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"The Editing Workspace"

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This short guide will briefly show you how to reorganise the layout to suit your needs, and what some of the tools and buttons do.

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  • Adobe Premiere Pro The Editing Workspace

    Ok so you should now have at the very least your first batch of Video clips imported into your Project. But before you jump straight into editing, lets have a look at what buttons your actually pressing... because when youre work randomly disappears you will definitely want to know why...

    On the bottom right of your left screen, we have one of the most important toolbars in Adobe Premiere. The Tools panel has the ability to change the function of your Mouse.

    For example, you can zoom in and out using the Magnifying Glass (Zoom Tool), you can cut down your clips or cut off unwanted sections of film using the Razor Tool, and if you have cut one clip into the other and it doesnt quite fit right, you can Rolling Edit them so that they still cut into eachother but in a different place. Lastly, lets not forget that after you have clicked and used any of these functions to get your mouse back to normal you must click the Mouse icon.

    Lets take a closer look at a couple of the most important of these.

    The Razor Tool will cut your clips for you where you wish to cut them. Just find the part of the video you would like it to play up to, click on the Razor Tool icon...

    Then click on the part of the video where you wish to make the cut. Id recommend using the player-head to decide your cut position, as you can see the exact frame you are cutting at on the Preview Window.

    Then simply select and Delete what you dont want!

  • Secondly lets look at zoom controls; this is one of the most common problems that people dont even know they have!

    Here is a common site to some people. There are 40 seconds worth of edited clips, and they are all too small to work with in the Sequence Window.

    An easy and quick fix that youll never forget once youve learned, is that you can zoom in and out of your Sequence Window by using the pyramid scale-controls at the centre/bottom of your screen.

    This will make things noticeably easier for you almost instantly.

  • Although it is tempting to jump straight into editing, you should take a couple of minutes to set up an easy to use workspace. This will literally take you seconds if you know what kind of project youll be doing. Here we have the basic workspace set up...

    Each editor will have their own personal preferences on where they like to have each of the panels and toolbars, you may even close some because you never need them and they are a waste of space.

    Here is a good example of a workspace setup, and I will explain why.

    This setup is split over 2 screens, much like the computer you are probably sat at right now. As I no longer need the other screen to import my clips, I have filled the right monitor with my Program window. This window shows your final output, and what your video will look like as a finished product. The smaller left window, is the Source Monitor which you will use to cut down your clips and preview them before you combine them on your with your other clips in the Editing Sequence.

    This workspace is perfect because I have screen-size preview window which shows me exactly what it will look like full screen as a finished product. It is also perfect because I have all of the effects I may wish to use visible, and if I need to Control or change those effects the window for that is also visible. Lets also not forget this very important toolbar to the right of the Sequence Window.

  • So how do you set up the Workspace thats right for you...

    Firstly, you should know how to move the panels around. You can do this by clicking and holding down on the dots in the top left corner of each panel.

    By clicking and holding down whilst moving the mouse, you can now drag and drop/reposition all of the visible toolbars and panels on your screen. They will often auto-snap and drop into locations if you hover over them as the computer will try to guess where you want them to go and fit in around each-other.


    Just go to... Window>Workspace>Reset Current Workspace and click YES if you are asked are you sure?. This will reset all the changes you made, and bring back all your panels to the default setting you had when you first opened up the software.

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