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Text of THE ROBB FAMILY Philly Deaf Ministries – DEAF MISSIONS

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THE ROBB FAMILY Philly Deaf Ministries DEAF MISSIONS Slide 2 The Growing Girls (Our 2 nd family) Slide 3 Loving Sisters So Far! Slide 4 Isaac is a Minister in Training Two of the campers that Isaac worked with this year Just got braces off and lovin it!. Hes on the Bible Quiz team again. Worked at Public Library last year. Serves in philly Deaf kids ministry. Slide 5 Andrew is a Masterpiece in the Making Hes finding his way, a bit, in the shadow of his older brother, but has his own talents. Andrew is our photo artist. He loves nature photography, (and would love a digital SLR camera to do that).. His attention to detail is incredible. Drew is our hugger and is highly sensitive to spiritual things. Hes on the Bible Quiz Team. Slide 6 Newlyweds! Slide 7 Philly Deaf Ministry Slide 8 Other Deaf Missions Activities Husband and Father! (my first congregation : ) Local community interpreting Participation in local multi-org ministry activities Serving as the Penn-Del District Deaf Min. Coord. Serving NF as webmaster and interpreter role Serving AG as GC interpreter Teaching ASL class at Valley Forge Christian College as adjunct faculty. Slide 9 Deaf Missions Prayer Requests Monthly Support has dropped a bit with the economy. Not long ago, community interpreting was a choice for making contacts, but has become a financial necessity to meet our monthly budget. Deaf church (Philly Deaf) Care Leaders Retreat is coming up in Oct., when well plan the 2012 calendar. Darryl is a Deaf man who just prayed for salvation last weekend; he needs a miracle in his life from God 20 year wedding anniv. Last month. Pray for 30 more!