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  • WTAMU, based on the rec-ommendation of the parking com-mittee and approval by Dr. Patrick OBrien, will implement a single parking permit in the fall of 2012. This will change zone parking to open parking, which will be avail-able to anyone with a valid parking permit. Exceptions include visitor parking, handicap parking, ire lane areas, loading zones and parking spots marked by signs. According to the WT Parking

    Space Utilization Report, 1,635 citations were issued to people parked in the incorrect zones during fall 2011. The report also shows that an average of 394 park-ing spots located in the interior of campus were not being used due to zone restrictions. While people would like to park interior to the campus they cant because they have these different zones, Vice President of Business and Finance Gary Barnes said. We are trying to maximize the eficien-cy of the parking.

    PrairieTuesday, May 1, 2012 Volume 94, Issue XXVIIthe


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    INSIDESPORTS:WT soccer gets ready for fall 2012 season.

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    NEWS:Amendment to allow part-time students in Student Government fails to pass.

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    ONLINE:Check online for additional reporting throughout the week.

    CAMPUS LIFE:Annual storytelling festival brings guest artist Barbara McBride-Smith.

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    FEATURE:Stacy Saultz wins two advertising scholarships.

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    Parking continued on p. 6

    PHOTO BY ALEX MONTOYAFormer President George W. Bush with the wounded warriors who participated in the 100K race.

    Step team hosts competition

    Step team continued on p. 11

    The Texas Panhandles irst step compe-tition took place at WTAMU on April 27.Men of E.X. Clusive and Lady E.X. Clusive, WTs own step teams, hosted the event in Mary Moody Northen Hall at 7 p.m.Local step teams, including the Amarillo Venom dance team, the Texas Tech step team, Greater Love Temple youth step team and Tas-cosa High Schools soloist, Joel Miller, partici-pated in the contest.Vice President of Lady E.X. Johnae Walton, a Nursing major, said hosting the show was a chance to have fun.Its one big competition. Were actually not competing in this one because we hosted it, Walton said. Its just a great time really.Walton is a founding member of WTs Lady E.X. and is celebrating her second year with the close-knit group.[The step teams] have become my family, Walton said.Loud cheers erupted from the audience when 16-year-old Joel Miller graced the stage.[It took me about] 30 minutes to come up with a routine, Miller, Tascosa step captain, said. Four of us [from Tascosa] were supposed to open for the competition, but they bailed and I had to step up to the plate.

    100K continued on p. 3

    100K mountain bike ride honors wounded warriorsMARIA MOLINAEDITORApril 27 marked the second day of the Warrior 100K mountain bike ride dedicated to the U.S. service men and women wounded during combat.There are 19 of us here and it is just a testament to all of us who have overcome these traumatic instances, overcome these obstacles, these barriers to get here, Melissa Stockwell, a First Lieutenant of the U.S. Army and member of the Board of Directors for the Wounded Warrior Project, said. Having President Bush here as our leader and just support riding with us and being there at the

    inish line is what America is all about, and I think we are all extremely proud Americans with our injuries and with what we have

    overcome. Stockwell said Palo Duro Canyon is a beautiful place with well-maintained routes, an opinion shared by many of the partici-pants at the bike ride. This is absolutely beautiful, said John P. Szczepanowski, Gunnery Sergeant with the U.S. Marine Corps and a wounded warrior program coordinator. Mathew [one of his colleges] and I are both from San Diego so we came out here and witnessed some of these Texans hospitality. It is just something I will never forget.Dan Gade, U.S. Army Major, said there were a couple of places around the route that, because of his leg amputation, are too steep. However, there were people posi-tioned in these locations ahead of time to help him and others who needed it.

    WT will change parkingLISA HELLIERSTAFF WRITER

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    1,500. It is printed by The Amarillo Globe-News.

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    redress of grievances.- First Amendment to the

    U.S. Constitution

    FEATURE2 May 1, 2012www.theprairienews.comPrairiethe

    JORDAN FRYSTAFF WRITERStacy Saultz, a WTAMU junior Advertising and Public Relations major, is the recipient of two advertising scholarships a $2,500 national Advertising Hall of Fame Legacy Fund Scholarship awarded by the American Advertising Federation and a $1,500 Advertising Education Foundation of Houston Scholarship.

    According to the American Advertising Foundation (AAF), the Advertising Hall of Fame Legacy Fund Scholarship was established to relect the high ideals of the Advertising Hall of Fame and encourage future advertising leaders.

    Candidates are evaluated on their academic achievements and volunteer efforts within the community. The scholarship provides inancial assistance to an undergraduate student in his or her junior year who demonstrates a strong desire to pursue a

    career in the advertising industry.The Advertising

    Education Foundation of Houston Scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate commitment to the communications industry with internship or work experience, industry activities and participation in communications professions or campus organizations. This scholarship is typically reserved for Houston area residents.Saultz received one of nine Legacy scholarships and one of 11 AEFH scholarships. The University has had students receive similar scholarships, but Saultz is the irst to receive these particular scholarships.Im really excited, Saultz said. It will help me out tremendously next year. Its a big blessing.Saultz applied for the scholarships after hearing about them from Lori Westermann, an instructor of Mass Communication, during an Ad/PR Society meeting.

    Im thrilled she took the initiative and applied for the scholarships, Westermann said. I tell my students all the time that they can compete against other students and this is visible representation of that.Westermann said while hundreds of students applied for these scholarships, she cant think of anyone more deserving than Saultz.Stacy represents the best of our students in this program. She is an extremely hard-working and selless team player, she said. Shes so selless that she didnt even tell anyone she won these scholarships.Westermann was taken aback when one of the AEFH board members congratulated her for having one of her students win one of the scholarships. She thought he was mistaken, but he took out his phone and said it was Saultz.She said she didnt want to make a big deal of it, Westermann said. Then she

    said I was probably going to be mad because she also won a Legacy scholarship. Shes not one to draw attention to herself.Saultz currently serves as the secretary of the Ad/PR club and is brand manager and a presenter for Buffalo Advertising, the Universitys National Student Advertising Team.

    Saultz said she feels working with the NSAC team helped further her into advertising.

    In all aspects, it was a great thing to be a part of and it was the best real world-type

    situation for advertising, she said. It really showed me what the industry will be like.After graduating, Saultz would like to work for a

    non-proit or cause-oriented organization and Westermann feels that Saultzs selless nature would make her the right it.

    Its great to see someone as gifted as her take her selless spirit into these organizations, she said. Thats where her heart is and its refreshing and authentic.

    WTAMU student wins advertising scholarships

  • NEWS3 May 1, 2012www.theprairienews.comPrairiethe

    WTAMU Student Senate amendment fails to passKRYSTINA MARTINEZ ASSISTANT EDITOR


    100K continued from p. 1

    Top Left: (L-R, foreground) Dan Gade, U.S. Army Major; former President George W. Bush and Melissa Stockwell, U.S. Army