The 2010 FIFA World Cup

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<ul><li><p>8/7/2019 The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p> 1/6</p><p>All in all, it wasagreed in white</p><p>ircles that Blacksare not humansand needed to be</p><p>helped, to beassisted in</p><p>becoming human,European or</p><p>white.</p><p>The Union Buildings in Pretoria</p><p>A Statue of Andries Pretorius stands</p><p>The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p>Celebrating 100 years of</p><p>White Supremacy in South Afriche 2010 FIFA World Cup is a grand celebration of00 years of the official rule and domination of</p><p>white supremacy in South Africa since 1910. TheIFA World Cup is a huge festival organized by thech and elite whites, together with their Blackiends the politicians, to celebrate 100 yearsentenary anniversary) of white power in colonizednd occupied South Africa.</p><p>It was on the 31st May 1910that the British Empire andthe Dutch descendentsknown as Boers, shortlyafter fighting the Anglo BoerWar from 11th October 1899until 31st May 1902, cametogether as whites andunited against their commonenemy the Black Race inSouth Africa. They foughtuntil they came to a</p><p>settlement amongstthemselves and agreed thattheir unity was essential tomaintain interests of the</p><p>white race as a whole in Azania. In those daysouth Africa was divided into four independent</p><p>white States, namely the Transvaal, Orange Freetate, Natal and the Cape Province, each governingselfwhites already undermining, exploiting andppressing Blacks in those spaces. All these States</p><p>were governed by white people who had inheritedhe colonizing mission from their evil forefathers.</p><p>nder these white only separatist regimes Blackswere regarded as heathens, savages, barbarians</p><p>and native cannibals, uncivilized and unbeings. These whites claimed that Black pwere at the lowest level, at the bottom of the laof human evolution and civilization. The wscholars, white thinkers, white researcherswhite so-called great men all agreed and decthat Black people were sub-humans, half-humhalf-animals. The men of god, the wChristian missionaries also concurred with</p><p>racist colonizing agenda, deeming Blacks as dof the lowest kind who needed the white Jesus to redeem his perishing Black soul frommiseries of its Blackness. All in all, it was agin white circles that Blacks are not humansneeded to be helped, to be assisted in becohuman, European or white.</p><p>On the 31st May 1902, the Boer and Brdecided to stop fighting amongst themselves. decided to unite as whites against their comBlack enemy. And so, on the 31st May 1910</p><p>formed what they called the Union of South A(USA), withthe DutchBoer LouisBotha as firstPresident. Then theybuilt aparliamentthe UnionBuildings - inPretoria in</p><p>honour ofAndries</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p> 2/6</p><p>Queen Elizabeth</p><p>John Dube</p><p>Wilhelmus Pretorius, to represent the newlystablished government of white supremacy inouth Africa. The system of governance itself waswholly foreign in Black Afrika. It was strictlynglo-Saxon, a duplicate of white British</p><p>Westminster democratic governance operating onlack soil. This isecause even afters formation, thenion of Southfrica remainednder theuthority of thevil British Queen,lizabeth. By 1913</p><p>he newlystablishedriminal whiteegime passed theative Land Acthichispossessed Black peoples of their land,</p><p>ppropriating about 90% of the Land to foreignettler whites. Black people were squashed on theemaining 10% of the Land. The white man stolehrough his criminal government and criminalaws and parliament bills all the fertile soilecessary for food production (farming). Theytripped the Blacks naked of the power to feedhemselves. Afrikan Land was regarded as Britishroperty. Black people had absolutely no say, noontribution at all in the establishment of thisriminal settler Anglo-Saxon-Dutch government.lacks were simply rendered non-humans who</p><p>ad no voice and no existence at all. After all, itad been over four hundred (400) years since thewhite world perceived Black peoples to be non-umans, sub-humans who still had to evolve andevelop into the mature level and status of thehite race (Europeans).</p><p>n the year 1912, a few learned Black menproducts of the white mans education system)ledy John Langalibalele Dube formed</p><p>the South African NationalNative Congress (SANNC) inreaction to the white mansdecision to form agovernment without Blackinvolvement on the Blackmans Land. The SouthAfrican National NativeCongress (SANNC) waslater changed into the</p><p>African Nation Congresswhich is in government today.</p><p>Langalibalele Dube and hiscolleagues, including men such</p><p>s Solomon Plaatjie, formed the SANNC as anrganization of Black people protesting against the</p><p>establishment of a racist whites-only governin a land owned by Blacks. These Black lea wanted Black people to have a voicerepresentation in the white mans parliamentnot be rendered as useless children who nethe white man to decide what was good or bathem. The Black leaders wanted inclusion intwhite mans scheme of things, to be allowed ithe white parliament. These leaders did not to uproot imperialism and colonialism of the wman. They begged the white man to accept into his parliament, to include them in his wagendas. They were not fighting a revolution. were begging for reform. This fact is import we are to fully grasp the perilous conditionschallenges of leadership the Black Race is with today.