Technology and Equipment for ESL Classes. Introduction

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Technology and Equipment for ESL Classes Slide 2 Introduction Slide 3 The devices presented in this article : Slide 4 Slide 5 Why this device? The interactivity of the Promethean board allows for higher levels of engagement in real time. You can always change the content of these lessons to fit your needs. Slide 6 Promethean ActivBoard Slide 7 Document Camera Slide 8 Why this device? It can project images of anything that you can see and therefore does not require transparencies. It is a real time video that can be projected into a screen or Promethean board. Slide 9 How can I use it in my classroom? Show and Tell Science Experiments Zoom in on small items to see the details "Big Books Math manipulatives Place a timer under the document camera to help with time management. Slide 10 Mounted Overhead Projector Slide 11 Why this device? Audience reach User friendly Space saving