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    Natural Beauty Healthy Aspirations

    Selfish Indulgence Inspired Designs

    a World of Creativity


    Tempo 4 - 5

    Avola 6 - 9

    Cologne 10 - 17

    Urban 18 - 19

    Abbey Oyster 20 - 21

    Urban Oyster 22 - 23

    Celine Cream 24 - 25

    Cottage Cream 26 - 27

    Flaxley Oyster 28 - 29

    Image White 30 - 31

    Decor 32 - 39

    Image 40 - 45

    Cologne Glosss White 46 - 47

    Lucido 48 - 51

    Integra 52 - 53

    Crystal 54 - 57

    Gloss Ranges 58 - 65

    Shaker 66 - 67

    Ilca 68 - 69

    Castille 70 - 73

    Heritage 74 - 75

    Pendle 76 - 77

    Heritage 78 - 79

    Romani 80 - 81

    Integra Gloss Oyster 82 - 83

    Complimentary accessories 84 - 92

    Worksurfaces 93

    Handles 94 - 97

    range by range fascias 98 - 99

    Indulge YourselfOnly AccreditedSuppliers Used




    AWARD 2009


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    Tempo Tobacco/Tempo Zebrano

    Tempo Oyster/Tempo Zebrano

    Tobacco brings strength and warmth to any kitchen allowing the full pallet of co-ordinating

    colours to be utilised. Zebrano shows how to be strikingly different and very liveable.

    Handle Ref: 751

    Worktop: Everest Crystal

    At last a strong feature that harmonises rather than clashes.

    Oyster & Zebrano make good kitchen fellows only limited

    by imagination.

    Style does not have to be expensive.

    Handle Refs: 740/742

    Worktop: Everest Crystal

    The striking clean look of the Maple effect kitchen is worthy

    of creative design and thoughtful accessorisation.

    Clean lines and strong handles create very functional kitchens.

    Handle Refs: 435/437

    Worktop: See page 93

    Tempo Maple

  • 6 7

    Avola Champagne

    Avola Champagne feeds the centre ground delivering style

    with colour tones to harmonize or drive your lifestyle statement.

    Apartment to galley kitchen, simple decor to dramatic colour ways embrace Avola Champagne.

    Handle Refs: 650/666

    Worktop: Jamocha Granite Gloss

    Sicilys Avola region produces bold, strong, rich wines on volcanic soil and is famed for its light fresh airy appeal.

    The Avola range of doors could be said to mirror this assertion, the colours complimenting each other yet

    independently cover the spectrum of hues from the rich red brown of Avola Truffle, light washed pumice of the

    Avola Grey, the sparkling pinks of Avola Champagne to the strength of light irradiated by Avola White.

    Individually or integrated, the colour pallette affords the opportunity to create truly stunning kitchens.

  • 8 9

    Avola TruffleAvola ChampagneAvola GreyAvola Champagne/Truffle

    Avola WhiteAvola White embraces a gentler mood, breathing life through

    light timber looks and happily showing off the extent of its

    distinctive yet mute grain colouration reinforced by the

    structured surface.

    Comfortable in any surround, revitalising at the

    end of a busy day.

    Handle Refs: 780/781

    Worktop: Glass consult retailer.

  • Strikingly modern, thats Cologne.

    Finished in fashionable Maple with rolled edge relief which

    gently flows to the curved outer edges.

    Full size satin metal T bar handles add a finishing touch

    that helps create a kitchen for the modernist.

    Handle Refs: 610/628

    Worktop: See page 93

    Warm clean lines with complete flexibility of design and

    featured with aluframe doors, tambour unit and midi units.

    Stainless or black handles complete the picture.

    Handle Refs: 431/433

    Worktop: See page 93

    Modern, uncompromising, the smooth

    White Cologne kitchen clears away any

    doubt who you are.

    Create sight lines, which add interest to

    the simple form of the Cologne door.

    Handle Ref: 601

    Worktop: Terracotta Granite Gloss

    Cologne Maple

    Cologne Beech


    Smooth White

    10 11

  • Warm, bright and accommodating of all tastes in decor,

    Cologne Oyster brings a soft edge to strong design.

    Handle Ref: 602

    Worktop: See page 93

    Our most expansive kitchen is so affordable,

    meets all moods, size and tastes, delivering

    smooth sophisticated satisfaction.

    Handle Ref: 603

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    Cologne Walnut

    Cologne Oyster

    12 13

    Cologne Walnut

  • Cologne CreamCreamy fresh, clean and bright. Cologne Cream brings you something special,

    a kitchen to look at, cook in and live with.

