The Great Sites and Things to do in Southold New York

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The Great Sites and Things to do in Southold New York. By Ben Gregory. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


The great sites and things to do in Southold New York

The Great Sites and Things to do in Southold New YorkBy Ben Gregory

In 1640 Southold was settled. In Southold there are so many things to do and so many awesome sites to see! So many choices that its even hard to choose what you want to see or do next! I bet you that you will have love being in Southold.

The vineyards of Southold is where grapes are grown to make wine. The vineyards are very beautiful and huge. Southold is known as the wine country

Outside is not the only place to see and do stuff, if Southold basements Basements hold some of the fun things to do. A lot of the houses in Southold have some sort of storage space so why not use it for something fun?

Nature also is a great site in Southold, animals Rome freely as you can see above. In Southold there are many secret roads where there are a lot of cool stuff. Some roads dont even have cement roads like the one above.

In long island houses can be very old like this one made in 1700. This Historic house was the towns doctor house This is a very cool site to see.6

Susan F. Rose Observatory was the first public Long Island observatory. Susan F. Observatory is also a great site to see in Southold. This observatory has tours every Saturday and you can look through the telescopes. Originally named Custard Observatory was founded in 1927.

In Southold there are many rivers, lakes, and beaches. Its super fun to go for a boat ride.

The beaches in Southold are beautiful all year round. Also the beaches in Southold are beautiful.

In Southold there are monuments and old places like grave yards that were used 100 and 200 years old like the monument (top left) is a monument that says names of who fought in the civil war. 89 people that died came from Southold to fight in the civil war. The youngest, 20 The oldest, 40.Southold is a place full of places to have fun and places to relax. Beautiful places to go and crazy things to see. Southold is known as the wine country because there so many vineyards. There are so many old houses and old monuments. 11