The Gingerbread Girl

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5th grade project

Text of The Gingerbread Girl

  • Once upon a time there were two boys named Hank and Frank. They decided to make a gingerbread

    girl. When he opened the oven he burnt his hand and went Owe! Meanwhile the gingerbread girl

    popped out of the oven and ran into the barn. Then little Hank and Frank ran into the barn when . . .

    . the ginger bread girl shot out of the barn riding Porky the Pig.

  • Then the Gingerbread girl rode in the forest when the swamp rat scared the pig and the Ginger-

    bread girl fell. Then she ran from the ugly rat and ended up in a village when the gingerbread girl

    jumps in the three donkeys hay to hide from the rat.

  • Then the Swamp rat finds her in the hay and says I want to help you. So when the swamp rat leads

    her away from the people and the donkeys are chasing them. Then they end up in another village

    when they meet a curious kitty who wants to eat them! So now they have three donkeys and one

    curious kitty chasing them. When they got to the country they met Farmer Joe.

  • He didnt like rats by his animals so he rocks to throw at him so he would run away. The swamp rat

    and the Gingerbread girl were really on the run now. They almost got away whenold Manly

    Granny steps out the back door and throws the cane at the gingerbread girl and hits her right in the

    head. Then the farmer decides to eat her. For now on whenever people make gingerbread people

    they only put leg on so they cant run away. And they all lived happily ever after except for the gin-

    ger bread girl.