The 6 rules of persuasion

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The 6 Rules of Persuasionare:1. Authority2. Likeability3. Commitment & Consistency4. Reciprocity5. Social Proof6. ScarcityLets define these 6 ways of influence:AuthorityAuthority is the principle of creating credibility and expertise within your audience, so your customers get the confidence that they can trust what your say.Creating the authority is all about communication. Here there are some ideas of creating online authority: Create an informational blog Send newsletters about timely industry updates Publish case studies Host webinar Generate inbound links to create authority for your website by posting articles on directories Stay active in social media and engage in discussions about important topics in your industry Create a Questions & Answers section in your website Publish eBooks or how to guides Create Video Tutorials Create Testimonials and Portfolio sections in your websiteThe magic of being considered by other an authority in your industry stays in language that you use and keep going (refer to the Commitment & Consistency section). You should use palatable language, an easy and clear language that anybody can understand. Confusing language will not help your readers to understand what you want to tell them and they will not follow your guidance.LikabilityThe business principle is an interpersonal relationship. We do business with persons that we like. When the buyer likes you he or she will be more likely buying from you. If he or she does not like you, your offer will remain sterile. This is way the saying in marketing Sell yourself! unveils an essential true: a likable personality makes a good salesperson.Create and maintain likability within your business by: Keeping in contact with your clients and customers engage with them on social media, send newsletter and special offers Creating a great atmosphere for them to shop with you allow them to easy shop online after business hours Making them to feel appreciated by you reward the loyal customers and clients Be part of relevant moment in your customers lives: send them birthdays greetings and/ or season greetings, offer them gift vouchers to be spent into your shop, sponsor events that make part of their lifeCommitment & ConsistencyYou have to demonstrate your Commitment & Consistency over a long period of time in order to generate recall and trust.Many successful business people are hailed as visionary leaders. They are found to be individuals who hold firmly to a simple set of commitments, usually grounded in beliefs such as the best product money can buy, or the highest possible customer service. It is the strength of these commitments, consistently followed, that led to their business success.The commitment is the existential reason and the fuel of any business. Through commitment you prove expertise in your business: you have the technology and the know-how and you have experience, so we can rely on your products and / or services.People have a general desire to appear consistent in their behaviour and they will also value consistency in others. Through consistency we can easy understand what to expect from other people reactions. In particular, when we intend to do business with a company, the consistency will be a compulsory attribute of that business: Is this company reliable? Will complete its promises in time?Very often when we engage in doing business with a company and that company demonstrate its commitment, is more likely we will stay loyal to that business because it is easy and we know that we will get what we need. It is easy to stay loyal with a business because we skip the process of sourcing and evaluating a new business.Any kind of effective advertising will show your commitment in front of your audience and will help your business to gain trust if you prove consistency in your actions.ReciprocityThrough reciprocity you give something upfront and then get something else back. The FREE INTRODUCTORY OFFERINGs are a smart marketing tool to attract new clients / customers.The Free Introductory Offerings are used to: Create the market demand for your products or services To build your customers trust you will need to demonstrate your products or services qualityAlso, Free Offerings are a smart marketing tool to reward customers and clients loyalty. These are some customers and clients rewarding ideas: Reward points programs Gift vouchers Discount bonuses Volume discountsTrough reciprocity you will build a long and close relationship with your clients and / or customers.Sample of Free Offerings: Free samples Free trials Free demos Free professional advises Free restricted accounts Free quotesThe Free Offerings have to be used with care and with financial understanding by business owner to not hurt the business. Any marketing tool should be used only with a deep understanding of its results.Social ProofWe all are driven by social behaviour, so if other before us did bought something we need, we will decide to buy ourselves too, just because so many before us did it. This is the principle on how the enterprise systems work. A good example of I follow what others do is Facebook, this big conglomerate of people together. I have my Facebook account because my friends have theirs. We tend to outsource our process of decision-making. If they bought before us it means that we will buy today.Social Proof can be reinforced trough: Reviews Testimonials Study Cases Portfolios Recommendations and word of mouth Most popular, best salesSocial Networks are playing an important role in businesses today because trough social networks people communicate and share their experiences that will have a viral spreading effect. The word of mouth is a valuable and inexpensive marketing tool that works for every business.ScarcityScarcity principle is all about I want now what I may not be able to get in the future. Scarcity drives demand up by being believable and having integrity: you will honour your offer.By using the scarcity principle you will motivate your customers and / or clients to make their buying decision now. For effective adverts the advertisers should focus their efforts to create the scarcity for their offerings.Sample of offerings scarcity: Limited offer in time Limited stock available First 10 who call receive a bonus (any number and any action is applicable) If you buy now you can get a discountConclusionSo, you should focus on reflecting a big image of your business, because if you are big as business, you are less probably to disappear from the market overnight. The dimension of your business is reflecting you Commitment and Consistency, even your Likability and of course you have a lot of experience, so you are an Authority for your industry.These are the Call principles of Persuasion for Online and Offline businesses, but not only! These persuasion principles apply for everyday life as well. Following them you can persuade your kids, friends, co-workers or family.