</p><p> Judging from this, it is clear that the ANational Congress (ANC) from inception, from</p><p>birth was liorganization, bethe white opprefor mere civil rigthe right to voteright to be electedand represented white parliamenright to houses,right to access wcolonial educationright to walk freelymany other such civil rights. Theynot want liberation imperialism. Theynot want Afrika</p><p>Black people- to restore the stolen birthright oBlack Race. They did not want the right to Determination. They simply wanted charity the white man. From the womb that gave birit, the ANC took a posture of beggars, beggin white man for crumbs of bread. The foufathers of ANC such as Langalibalele DubePlaatjie and Walter</p><p>Rubusana madetrips to Europevisiting theQueen ofEngland to begher, and the white world ingeneral, toinclude Blacks intheir whitecolonial agendas.How shameful!</p><p>First ANC delegation to Englanto beg Queen Elizabeth against t</p><p>Land Act.</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p> 3/6</p><p>is no wonder that oneundred (100) years sincehe formation of the Unionf South Africa (USA),which has now mutatednto the contemporaryepublic of South Africa</p><p>RSA), the ANC black elitewhich now sits in the white mans parliament inretoria (where their founding fathers wanted to be00 years ago) has joined hands with theppressor to celebrate 100 years (centenarynniversary) of robbery, theft and illegalccupation of Afrikan Land by racist Dutch andnglish white supremacists. South Africa wouldave never won the bid for the 2010 World Cup ifhere was no significance, relevance, value orenefits for the white race. When all the elite richwhite devils sat around their white tables toiscuss where the 2010 World Cup would beosted, they all agreed that South Africa would behe best venue since the year 2010 also marks the</p><p>00 year anniversary of the establishment Southfrica, a criminal white settler governmentstablished to advance the interests of the whiteorld.</p><p>he first World Cup organized by FIFA took placen Uruguay from the 13th of July 1930 until the0th July 1930. FIFA chose Uruguay as the hostountry for the World Cup because the countrywould be celebrating theentenary anniversary00 years) of its</p><p>onstitution. In 2004 FIFAepeated history byhoosing South Africa ashe host country for the010 World Cup because,gnificant enough for the</p><p>white world, South Africawould be celebrating theentenary (100 years) of itsonstitution since 31 May910. Remember that the</p><p>World Cup is a white</p><p>mans tournament. It is awhite mans ritual. Henows where it comesom, its significance ands relevance and meaning.</p><p>The World Cup is a whitemans game; the same withhe Olympics. These arehite peoples tournaments,</p><p>stablished to advancewhite peoples interests. And we remember well</p><p>hat all these white people responsible for theWorld Cup, like FIFA President Sepp Blatter, are</p><p>beneficiaries of b wealth and prattained at the expof Black peoples. Allcare about is mamoney out of gambling games organize. They do</p><p>give a damn about the sufferings of Black peoTheir greatest concern is increasing their profevery tournament they organize. All of these whave benefited from the bloody wealth in miand human resources stolen and robbed fromcountry. From Cecil John Rhodes to Sepp Blthey are all the same white robbers. The golddiamonds, the copper, the iron, the coal,uranium, the platinum, the Land in generalmany other mineral resources the white manstolen from the Black Race can never be forgor erased from the pages of human they hold a monopoly of everything incountry, posing as the worlds greatest men</p><p>in fact they are the worlds greatest devils, d who care only for their stomachs and pwolves clothed in sheep skin. Puppets like DJordan, Irvin Khoza and the like have been usfool Black peoples into thinking that there is form of benefit for them in the World Cup. BuWorld Cup is not for the Black poor. It is fowhites in particular, and the rich elite, uppemiddle classes. There are no benefits for the</p><p>Black man and womathe World Cup. It is sta white mans game. </p><p> white man is still icontrol. He has control and ownershthe economy of country. He seats at thof the social, politicaleconomic hierarchy, phimself as a demi-godfeared and worshippethe human race.</p><p> The only reason </p><p>Africa won the 2010 WCup bid is because itstrategic geographicalpolitical location forintensification of the </p><p>colonial (new-colmission of white supremled by the beast - AmSouth Africa is bugateway for racist focapitalist multi-nat</p><p>business corporations - into the rest of the B</p><p>continent to continue sucking the blood opeople and resources of our Land. Could th</p><p>Puppets like Danny Jordan, Irvin Khoza and</p><p>the like have been used to fool Black peoples</p><p>into thinking that there is some form of</p><p>benefit for them in the World Cup. But the</p><p>World Cup is not for the Black poor.