The Baltic coast in Poland The Baltic coast in Poland Designed by Damian Bukowczan and Paulina Woźniak.

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  • The Baltic coast in Poland

    Designed byDamian Bukowczan and Paulina Woniak

  • The 500 km coastline is dotted with seaside resorts & villages with well developed tourist facilities and widely available water sports.

    The wide sandy beaches go on for miles - you can walk along the beach in shallow sea from one beach to another. The beaches are very clean with excellent facilities.

  • The Baltic Sea

  • Every beach has at least one volleyball net (a popular sight on any beach in Poland), slides and pools for children as well as places to hire boats and kayaks for the watersports enthusiasts. There is a lifeguard and an area marked for swimming on every beach.

  • Some attractions on the beach

  • For drinks, snacks and lunch there are many cafes and restaurants located on the beaches or just off them - convenient enough when you need them, but small enough to allow peace and relaxation on the pure sand.

  • So where should you stay? Just take your pick of the great seaside resorts in Poland. The beaches in Gdansk and Sopot will please any sun-worshipper. Staying within easy reach of Gdansk are smaller resorts such as Krynica Morska attractively located on the narrow Vistula Split, resorts of Hel or Jastarnia on picturesque Hel peninsular and Jastrzebia Gra with high cliffs and picturesque gorge.

  • Hel

    The Hel Peninsula is a unique creation of nature.

  • Jastrzbia Gra

  • Krynica Morska

  • A bit further from Gdansk but still easy to get to is eba famous for its 'moving' sand dunes and Darowo with 15th century churches.

    On western coast 'The pearl of the Baltic Miedzyzdroje (where the Polish celebs tend to leave their handprints in the pavement).

  • winoujcie

  • Koobrzeg

  • Ustka

  • Midzyzdroje

  • eba

  • Darowo

  • We invite you to come here and spend a lot of great time on our beaches.

    Greetings from Poland


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