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The Kimball graphic. (Kimball, Brule County, Dakota [S.D

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Text of The Kimball graphic. (Kimball, Brule County, Dakota [S.D

The Kimball graphic. (Kimball, Brule County, Dakota [S.D.]), 1898-01-29, [p ].«Mi
v 9 L&tld Offief '±%4 >•-
fit vt$ ;V3'
THfc: GRAPHIC. ob Work of every description oxecuted in the
•ft style and at lowest prices. The most com* leto steam power plant/iu the county. Advertisements not accompanied by instruct*
on* will be inserted until ordered out and will be charged lor accordingly
Display advertisements 50 cents an inch per month, single colomn wide. Local* 5 and 10 ote
line according to position. Correspondence wanted from all part* of the
•onnty and from anywhere else. Bhort commn- aicttttons of general interest always welcome— persooa) quarrels respectfully declined*
=? ^ ~~ *• ^ »v ^ »? - * -
(Krnphic — "S*. £> <i*\ *,M „ l
Published by C. R. TINAN THE ONLY STWCTLY MORAL NEWSPAPER IN SOUTH DAKOTA $2.00 Per Year; $1.50 in Advance.
THE G 1PHIC. Established by its present proprietor ncd o "«A •.
of tb4 oldest newspapers in this section* Not excelled as an advertising medium by any
weekly newspaper in South Dakota. Road by 3,000 poople overy week in the jtoar -
and a constantly increasing circulation. Publishes the official proceedings of tho City
Council nnd of tho County Commissioners aa<? is a perfect.mirror of local events.
Is lively, spicy and independent and acknowl­ edged by its contemporaries lo bo one of th mostwidely read and best edited newspapers this state.
# -*• \W -
"' s
The use of the surgeon's knife la be­ coming1 so general, resulting fatally in such a large number of cases, as to occasion general alarm.
Mr. William Walpole, of Walshtowni South Dakota, writes; "About three years ago, there came under my left eye a little blotch about the
-fs size of a small pet. ' It grew rapidly,and
shooting pains ran" in every direction. I became alarmed and co n su l t ed a good doctor, who pronounced it can­ cer, and said that It must. be. cut out.. This I would not consent to, having little faith? in''the
indiscriminate use of the knife. Read­ ing of the many cures made 8. 8. 8., I determined to give that medicine a trial, and after I had taken it a few days, the cancer became irritated and began to discharge. This after awhili ceased, leaving a small scab, whictl finally dropped off, and only a healthy little scar remained to mark the plact where thedestroyer had held full sway.
A Real Blood Remedy. Cancer is iu the blood and it la folly
toexpect an operation to cure it. 8.S.8. [guaranteed purely vegetable) is a real remedy for every disease of the blood. Books mailed free; address Swift Spe­ cific Co., Atlanta, Ca.
Pra!«" Him.
TattHotel, Chamberlain ONE WAV ONLY
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 19th Returning every four weeks Fur nix months.
PLANKTON, JANUARY, 20. Consultation Exam i nation and an Opinion in Every
Case Free. Dr. Koa has boon conoected with the largest
hospital in tho country and has no superior in diagnusinsand treating diseases and deformi­ ties. He will give $50 for any case where he can not tell the disease and where located in five minutes. Treats all curable, medical and sur­ gical diseases.
Acute and chronic catarrh.— Diseases of the Eye. Ear, Nose and Throat, Lung diseases, in­ cluding early Consumption, HrOnehitiee, Asthma, Constitutional Catarrh, Pleuriny, etc. Dyspepsia, tiick Heudoche. gtomach and Dowel Troubles. Bright'® Disease, Diabetes. Kidnoy« Liver, Hludder and Chronic Female diseases. All nervous affections—with symp toms of dizziness, confusion oP idea's, loss of sleep, forgotfulness, etc., indigestion, inter­ rupted nutrition, slow growth in children, and al) wasting diseases in adults.
Nuikcb in the ear, C-at'trrh Dej.fnoss, Chronic Diseases of Ear, Thro«it, Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Bladder and Urinary Organs. Hemor­ rhoids. (piles treated withont knife*. No pHin and no detention from business.
Young nix! Middle <%;r^d Men suffering fiom Bperinutorrhoe und Impntency as a result of aelf-abuso m youth or excess of mature year* and other cause* producing some of the following effect ?, such as Emission, Blotchop, Debility, NervouMie?s. Dizzincse, con fusion of Ideas, Aversion to Society, Defective Memory, and Sexual Exhaustion, which unfre tho victim for business or marriago, shou'.d call and see lir Rea and get his opinion. Dr. Ilea's storo >»f knowledgo in these ailments is practi­ cally unlimited. Every case is rog:trded in the
• strictest confidence and treated In tho most skillful manner.
