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The Roost- Issue 1

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The very first issue was never intended to be a issue at all. Originally a A5 zine it covers two rounds of the NSW state series, nsw club rounds and a interview with young talent Brent Smith.

Text of The Roost- Issue 1

  • Roostthe issue 01

  • Race Ourimbah State rd 2 StrOmlO State rd 3 the ClubberS Guide

    Unrated the brent Smith interview

    tO ShOOt dirt Or SlinG mud uSinG yOur tireS


    all words and photos by robert Conroy except where noted General and advertorial enquiries can be made at:

    [email protected]

  • Race

  • hammer To Fall ourimbah nsw Dh rounD 2 14 - 15Th may

  • Ourimbah State Forest was the host to round two of the State Series, the new temporary home of the states best racers. This was a familiar track for many, with it being in such close proximity to Sydney, as well as being the local track for CCOMTB club racers. Ourimbah has also made appearances in previous State Series and racers were going in with thoughts of long pedal sections and a great

    need of good fitness. The track is quite widely known as a flat track. An unfair criticism, as it does have quite steep descents in its upper and lower sections. Perhaps this criticism remains because of one particularly hard pedal in its mid section. In the end the hard pedal lasts no longer than fifteen seconds, but it is this section that can easily determine the difference between a average racer and a strong one with the fitness to match the skill!


  • Day 1 Early Saturday morning the sun was shining, riders registration was underway and the official start of practice was near. Some racers had been up earlier in the week for some sneaky practice and the word in the shuttle bus was that the top section had been completely changed, like a pumptrack. This left many anxious to get to the top to find out exactly what changes had been made. First runs of the day were now happening and the shuttle goss was indeed correct, the top section had been changed. The course now slightly altered, took a different to route its predecessor. New tight highly groomed berms were linked with rollers for riders to pump, some racers liked the changes whilst others were wishing they had brought their hardtails. Many were seen doing push runs to try and master the section and with the dry and dusty conditions, it was difficult to perfect.

    Another big change was the inclusion of two big table tops following the upper section. Riders were having to carry their speed to clear them or risk being thrown over the handlebars. The mid section was running fast and was a relatively straight forward affair with little line choice needed in the rock garden. From there it was a quick plunge into freight train and then it was time to stand up, pedal and dodge those trees heading into the dry and loose berms that dominate the bottom section. The final section was a quick sprint into some drops and jumps before heading for the finishing line. Maintaining flow and speed necessary.Practice remained fairly relaxed throughout the day and as the runs began to accumulate, sections were really beginning to wear in with ruts and holes forming. Again there were problems with the shuttles, with waits averaging an hour and reports of

  • waits as long as an hour and a half. Racers were notably disgruntled especially with the high entry fees the state round brings. Hopefully this problem will be fixed before round three. As evening approached practice ended and with the race fairly close to Sydney and many of the riders, Central Coast locals, most opted to head home. Would the interstate guys be at a disadvantage? Could a racers own bed put them psychologically in front for the race day ahead?

    Day 2 Sunday morning, race day, a chilled affair under the winter sun. Practice was short, only two and a half hours before shuttles stopped. Most were dialling in their lines or just trying to perfect that little section. Sunday also saw the arrival of a few who had missed Saturday practice. They were seeing the changed track for the first time, hopefully they would be able to get up to speed in time. There was a wait between the end of practice and race times, a period dealt with differently by everyone. Some were relaxing trying to get into race mode, others were eating up or socialising before their start time came around. All racers were cruelly teased with promises of beer on tap, but sadly they were all to be refused until completion of their race run. Racing began with elite male and female seeding runs first and under 19s seeding



  • runs in tow, followed by the main field who took to the course for their sole race runs. Seeding in the mens was taken out by Brad Kelly, despiterecently having taken some time off, this was his home track and he was the man to beat. He didnt disappoint putting a solid 5 seconds between himself and his closest rival, Tim Eaton. Chris Barlin put in a solid seeding run to come in third. In the elite female group, Sarah Booth seeded well with a clear margin on Tegan Molloy. In the Under 19s Joe Vejvoda took out the top seeding, followed by Thomas Crimmins and Dean Evans.

