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The Demonstrable Difference Artful demonstrations Strategic planning Artful execution Focused communication Types of Demonstrations Technology/Ingredient

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  • The Demonstrable Difference Artful demonstrations Strategic planning Artful execution Focused communication Types of Demonstrations Technology/Ingredient Emotional/Sensory Intellectual/TeachingFeaturing Dale Kern & Scott Wenzel Nu Skin R&D scientists

  • Types of Demonstrations

  • Technology/Ingredient

    180 Face Wash Product Benefits:Boosts skins ability to support collagenReduces appearance of discolorationImproves radiance and clarityDelivers 10% Vitamin C

  • Technology/IngredientFill glass with regular tap water

    Add iodine until water is a rusty brown color

    Squeeze a spoonful of Nu Skin 180 Face Wash into the iodine-water solution and stir

    Stir the iodine solution with Nu Skin 180 Face Wash180 Face Wash Demonstration Procedure:

  • Technology/Ingredient180 Face Wash Explanation of Results:

    When iodine, naturally a rusty brown color, binds to active vitamin C it turns white. Iodine will not bind to vitamin C if it is not active

  • Tru Face Revealing Gel Product Benefits:Polyhydroxy acids: gluconolactone & lactobionic acidBrightens complexions through chelation

    Enhanced cell turnover restores radiance, smoothes texture and refines pores

    Great for sensitive skin


  • Tru Face Revealing Gel Demonstration Procedure:Apply Tru Face Revealing Gel to 1/2 of the face of a darkened (oxidized) copper coinSet coin aside and wait 10-25 minutesUsing a cloth or napkin, remove product from the coinThe 1/2 of the coin where product was applied will be brighter

    NOTE: Copper coins seem to react the quickest. Avoid coins with gummy residue as Revealing Gel must remove grime before it can brighten the coin and demonstration time will increase


  • Tru Face Revealing Gel Explanation of Results: Oxidation, a free radical reaction, causes copper coins to darken As we age, excess free radicals in the skin, create a sallow dull complexion Gluconolactone and lactobionic acid work together to combat oxidation for a brighter, more radiant appearance Just as the coin brightens, so does your skin

    In clinical studies PHAs were found to be less irritating than saline solutiongentle, yet very effective Technology/Ingredient

  • Polishing Peel Product Benefits:Clinically proven to deliver the same skin smoothing, resurfacing results as a professional microdermabrasion treatmentInstantly resurfaces and polishes the skinCreates a more youthful looking complexionRestores a fresh, healthy-looking glow


  • Polishing Peel Demonstration Procedure:Treat side of plexiglass with professional microdermabrasionApply Polishing Peel to untreated half of the plexiglass sample and rub for 1-2 minutesAfter rubbing, wash product off with warm water*Compare the two sides

    *These are not the usage steps for application on the face Technology/Ingredient

  • Polishing Peel Explanation of Results:

    Polishing Peel does not contain abrasive particulates, but instead features a unique formulation designed around mechanical polishing Technology/Ingredient

  • Nutriol Product Benefits:Makes hair look and feel more abundantRevitalizes and strengthens hairRemineralizes the scalp for optimal hair vitality


  • Nutriol Demonstration Procedure:Remove Hair Fitness Treatment cap without releasing powdersDip conductivity pen* into unmixed Nutriol product - record conductivity measurementReplace the cap and twist down to release the powders. Shake until mixedRemove cap and re-test the conductivity Compare this result with premixed solution - with activated powder the conductivity should be much greater

    *Available on the internet or through chemical supply companies (approx.. $60 USD). This instrument measures how well a solution conducts electricity, which is a measure of the amount of minerals in the solution. Technology/Ingredient

  • Nutriol Explanation of Results:Minerals, when dissolved in solution, help conduct an electrical charge. More minerals means a higher conductivityNutriol, with powders has a high conductivity, showing Nutriol is nutrient and mineral rich Research indicates the hair follicle requires multiple nutrients and minerals for optimal vitality and abundancy