</p><p>Cecil John RhodesStole the Gold &amp; Diamond mines of South Africa &amp; Zimbabwe onbehalf of the Queen of England. Founder of De Beers. A killer, arapist and robber of Black people, glorified by whites &amp; politicians.</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p> 4/6</p><p>ulfillment of Cecil John Rhodes Cape to Cairoolonial mission? The coming of the white Worldup into Afrikan soil has absolutely no value, no</p><p>meaning at all to Black people. It has no relevancen solving Black peoples problems and challenges.</p><p>only adds more value to our exploitation,uffering and misery.</p><p>elf employed Blacks (called street hawkers byhite imperialists) were chased out of towns by theuppet government authorities to make way for</p><p>hite tourists and were not even allowed to sell athe white mans stadiums. Poor Black peopleuffering in shacks were evicted and forcefullyemoved from their Lands, without alternativeccommodation, just to build hotels and stadiumso benefit the white world.</p><p>lack men and women suffer a heavy burden ofard labour, building stadiums and buildings inwhich they themselves will never set foot afternishing the building. Black construction workersuilding the</p><p>tadiums to hosthe white mansworld cup went ontrike because theyre paid little</p><p>money, beingxploited by richillionaires whose Black peoples slaves.</p><p>is Black men who spend most of their lives</p><p>nder the core of the earths surface, diggingiamonds, copper, coals and gold for the whitehieves. Even the very object that is worshipped byhe white world called the World Cup is an objectrafted from gold stolen from Black Afrika. It is aloody World Cup, a cup filled with the blood ofhe Black Freedom Fighters, Black Prophets andlack Martyrs. All Black people who know</p><p>hemselves and their history should hate it witherfect hatred. No Black person who loves his orer Race would worship this golden World Cuplled with the blood of our Ancestors.</p><p>The African National Congress (ANC) ledovernment claimed that the white World Cup willring a better life for all, and that it will helpmprove the economy, that it will raise thetandard of our living and assist in eradicatingoverty and unemployment. They made the Worldup moment seem as the hour of redemption for</p><p>he poor Black sufferers, as though heaven itselfas coming down to earth.</p><p>The politicians used their propaganda machinery</p><p>o fool, deceive and lie to us. They made the 30ays of the white mans World Cup ritual seem as</p><p>a moment of glory and unity. Yet, they knew in their hearts that it was all lies and polstrategies to hypnotize the poor and suffBlack masses and thus prevent them from caua revolution that would bring about true chanthis country.</p><p>They have built stadiums anhotels to host the white man </p><p>the midst of so much Blacksuffering and poverty. Billions</p><p>monies spent on uselessstadiums that will have no wo</p><p>30 days after the World Cup</p><p> They bombarded us with false claims of proand prosperity, while in fact there are none. has benefitted from the white World Cup? Whobeen enriched by it? Who has harvested o</p><p>abundant fruits? Is it the poor Blacks dumlocked and chained in the concentration c(ghettos/squatter camps/townships) of outskirts of the white mans cities? Is itindigenous people of this country? Definitely nis the very same racist white mans multi-buscorporations and companies that supportedfunded the Nazi-style Apartheid regime benefitted out of this World Cup. And of cothose few countable so-called Black EconEmpowerment (BEE) puppet agents like Khoza, Danny Jordan, Cyril Ramaphosa Patrice Motsepe who will be used by the politias examples of Black progress and developmen They have built stadiums and hotels to hoswhite man in the midst of so much Black suffand poverty. Billions of monies spent on usstadiums that will have no worth 30 days afteWorld Cup. We must open our eyes to conditions and decide to face our real problem</p><p> The white world is will be here to celebratestolen heritage in South Africa. Every white pe who comes to South Africa from EuroAmerica feels at home here. They feel so gosee the colonial work of their forefathers.statues in this country; the buil(architecture), the streets names, the buscorporations and the whole South Afenvironment are of the white world. The whiteis in total control. When whites come here Europe they take tours around the country, taphotos of the statues of their ancestors in city they go to. They see the victories achievements of their racist white suprem</p><p>ancestors in this country. And they feel so they rejoice; they celebrate. South Africa fee</p></li><li><p>8/7/2019 The 2010 FIFA World Cup</p><p> 5/6</p><p>omely for them; it feels so comfortable, so nicend welcoming for them.</p><p>Many of them are buying and have boughtroperties (land) here. They are not planning to goack home to Europe or America after the Worldup. They are applying for citizenships here and</p><p>making plans to migrate into this country,ermanently. This is another illegalccupation of Black peoples Land byhe white world. And the politicians</p><p>re selling the Land to them,nrichi...</p></li></ul>


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