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  • 7/24/2019 The Eyeopener Nov 11, 2015


    Volume 49 - Issue 9November 11,

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    The growth of an urbanfarming empire whereyoud least expect it.




  • 7/24/2019 The Eyeopener Nov 11, 2015


    Wednesday, Nov. 4, 20152

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  • 7/24/2019 The Eyeopener Nov 11, 2015


    Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2015 NEWS 3

    By Keith Capstick

    This year the Ryerson StudentsUnion (RSU) collaborated with

    he university to deposit studentshealth and dental opt-out directlynto their RAMMS account but

    ome students say that this pro-ess is negatively impacting low-ncome students.

    The opt-out money is depositednto the same account as tuition,herefore students who havent

    paid all of their winter tuition have

    o take an extra step and request aheque to get to their money.The RSU told The Eyeopener

    on Monday that they have put aplan in motion to allow studentswith outstanding winter fees to

    equest a one-time withdrawalrom RAMSS to get their money.

    The window to apply will be Nov.

    1-18.Obaid Ullah, the RSUs vice-

    president operations, says that

    he decision was made to coun-eract last years long wait timesor direct-deposit. This choice was

    made so students would receiveheir money as efficiently as pos-ible, he said.

    Last year they tried a direct de-posit system and it failed miser-bly, said Ullah. The intent was

    for students to receive their moneyback and then you can request arefund [from RAMSS] and get it

    back if you wanted to, but thenwinter fees were put on. A fewstudents are upset.

    Last year students waited untilmid-November until they wereable to gain access to their opt-out

    money. The incoming RSU execu-tive, in cooperation with their newinsurance broker, held a survey in

    September to figure out the bestway to tackle this issue a sur-vey which they point to as their

    reasoning for this new deposit sys-tem.

    Continuing Education Students

    Association of Ryerson (CESAR)

    President Denise Hammond saidat Mondays CESAR annual gen-

    eral meeting that Chang Schoolstudents should have their chequesavailable for pick up next week.

    We chose to not do it through

    the university, she said. We be-lieve that its important for you asa student who pays that fee, that

    if that fee is returned it should bereturned to you and not to the uni-versity.

    But Ullah urges that this wontaffect your OSAP in any way anddoesnt see this affecting low-in-

    come students more so than others.A lot of low-income students

    already cant opt out of the plan,

    just because they dont have ad-ditional coverage, and without

    additional coverage you cant optout, said Ullah. So its mostlyaffecting people who have addi-tional coverage.

    Some of the negative feedbackthat the RSU has received centresaround students who count on

    these funds every year and maynot have the financial stability towait for the cheque, despite hav-

    ing pre-existing health and dentalcoverage.

    Vajdaan Tanveer, a student

    whos recently been critical ofthe RSUs stance on tuition fees

    This year, your opt-out money will be deposited into your RAMSS account instead of direct deposit refunds

    In past years, students waited in line to pick up health and dental opt-out cheques. PHOTO: JESS TSANG

    Adam Kahan saying goodbyeto Rye after 12 years

    News Bites

    Adam Kahan, the vice-president university advancement, is leaving onDec. 10. Reporter Natalia Balcerzak sat down for a Q&A with the manwhos partially responsible for putting Ryerson on the map:

    Q: How does it make you feel seeing posters of Ryerson around To-

    onto?A:One of the first things I did in terms of planning was I went to the

    oard, asked for money so that we could put our image everywhere weossibly could on the streets, on the buildings ... so that people couldot go anywhere without confronting Ryerson. It was a strategic plan to

    reate our presence in the downtown core.


    Ryerson Arts Society to getstudent money, RyersonScience Society will not

    On Nov. 5, the Ryerson Arts Society (RAS) succeeded in approving a

    30 per-semester, per-student levy while the Ryerson Science SocietyRSS) failed to pass a $22 levy in their own referendum.

    RAS chair Marzia Riaz said she is relieved the referendum process

    s over and her group will be able to start focusing on actual events,ctual goals.The levy will help the RAS give Faculty of Arts students academic

    onferences, grants, awards and more events.Despite not getting their levy approved (245 NO, 199 YES), RSS

    President Ana Sofia Vargas Garza said the group will continue to func-

    ion, as they have for the past three years.Read more on

    in alignment with the RSU oppo-sitional group, Reignite Ryerson,

    shares these concerns.I feel that the particular chang-

    es that were made to the opt outplan for this year disproportion-ately harmed lower-income stu-dents, said Tanveer.

    Tanveer also expressed that al-though last years system wasntperfect, he was uncomfortable

    with the fact that the RSU workedin tandem with the university tomake this new process come to

    fruition.The students union is an au-

    tonomous organization, so the fact

    that theyre getting so entrenchedinto the works of the university isalso something thats concerning,

    said Tanveer.But Ullah maintains that this has

    been a step forward from last year.

    Generally, from the feedbackfrom the survey, students are hap-py with the process. There are a

    few students that were upset, I canunderstand where theyre comingfrom, he said.

    University registrar CharmaineHack said winter tuition was actu-ally charged two months later this

    year, despite the RSU originallyspeculating it had been chargedearlier than usual.

    Credit takes place of cash in new opt-out process

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