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The Myth of Manhood

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The Myth of Manhood. Be a Man. The last time someone told you to “man up” or “be a Man” what were they telling you to do? Examples: Jump off something, fight someone, try a drug, chug a beer drink shots, don’t cry, etc…. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Myth of Manhood

  • The Myth of Manhood

  • Be a ManThe last time someone told you to man up or be a Man what were they telling you to do? Examples: Jump off something, fight someone, try a drug, chug a beer drink shots, dont cry, etc.What names are boys called if they dont conform to the stereotype of a Real Man?What is the purpose of these labels?

  • Pop Culture Images of Successful Men

  • According to Pop Culture What Makes a Man Valuable?Make a list on the board

    How are real men portrayed in video games, music videos, television, movies and other media?

  • The Three BsBall fieldBillfoldBedroom

    FALLACY- a mistaken belief

  • Ball Field FallacyPhysical ability makes you a MAN.How strong, how swole, how athletic you are makes you a MAN.The better man is the one who is bigger, stronger or faster.

  • Great Ballplayers Are Great Men?Some great athletes are great role models.Some great athletes are poor role models.What do you think? Does athletic ability make you a Man? Click on picture below to watch video #1.Click on Mike to watch video #2.

  • Billfold FallacyHow much money you have makes you a MAN.How much bling you show off is what makes you a MAN.The better man is the richer, flashier man.

  • Wealth Makes a Man?What do you think?

    Does wealth define a great man?

  • Bedroom Fallacy

    How many women you sleep with makes you a MAN.The better man is the one who has more women.

  • What Do You Think?Click on center picture for video

  • Case in point / Tiger WoodsTiger was extremely successful on the ballfield, his billfold is that of small countries, and he has slept with many beautiful women.Would you say Tiger is a great example of a highly successful man?Why not?

  • What are the Effects of the 3 Bs?

    For men?For women?

    What do you think are the contributing sources of the warped values of the three Bs?

  • Health Consequences The 3 Bs are stereotypes, distorted images of manhoodDont reflect the qualities needed for becoming a successful person, father, husband, friend

    Believing that a real man is:Bigger and faster-increases risk for steroid usePhysically dominant -increases risk for violenceTough-makes it difficult to express feelings, ask for helpHas lots of partners-makes it difficult to have a healthy, committed relationship, increases risk for STIs and for causing unintended pregnancy

  • Think About a Man You RespectWhat role does he play in your life?What does he do to earn your respect?How does he treat others?

    (Make list on board)

  • Is it difficult to be a true man?Compare both list.Where are the traits like caring, understanding, and loving? Is it surprising many men have difficulty expressing emotions?Which list portrays the kind of man you want to be or the kind of man you want to be with?

  • American Crisis / World crisisDestructive cycle- Men today are often under pressure to conform to two roles that do not match each other.Being a successful man based on the warped values of ballfield, billfold and bedroom do not match with being a successful father and husband.This leads to broken homes and absent fathers. This absence leaves an opening for pop cultures three Bs to strongly influence a child of an absent father.It is a crisis cycle that makes true manhood increasingly rare!

  • Joe EhrmannCoach for America mission:To inform, inspire and initiate individual, communal and societal change that will empower men and women to be their very best personally, professionally and relationally.

    NFL Films Present: Joe Ehrmann

  • MasculinityWhat do you think about Coach Ehrmanns version of masculinity?How is it different from the 3 Bs?How do you want to be remembered?

  • Is Manhood in Crisis?Do you think we are faced with a crisis of manhood?How can we help change this negative trend?

  • What We Can DoRecognize that the 3 Bs are stereotypes, distorted images of what it means to be a man. What really matters is our impact on others, especially those we love.Challenge negative messages about manhood in our own lives and among our friends.


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