RostersObtain/Review (War Plans)Maintenance SOPTAC SOPPolicy Letter file (BN, BDE, DIV, CORPS)

  • Preparation ContWrite & Rehearse COC SpeechIncoming CDR approx. 2 min.Outgoing -- LongerDevelop Guest List for COC Invitations (early)if General Officers are Invited must have FlagsCheck Seating Arrangement ie: Senior OfficersInventory Unit PropertyEnsure Everything is Sub-Hand Receipted, Check Serviceability, ULLs S4, Cdrs In-Balance Report

  • Taking CommandWeeks 1-2Dont Try to Change Everything at Once60 Day RuleIf it Aint Broke Dont Fix ItMeetings1SG before Taking CommandEveryday before Going Home

  • Taking CommandWeeks 1 & 2Other Unit LeadersTalk Philosophy & StandardsDont Bad Mouth Unit or CdrSoldiersTransition MeetingUnit Walk ThroughQTB Brief

    Command Philosophy1. Take Care of Soldiers

  • Taking CommandWeeks 1 & 2Meetings contQTB BriefFamily Support GroupInitial Meeting -- Cdrs ResponsibilityDisseminate Command Philosophy

  • Welcoming New PersonnelOne on OneWith Officers & NCOs -- NLT 48 HrsWith Ems -- NLT 7 Days Check your Sponsor ProgramTime Off for Sponsors (Sponsoring is a Mission)

  • TrainingReview METL & METL Assessment To include Collective, Tm & Soldier TasksLead Training MeetingLead from the Front -- Be Present at TrainingMake SGTs Time Sacred

  • SafetyAccidents POV Inspections & Safety Briefings before Long Weekends

  • Soldier TreatmentSingle Soldier Quality of LifeExtra PT = Special Groups, During Duty HoursPushups/Physical activities as Punishment is a NO GOVerbal AbuseCounseling -- Check PacketsSexual Harassment

  • SocialGo to Battalion/Brigade EventsHail & Farewells, ORG DaysMaintain your ComposureOccasionally invite Bn Cdrs/Staff to yours

  • CounselingInitial Counseling of SoldiersQuarterly Counseling of Plt Ldrs & Sr NCOsOPD/NCODP of OER/NCOER TechniquesMentoringWhat is a Mentor?

  • Esprit/Morale Building Events & TechniquesWeekly Talks with the Unitformations, sensing sessionsOrganization DaysPTSports Day Parties during Holiday SeasonsCompany T-shirt/hats

  • DisciplineWithdrawal of UCMJ authority by CdrsThe Paper Trial -- Follow UpUse your Trail Counselcheck ART 15 with JAG

  • Family Oriented ActivitiesFormal Family Support Group ProgramsGetting the Word OutUnit Mailings - Newsletters are LegalUnit Level BriefingsDeployment Briefings - include SpousesEating in the Mess HallVisit /Eat once a week with Plt LdrsFamily Visits to the FieldFamily Days -- especially during holidays

  • Incentives for AwardsNo Alcohol related Incidents W/in 90 DaysNo Reportable Accidents w/in 180 DaysBest Platoon CompetitionsMK19 Gunnery/Tactically BasedGarrison/Functionally BasedPasses/Coins

  • Fund Raising & AccountingBy the Army RegulationNo Slush Funds (FSG also)AuctionsHot Dogs/Cake sales -- Pie in the Face, Car Washes, Video Funds

  • Command ClimateCommand Climate ProfileEOOpen DoorPolicy Letter -- Must be PostedListening -- Learn the Art!!!Reaction To Bad NewsKeep your Cool & Get all the FactsMistakes = LearningSexual Harassment = Unacceptable!!Counseling A Absolute Must!!

  • Big EventsUnit Change of CommandPromotions & Awards PresentationsMake it a First Class ShowIn Front of a FormationLook For Opportunities for Impact AwardsBirthsPCS Lunches/DinnersCo Hail & Farewells or Platoon Level1st class

  • Fund & Membership DrivesCFCAERMPRAAUSAO-Club/NCO ClubNo Pressure, but a Positive Upbeat Approach to Participate100% Approach to the Unit

  • Problem & Special Emphasis AreasSponsorshipPOR/POM/SRP Twice a YearPublicationsPCS AwardsOn Time!!!CounselingEXCESS of Any KindFamily Care PlansPUBS

  • Problem & Special Emphasis Areas ContNCOERsLateness is UNACCEPTABLE!!!Overweight SoldiersEnforce Standard!Unresponsive Higher HQ StaffFinanceScheduled ServicesReenlistmentPac