Dlood and Skin Diseases Treated.-Hundreds of testimonials can be seen his oflice. Uis examination and treatment are similar as are given m tho great, hospitals of NVw York City
.where thousands of palionts nro soon ever, month, and where he hurt learned his bnsinoss Dr. lloa fiankly tells them whether or n:t lie considers the case curable.
Jerrys I grow paying crops bccauso they're 1 fresh and always tb« best* For
sale every where. Refuso substituted. I Stick to Ferry'i Seals and prosper. 11898 Seed Aunuul free. Write for It.,
D. M. FERRY & CO.. DetroH, Mich. —ga—
WANTED -FAITH FOI. MEN OR WOMEN fo travel for responsibleestatilishetl house
in Honth Dakota. Salary $870 and pxponsen. Position permaner.r, Rt-ferenee. Encloco »««lf- addreRsea stamped envelope. The Nat;j3:d Star Insurance bld^.. Chicago.
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Wao can think souie stuipla
t( 4og to patent? Protect your ideas; they may bring you wealth. Write JOHN WKDDEHBtJRN A CO.. Patent Attor-
— ~ ~„fo» their price offer ^_wante««.
Or. Price's cream tusking Powfier Most Perfect Made.
Boy a few cows.
Warming np again.
Garden making hu been postponed a while.
Domenieo Toce give* • cmprrt Tue - day nlgbt.
AlMandria has a ptirfew oNtoance now in effect.
Thos. Qairk was dona to Chi'.nberlain Thursday night.
Von can now And plenty ot fresh Ohio coal at Blodgett's. »-
Him Una Ochsner has gone to the Madispn State Normal school.,
A Bon Homme conntv caw' dropped three calves. All ar£ Ablbtt' well.
Every stockholder ahonM be present at the creamery meeting this Saturday afternoon.
Blodge tt has just unloaded in bis coal bins a halt-dozen cars ot Ohio, Iowa, and Cannel coal.
Tho*. Walker, who has been teaming at Yankton tbis wsnter, is home for a •hort stay.
The Ochsner Hardware company hnng out a sign thi< week: **5 gallons Kero­ sene for 55 eents."
Regular meetinz ot the G. A. R. next Wednesday night, Feb. 2an. All Com- rads requeste i tu be present.
The Pnkwana Creamery association has been regniarly incorporated aud has commenced building operations.
S. R. Nngen sold hin bunch ot cows to Lewis Walker. Silas is too busy in tlie store to give much attention to farmiuit
Meeting of the stockholders of the Kioiball Creamery company at the | engine house this—Saturday—afternoon | at 2 o'clock.
! The commissioners of Hutchinson ; county made the treasurer bring the
money from the bank in making the annual settlement.
W. G. Andersen is now running tho elovator he bos had charge of on his own account under the firm name of W. G. Anderson & C'\
The creamery ic house is'being Oiled this week with a hundred tons of Mis­ souri river ice. The ice is "a foot thick and of the usual good quality.
The Graphic is the kind of a news­ paper that is reads and phased around. There is no telling how far advertise­ ment in it will go before it stops.
It is reported that a larger number of •counterfeit $100 Mils are ffi circulation. We have looked tlirongh our roll, but do Dot fiud any. We suspected as much.
The Davison county farmers' institute meets Feb. 2 and 3. These fanners' in­ stitutes are a good thing, and we would like to see one in Brule county every year.
Miller Press:—Thero are air ships, and "sh'ps that pass iu tho night," but tho town that ships a Srs t class grade of creamery butter cuts more ise than other ships.
Gann Valley Chief:—Geo. \Y. James of Kimball has presented this oflice with a line attractive calendar, advertising his stock ot stoves, hardware, saddles, wagons etc.
U. P. Wills shipped in forty-t'iree head of yearling cattle Trom Sinus City last week. In unloading them Mr. Wilis got a bard fall at the stock vard.-i and n badly sprained wrist.
Pukwur.a Press:—Supt. Gavin tells the Press that he has sold this year from the prior farm $411.10 worthjot live stock, and there stili remains on tho farm 2t head of cattle and 7 head ot lnrses.
The Graphic cantasns not a ere at deal this week of interest to women aud children, batconsid'>rab'e (hit wilt in­ terest the business man at,d farmer wl o peys taxes. Read tho commi-timers proceedings carefully and keep posted.
Byrne & Mohr are tilling Lindsay's big; ice house with enough Missouri river ice to supply this end or the county next summer. For once Kim­ ball folks will have point1 good ice, some­ thing we have net bad since tho artosian lake got so low.