    Supporters were out in force as finals time arrived and upon entering waynes shit corner riders were graced with a cacophony of noise (or silent cheer) and some times, just that little bit of exposed flesh. This spot was steadily joined by retiring racers and was the place to be as the afternoons racing wore on. The racing was close in the under 19s with the top three place getters recording a time within the one second. David McMilan took the win, separated by just half a second from Crimmins and Jake Newell came in third just 0.79 off the pace. Sadly Joe Vejvoda was unable to repeat his seeding triumph, placing 6th. A solid effort from the round one winner before he heads overseas.

    Sarah Booth capitalised on her seeding run in elite women and took out the win, a full 10 seconds in front of Jo fox in second and Danielle Beecroft pushed home hard for third. The elite mens finals ran almost parallel to the seeding session earlier in the day, with the top spot changing so quickly, it was if they were playing musical chairs. In the end it was the local hero, Brad Kelly who took the win hammering out a 3:11:73 smashing the field by almost 8 seconds. The fight for the rest of the podium was fierce and mimicking the Under 19s earlier podium efforts. Three of the riders came home within a second of one another. Tim Eaton put in a strong ride for second place followed by Sydney local, Chris Barlin for third, leaving Cody Eichhorn chasing hard for fourth. The end of the second round saw Tim Eaton take the overall lead into Canberra, the third round of the State Series. Will he be able to take out top place at what is essentially his home track? Finally thanks to all the supporters and especially to Rocky Trail Entertainment for organising the event. r



  • 01. Cillian Kennedy Finals Waynos Shit Corner 02. Thomas Crimmins Style in the rock garden 03. Curly on the wrenches 04. Jack Moir, 05. Luke Simpson 06. Sarah Booth, Cornering Hard finals run 07. Conor Bullard



  • 01.

  • COMFORTHIGH WINDS AND Freezing COLD, A Race of luxuries in the Countrys Capital.

    CANBERRA NSW State DH RounD3 11-12 June


  • 02.

  • A month after round two the State Series headed south to Canberra deep in the heart of the Australian Capital Territory. It was here at Mt Stromlo, in the shadow of the Brindabella Mountains, that racers would take to the dirt for round three. Previous host to both a World Cup and a World Champs, this is not a track to be trifled with, frequent yells of rider down were heard on the hill all weekend with some of the toughest sections in the New South Wales series on offer. The weather was cold all and although the rain never came, the sun seldom shone and the wind played havoc on both the course and riders.

    DAY 1The Mt Stromlo track is not one for the faint of heart. The first one hundred meters consists of two harsh rock gardens no more than 10 pedal strokes from the gate. The first is fairly straight forward with a smooth rock slope down into two line choices of either a rock hop between two small boulders or an even gnarlier b-line. Part two of the rock garden is equally perilous with essentially two line choices, a outside line which is the faster option involving two rock drops or an inside line which was a little slower but equally as nasty. Those with a keener eyes were able to spot a third line, mixing between the two main lines which definitely looked faster. These rockgardens proved to be the bane of both machine and man, flat tires and flying riders were a frequent occurrence. Passage through this section was made even more perilous by the powdery consistency of the dirt, where what seemed like solid ground could easily be a 10cm hole of the powdery good stuff.

    The shuttles were running a lot faster at this round and many thanks have to go out to organisers as this meant riders were seeing a lot more of the track (up to 8 runs a day on Saturday) and spectators were treated to some serious action.

    01. Cody Eichorn surveying the canberra landscape02. Brandon Yrttiaho in the Rock Garden03. David Sharp pinned run in the afternoon light04. Ben Power finals 05. Marcelo Cardona 06. Joel Willis 07. David McMillan




  • Unfortunately the weather was equally as unforgiving despite the sun shining through most of the middle section of the course, high winds affected both the bridge crossing and triple treat. Advancing further down toward the road gap first blood any expectation of relief was dashed with many opting for the b-line rather than risk the strong breezes that were throwing riders off their lines. It wasnt until riders hit the flowing wallaby run that they were able to escape the breeze, now protected by the trees from behind and the imposing 4x hill in front. Nathan Rennie, was trackside fulfilling his role of coaching the next breed of junior racers for the AIS, all of whom were in training for the World Champs in Champery later this year. With young guns such as Conner Fearon, Brandon Yrttiaho and other fast junior compatriots looking to shake things up in the elite field, who would be able to put the juniors in their place and take the win come race day. Day 2Awaking 6am on Sunday to a warm Canberra sunrise (a chilly zero degrees, thrilled!), riders headed back to the wind magnet of a hill that is Mt Stromlo. Practice was underway bright and early with many wanting to get in runs before the early cut off, as racing got underway at 11:30. Little had changed with the track over night, still no rain, but the wind was as fierce as ever making the mid section practically unbearable. A simple case of get in and get out minimising that time in the wind as much as possible.

