THE HR MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK HR management handbook  A summary of policies that govern HR practice in an organization  Provides positional statements

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  • HR management handbook A summary of policies that govern HR practice in an organization Provides positional statements of the organization as well as their administrative procedures Drives compliance with the existing laws Protection and non exposure
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  • Purpose An enabling professional working environment. High morale and good working relationships among through uniform policies with due consideration of employee needs. Fair and equal opportunity for qualified employees to enter and progress at work based upon merit as determined through objective and practical performance management methods.
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  • Cont..... A safe and healthy work environment. Enhance the attractiveness of a career within an organization and encourage each employee to reach their fullest potential. Encourage and cultivate a team of employees that is courteous and dependable. Ensure that all organizational programme activities are conducted in an ethical and legal manner.
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  • Contents General principles (sect 4-6 Emp Act 2007); forced labour, discrimination, sexual harassment Employment particulars/ contents of a contract of service JDs; form and duration of contracts; place of work; hours of work; remuneration, scale/rate of the same, method of calculation and other benefits, intervals of remuneration; any other prescribed matter Sect 10 Emp Act 2007 Discipline policy sect 12 Emp Act Basic conditions of employment
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  • Sect 26-34 Emp Act 2007 Hours of work Annual leave Maternity leave Sick leave Housing Water Food Medical attention Safety and Health
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  • HRM Handbook Structure Introductions; mission vision; etc Organizational structure Recruitment, Orientation and Transfers Compensation, Benefits and Allowances Career Development Office Discipline and Decorum Office Facilities and Services
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  • Cont... General; alcohol/HIV/drugs Sports and recreation Housing schemes/car loans Uniforms Further education Distribution and changes
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  • Standards e.g. Oticon Restaurant; bar; games;- pool, football; tennis; rest room; stairs; meeting rooms; courtesy; creativity Ensure minimal compliance with the law in all the clauses of the handbook Organizations set standards that support their brand creation, positioning and strategy; hence the differences in policies of different organizations
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  • Group work
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  • Challenges Direct value? Financial challenges; conflict of interests Dependency; a right or privilege? Buy in Interpretation of legal clauses and translation into action; availability of guidelines around some laws e.g. termination Technological restrictions
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  • Measuring benefits Employee satisfaction index viz bottom line Customer satisfaction index Turnaround time Quality improvements Innovation Synergies General productivity
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  • Maintaining the good work-environment during a financial crises Communication.... Post Denmark Long term plans Ensure compliance to law and beyond Social dialogue Participation/involvement
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