Piillip Kvre lost a memorandum hook somewhere recently, a large, leather- bouud hook, wluch is of no use to any­ one but tlie own»r, but it is of a good deal of value to Mr. fiyre and tin will he ever bo much obliged if the finder will leave it at this oflice.
For twenty-three straight days and nights this month h cellar window 8 x 24 was left open in t.ds writer's bcu3e and without the slightest danger of In­ juring any iruit or vegetables iu the cellar. Awful country, South Dakota, to spend the winter in.
Plankinton Herald:—Philip Eyre brought one of his artesian well outfits here from Huron one day last week and )iad it placed in position at the Indust­ rial school where he has the contract for ^ putting down a four-inch artesian well, Work will be pushed day and night.
A cubic toot of Ice wt'ig'MH about 55 pounds. To estimate the amount of ice that can be packed in a civen space, first find the cubic reet, multiply by 55 aud deduct 25 (,er cent fur space be­ tween the cakes and filling between the ico and well. This will give the amount of ice near enough for all pur poses.
Mrs. Ann Quiren died at the residence ot her son, John Qailleo, Saturday morn­ ing, after a short illness. Mrs. Qoiileo was eighty-eight years r,f age and her death was from natural causes. She was born in ireland and came to tho United States in 1K48. During the past sixteen years she huu made her home with her son in this county. Tbo fu­ neral services took place at tbe Catholic church Monday, Rev. Father Hoffman officiating.
Wolt's Specialties. 30 lbs. Raisins or Prnnes for $100 at
J. H. Wolt's.
From one to two and a halt cents per yard off on beBt Prints aud Gingbams at J.H. Wolf's.
20 per cent diKCount on Arties and Overs at J. H. Wolf's. Buy bow, you'll need them before spring.
Remember thai we are selling thous­ ands ot items at cost or below cost, como while tbe assortment Is complete. J. H.
The Gbapbio want* a good corr*epon<i»»nt in every townaliiu in the eaat halt of Brule oonnty —or from any other part of thoocnty. Stamped euvelopoe and all etationary will be forniaheu. and the Only Strictly Moral Newspaper iu South Dakota to boor. If the correspondent ia al­ ready a paid aubacriber, an extra oopy will be Bent to any addreaa. Correepondonoa of thia kind developea a readiueaa with the pen und ia a atimnlua to exoellent efforta. Join our corpa of contributor* and yon will be pleated with the reeult.
Mitchell Republican:—Mrs. M. Tur- geon, of Kimball, was in this city today doing some trading amoung tho mer­ chants. Mrs. Turgeon is a widow lady and quitu wealthy, owning a large stock farm, which is well equipped with stock, and which is operated under her man­ agement.
Peter Smith will open a general store about the fiist of tho coming month in John Parker's*fine building next door north of Miller's drug store. Woikm«n have been busy all the week getting the room in readiness for tbe stock which is expected soon. Everybody iu Kimball and this end of the couutry knows Mr. Smith and no introduction is necessary. He is one ot tho pleasantest and most afflable business men ever on the street and his many friends will be glad to meet him In a business way again.
The Plankinton Herald has won a suit of Importance to printers. The law plainly makes every county officer his own pnrcbaslng agent of stationery, but the Aurora county commissioners, like a good many other boards of tbe kind, thought they were a law unto themselves and made a contract with one of the Aurora county papers to do tho print­ ing for tho officials. The sheriff oidered some stationery of the Herald, which wis not the "official" paper and tho board refused to pay the bill. The Herald brought suit aud won its case.
Those downeasteners couldn't be satis- fled to let South Dakota enjoy May weather in January. No sooner did they hear of picnics, base ball and mar­ bles than they got uo a howling blizzard and scut it out west a llying. Thank gooduess they got tho worst ot it. Chicago and Milwaukee were buried in snow Monday morning and tbe beauti­ ful slopped over into Iowa and other territories. The mercury here went down to zero Monday in consequence. At present writing tbe weather id still winterish.
Not Far Away.
tflUltlt. Andrew Doner is hoiut*. He has f-peut
the last two years in Colorado. Wm. Whitsell was over from Lyman
county last wok. Charley Cruse has liin hay hauled from
Highland township. Rev. D. S. Brown and Bert Doty were
out In Smith Wednesday. Rats are quite numerous and annoy­
ing the farmers very much. j 'Mr. and Mrs. Richard McDonald* have
beeu visiting their son, Richard, at Chaudler.
The literary was well attended lost Friday night: Mr, Walker was appoint­ ed critic. The next qnestion for debate is, Resolved, that fire is more distructivu than water, the leaders are Heurv Whit­ sell and Will Walker.