    As organisers were setting up for the race, riders were very happy to hear there would be No Pedal Section! Finally riders were spared the pain of the UCI ruling to extend the track and could race to the proper finish at the bottom of the hill. A prominent feature in controversy from World Cups to Nationals as well as previous State rounds. Is this the right thing? After all it does present a challenge. Regardless of the politics, the racers were happy to be spared the gut wrenching anguish of a sprint after the buffeting winds on course.

    Racing followed the usual pattern, beginning with Under 19s seeding, Dean Evans took out top spot for finals followed by Jake Newell and Trent Piribauer who were separated by only three hundredths of a second. Times would be tight come the finals. Sarah Booth took out seeding for the second race in a row in Elite Females in

    front of Danielle Beecroft. Tim Eaton seeded just one second up on youngster Brandon Yrttiaho and after reportedly knocking himself out in the rock garden in the previous day of practice, Conner Fearon was able to slot in for third. In U17s current series leader Brent Smith had a dicey run coming in at eighth leaving the way open for Andrew Crimmins to take the win, a clear eight seconds in front of Fergus Cowan.

    A fall on Saturday had left Angus McCarthy with a fractured elbow but braving the pain he powered into the hot seat managing to stave off rider after rider, until Liam Towers knocked him back. Angus finally landed in 6th place, not bad for someone with such an injury. Towers had barely warmed the seat when he was replaced by Conor Bullard and then it was down to the final three. Piribauer one upped his seeding run finding those valuable seconds to beat Newell and secure second place. Last rider down, Dean Evans was able to retain his lead by just six hundredths of a second for first. In the Elite Female final Sarah Booth appeared charging home to steal the win leaving Danielle Beecroft and Joanne Fox to fight it out for second and third respectfully.

    It was now time for the elite to get juniored as Tim Eaton put it. There was definitely a heavy presence of the younger pinners in the Elite Finals and they werent holding back. After a poor qualifying Brad Kelly took the hot seat early on and held it a long time, until the final 4 of the day came through. Jeremy Powell put it on the line for 4th place putting half a second on Brad Kelly but eyes were already searching the treeline as the final riders approached. What time would Fearon put down? A time of 2: 19: 75, that put him in the hot seat with just two more riders to go, fellow junior team mate Yrttiaho and local Tim Eaton. Fearon and Yrttiaho had been battling it out in the Nationals all summer but today it was Yrttiaho who would come out on top with a time of 2:17: 53 placing a two second gap on Fearon. Final rider of the day Tim Eaton was on course, he seemed to be on a good run but it just wasnt enough and came home just in front of Conner Fearon for second. This race was the main feature of a long weekend for many and so a great deal of thanks have to go to race organisers and volunteers who gave up their free time to make this race as good as it was. Bring on Coffs Harbour! r

  • 06.




  • A Grade 1st Matt Fleming Clarence St 2nd Mitchell Codner SORCC 3rd Matt Potter Sutherland

    B Grade 1st Tim Bateman 2nd Murray Mackne 3rd Brendon Hill

    C Grade 1st Greg Jarvis-McCann Sutherland 2nd Kirin Kindop 3rd Josh Browning Sutherland

    U/17 1st Riley King WSMTB 2nd Luke Rudloff Sutherland 3rd Kye Gardini Sutherland

    U/13 1st Ben Metcalfe Sutherland 2nd Liam Mackne Sutherland

    wINTER scxc saTuRday 25Th JuNE 2011

    A Grade 1st Matt Potter Sutherland 2nd Troy Glennan Rockstart Racing B Grade 1st Brendon Hill 2nd Mark McInnes 3rd Thomas Lau U/13 1st Ben Metcalfe Sutherland2nd Tobias Price (fastest tt)