    Handle Ref: 755

    Worktop: See page 93

    14 15

  • Uncomplicated, understated quality design at its most visually appealing.

    Cologne Ferrara Oak delivers the subtle dry tones of this tactile finish

    and combines them with the unique straight grain effect that

    compliments its surrounds.

    Handle Refs: 435/437

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    Cologne Ferrara Oak

    16 17

  • Urban Tobacco shows the flexibility of

    the Urban range as it is translated into a

    more stylised look.

    Again the warmth and character of this

    kitchen is shown to sit well with both

    strong and subtle companion colours.

    Handle Refs: 766/806

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    Urban Tobacco

    Urban Cream

    New ideas and up-to-date touches help

    bring to the fore the simplest of designs,

    easy to live with and says lots

    about you and good taste.

    Handle Refs: 650/666

    Worktop: See page 93

    18 19

  • 20 21

    Abbey Oyster

    Familiar & friendly, bright and clean, subtle

    colourways presented with a little detail take

    the drama out of the kitchen, creating a

    welcoming home front.

    Handle Ref: 336

    Worktop: Everest Crystal

  • 22 23

    Urban Oyster

    Urban Oyster is shown here in familiar surroundings.

    Its soft tone integrates into many colourways whilst

    creating a light and fresh kitchen.

    Handle Ref: 750

    Worktop: Mild Steel Sparkle

  • The traditional look of Celine introduces country style

    living to the practicalities of a modern kitchen.

    Alternatively, Celine Cream can also be mixed with

    Beech carcase, to create your unique look.

    Handle Refs: 331/332

    Worktop: Terracotta Granite Gloss

    24 25

    Celine Cream

  • The fresh country look of the Cottage

    Cream door on Cream or Beech

    cabinetry gives familiar appeal.

    Shown here with T & G plant on ends

    but equally at home with Beech or

    textured cream accessories, latch or

    drop bar handles.

    Handle choice see pages 94/97

    Worktop: Sicilian Granite Crystal

    Leaded Glass Detail

    Cottage Cream

    26 27

  • Light, bright and airy, the soft tones of this clean

    and modern styling make any house to be proud

    of whilst rejecting the rigours of life.

    Handle Ref: 471

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    28 29

    Flaxley Oyster

  • Image White

    Image White is the new White, which in

    fashion terms keeps your kitchen up to the

    moment in design terms.

    Not that White ever goes out of fashion.

    Handle Ref: 908

    Worktop: Glass consult retailer.30 31

  • 32 33

    Decor Gloss OysterUnique in its field, Decor Gloss Oyster

    affords a startling insight in the marriage

    of the best in traditional design with the

    addition of state of art high gloss overlays.

    A stunning combination that brings summer

    to the kitchen all year round.

    Handle Refs: 805

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

  • 34 35

    Decor Cream

    This cream foil door has a warm beauty, portrayed here

    with clean modern lines and a mix n match of unit shapes

    giving function and eye appeal.

    Equally Decor Cream doors could be pleasingly designed

    with a Beech knob handle and thus returned to the formal

    simplicity of its Shaker roots.

    Handle Ref: 105

    Worktop: Sicilian Granite Crystal

    Decor Beech

    Embracing the Shaker theme with

    unfussy styling, this warm Beech foil

    door lends itself to both traditional

    or modern design, as featured with

    deep pan drawers, midi housing and

    display units.

    Handle Refs: 435/437

    Worktop: Amber Kashmir

  • Striking and contemporary,

    Decor Ferrara Oak comes closest

    to its revival roots.

    Mix your colour palette.

    Handle Refs: 650/666

    Worktop: Bottle Glass Gloss


    Ferrara Oak

    Decor Tobacco

    Bold and richly comfortable, Decor Tobacco is striking and sophisticated but

    retains the roots of its early creators and their pursuit of simplicity in form.

    Handle Ref: 795

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    36 37

  • Decor WalnutInspirational combination of fashion and form,

    Decor Walnut presents you with elegance and

    richness that welcomes all whilst creating

    envy and defining classic form.

    Handle Ref: 650/666

    Worktop: Sicilian Granite Crystal

    Drawn from revivalist roots, the strong lines of the

    Decor range of Shaker inspired doors.

    The rustic oak effect breaks all the rules to bring

    a superior kitchen of today and tomorrow.

    Handle choice see pages 94/97

    Worktop: Everest Gloss

    Decor Winchester Oak

    38 39Decor Walnut

    Decor Maple

    A Maple wood grain foil door suiting both the simplistic clean lines of the Shaker style, supporting

    the functional high-tech