The famous Specialists from the
Chicago i Metropolitan»Sanitarium
A Pointer lor Harry. Cbnm>'erlnin Register:—If Brer Went-
zy is really desirousot having a yonug lady helder as he advertised last weel we would respectfully refer him to the Graphic matrimonial bureau, lie's young and dashing and by the aid of ih»4>areHU ought to succeed, v i-
Two lirlglit Girls. Chamberlain Register:—Miss Edith
Sedgwick ot Pukwana and Miss Nellie Plummer of Kimball were in the city Saturday calling ou friends. These two young ladies are among the brightest oF Brule county teachers, and each is making a success of tlie work in the school room. They are now planning to go to Madisou the comming school year and if they go, will complete the course. Should they do so tlie ltagister expects to hear of them in the future as having attainod high rank in the frofes- sion.'
Clul> Dance. The next duo dance will be held at
tha ooera-house on Tuesday evening of the coming week, Feb. 1. The music will tie furnished by Domenieo Toca, the Sioux City harpist. A cordial invita­ tion is extended to the public and a speciai invitation to the people from the country. Tickets, 11.00. Spectators 15 cts two admissions for 25; children, U; cents. 3y special request, Toce wil give a short concert program from 8 to 9 o'clock, for the benefit of those who desire te hear bis exquisite playing but do not care to dance.
Union. ,"r*H Jim Havlik drove to Kimball Saturday. JimBeruuek went to Bijou Bills to
run a cornsheller last week and returned home Monday.
II. Nelson was doing some business In Pukwana.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Tipton droye to Chamberlain Friday.
V. Fousek was marketing hogs iu Pukwana Monday.
Miss Tillio Martinson is quite ill with luug trouble.
A mock legislature Wi;s organized Tui-sday with 24 tncinbi*is. They meet on Tuesday evenings at Vega school house.
Torres' l.nke A model Dakota winter. ] Martin Kllingsen haj gone to North
lXikot.i to visit friends. Tlie school board of Torrey Lake has
been reinforced by the appointment ot threo new members in accordance witli the late school law, and now consists ot six members, each having a voice ia ail business ijatters.
Rev. Wm. Underwood administered> to a number of candidates at Newtou last Sunday and two members were added to the church.
Harry Mayuard left last Wednesday for his homo in Wisconsin.
Reuiig Geiger, au old resident of Torrey Lake, is moving to a farm ^ear Wl.ito Lake which he has rented.
Knut Gabrielson is on tlie sick- llfcl suffering from the effeots of a severo cold.
••lain field. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bickuer drove to
Cli:unbcriain on business Saturday. Miss Mary Pauleon will continue
teaching another term of school at No. 2. Jas. Taylor. Joo Kane aud Eugene
Wallace are contemplating "a rido" on the A. O. U. W. "goal"
Will Taylor is once more able to be around after a severe injury received by being thrown from a horse.
Mrs. Wm. Jones, May McKittncl Gertrudo Vogus, Halver and Todd Hal yerson spent Friday evening at J. < Wallaces.
Eric Hanson has beeu very ill. but ai the present writing is slowly improving. Dr. Rogers, of Whito Lake, is treating him.
Those from Plainfiel.l who enjoyed the services at the M, E. church in Kimball Sunday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Taylor and family and Thomas Gallnger
and will re:uniu
O N E W E E K During that time they wish to examine ev.iry .-v.iff >ri \g p'
the community.
Consultation and Examination Free. Tbis is an opportunity to be cured that in ly n.'ver pr 11311I its >lf a.^ain and
sbonld be taken immediate advantage of by 1 verv one who suffers If you have any disease of th i Stoaiac'ie, Kidneys, Liver, BoweK Nervous System; if you have Cancer, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Paralysis or any chronic Disease, of what­ ever nature,
Kimball'sLar g est Store.
There Are Gold Mines Right At Home
—for people who have learned that the road to wealth is right buying. We know people who have paid $2.00 for shoes not as good as we sell for Si.50; and they were people who needed every cent they had, too.
If they followed the same course in their other buying, its no wonder they failed to make headway in saving up something for a rainy day.
And that reminds us—for rainy days we have a matchless assortment of rub­ bers and overshoes, We can save you money cn them too.
SelZ"ontheSol8 of the shoes that you buy.
Our Holiday trade lias been highly satisfactory, and now it is our determination to offer goods at such low prices that our .January and Fcbnrary business will be fully as good. No "98" prices for us. We have a stock of clothing, boots and shoes and all kinds of merchan­ dise on which we…

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