    Winter scxc saturday 14th May 2011

    SSCCSutherland Shire Cycling Club

    UPCOMING RACESWinter Races - Saturday 30th of July 2011 - Saturday 27th of August 2011 - Saturday 10th of September 2011 Summer Series - Wednesday 5th of October 2011

    Futher Info:

  • WMBCWollongong Mountain Bike Club

    Male OPEN 2 laps Overall Lap Time 1.Nicholas Hoye 1:12:152.Jonathan Battle 1:16:263.Byron Hillis 1:14:44 Female OPEN 2 laps Overall Lap Time 1.Bree Webb 1:15:54 Male U13 1 lap Overall Lap Time 1.Riley King 0:40:442.Ben Metcalfe 0:45:00 Male U15 2 laps Overall Lap Time 1.Callum Carson 1:05:49

    Male U17 1 lap Overall Lap Time1.Conner Odwyer 0:38:49 Male U19 1 lap Overall Lap Time 1. ryan keegan 0:44:56 Male Master 2 laps Overall Lap Time 1.Doug Pollock 1:01:562.Ian King 1:08:293.Scott Carson 1:13:50

    Male Veterans 2 laps Overall Lap Time 1. Nathan Potter 1:05:442. Andrew Mein 1:10:073.David Smith 1:12:26

    Due to a mistake by the organisers of the race calendar who forgot about Mothers Day, 23 riders competed on a glorious Autumn morning. The race was shortened to a 2 lap sprint so as to get everyone back to their family obligations as quickly as possible. Doug Pollock had to be stopped after a blistering 2 laps thinking that he still had a lap to go. It was the same story with 2nd placed Nathan Potter who was concentrating on catching Doug and trying to get rid of Callum Carson (U15) who rode an excellent race. Ian King snapped his chain but luckily had spares in his pocket so got back on track pretty fast. Kegs from Avanti Plus flatted out and decided that the walk back was enough exercise for the morning. Riley King and his best mate Ben rode their hearts out for a close finish in the Under 13 division.Even though the race numbers were low, everyone had a good morning, including the numerous kids who ended up riding an easy loop located at the start of the main track. Thanks to Sugar Cube who provided free coffee vouchers for 20 entrants and to Chocolate Foot who donated 2 entries for the up coming Rock Wallaby race. Winners of the entries were Geoff Volk and Doug Pollock.Dekka


  • Male OPEN 3 Laps Overall Time1.Nicholas Hoye 1:51:052.Andrew Mein 1:52:273.Simon Ballard 1:58:13 Female OPEN 3 Laps Overall Time1.Danielle Pollock 1:55:40 Male U13 1 Lap Overall Time 1.Riley King 0:40:002.Ben Metcalfe 0:42:06

    Male U15 2 Laps Overall Time1.Callum Carson 1:09:542.Patrick Mazzetti 1:37:583.Aidan Kampers 1:57:21 Male U17 1 Lap Overall Time 1.Conner ODwyer 1:52:55 Male U19 1 Lap Overall Time1.Ryan Connell 0:34:54 2.Rhys Flahive 0:38:443.Lachlan Nichols 0:41:40 Masters 3 Laps Overall Time1.Ian King 1:39:452.Scott Defina 1:43:483.Nathan Potter 1:45:30

    Male Veterans 3 Laps Overall Time1.David Smith 1:59:122.Elvio Fernandez 1:59:103.Pete tydeman 2:13:20

    The sun came out as the rain finally stopped for 40 riders including 5 new riders to contest round 3 of our point-score. It was touch and go all week whether a race would be possible owing to the amount of rain that fell. I was talking to a local and he told me that his 20,000 litre water tank went from dead low to overflowing in 2 days, something that he hadnt seen before. The track held up and dried out extremely well. Race times were surprising with Ian King blasting out mid to low 30 minute laps. Nathan Potter chased hard but had U15 rider Callum Carson to contend with who wouldnt let go of him.That abruptly ceased when Callum decided to wash himself and his bike in the refreshing waters of the creek. Riley King (U13) made it a father/son double when he pumped out a 40minute lap, a time which is his personal goal to break. The new riders survived with wow that is one hell of a track smile on their faces. Danielle Pollard continued her form from last weeks 8 hour race by winning the womens section. Doug was side lined with illness and was happily coaching his daughters around the kids loop track. A big thanks goes to Kegs at Avanti Plus Wollongong who donated prizes for after the race and his overall support.A very special mention with our thoughts goes out to Gwyn who was in NZ due to the sudden passing of his brother.Our computer timing program ,which is Gwyns baby missed his tender touch and refused to co-operate which is an interesting concept in personal relationships and technology. Scott Carson who has previously had a good working relationship with Gwyns baby ended doing manual timing which is not easy just so we could post fair results. Overall it was a good day!Dekka



    -Sunday the 3rd of July 2011-Sunday the 14th of August 2011-Sunday the 4th of September 2011-Sunday the 10th of October 2011

    Further Info:

  • Grade Club Time A Grade1. Brad Kelly CCOMTB 03:15.202. John Farrow Dl 03:29.123. Nash Kent CCOMTB 03:29.57

    UNDER 191. Brad Jolliffe CCOMTB 03:35.222. Mitchell Scott CCOMTB 03:38.683. Alistair Martin WSMTB 03:46.38

    B Grade1. Andrew Whealy CCOMTB 03:47.402. Tommy Cohen CCOMTB 03:55.063. Tim Threadgate CCOMTB 03:55.15

    UNDER 171. David Maggs CCOMTB 03:43.092. Ryan OLinn CCOMTB 03:44.603. Jacob Van Egmond CCOMTB 03:52.88

    Grade Club Time A Grade 1.Brad Kelly CCOMTB 03:25.032.Daniel Paine CCOMTB 03:27.353.Phillip Mitchell CCOMTB 03:38.76

    UNDER 19 1. Brad Jolliffe CCOMTB 03:40.592. Daniel Buckley CCOMTB 04:21.543. Patrick Neville Wollongong 05:16.63 B Grade 1. Andrew Whealy CCOMTB 03:50.822. Adam Thompson D/L 03:55.863. Adam Donaldson CCOMTB 04:03.95 UNDER 171. David Maggs CCOMTB 03:49.322. Jacob Walker S/Coast 03:50.353. Jacob Van Egmond CCOMTB 04:08.36

    CCOMTBCentral Coast Ourimbah Mountain Bike Club




    Grade Club Time A GRADE MEN 1. Tate Dogan 1:08:49 2. James Lamb 1:08:55 3. Jorge Baron Morris 1:12:01 B GRADE MEN 1.Fabian Guerrero CCOMTB 0:55:59 2. Max Richardson CCOMTB 0:56:42 3. Marty Lovell DL 0:56:57 A Grade Women 1. Lana Moy CCOMTB 1:04:34 2. Lindsay Gorrell CCOMTB 1:06:41 3. Emily May CCOMTB 1:08:04 A Grade Junior Men 1. Ethan Dowling CCOMTB 1:01:21 B Grade Junior Men 1. Jacob Van Egmond CCOMTB 0:38:32 2. Duke Millington CCOMTB 0:41:20 3. Reid Finney CCOMTB 0:44:11



    - Round 5 Sunday the 21th of August 2011 - Round 6 Sunday the 18 of September 2011 - Club Championships Sunday the 23rd of October 2011 - Round 7 Sunday the 30th of October 2011


    - Round 7 Sunday the 3rd of July 2011 - Round 8/Club Championships Sunday the 7th of August 2011 - Round 9 Sunday the 11th of September 2011 - Round 10 Sunday the 30th of October 2011

    Further Info:-

    Photos: Neil Thompson

  • A Grade Men 5 Laps Overall Time1.David Ludenia 1:39:17 2.Sebastian Jayne 1:41:57 3.Aaron Lakeman 1:43:34

    A Grade Women 4 Laps Overall Time 1.Phoebe Donovan 1:47:15

    B Grade Men 4 Laps Overall Time1.Ben Isaksen 1:22:11 2.Benjamin Green 1:23:44 3.Glen Pleffer 1:24:12 Singlespeed mixed 4 Laps Overall Time1.Michael Churchward 1:27:36 2.Stephen Tomczyk 1:33:32

    B Grade Women 3 Laps Overall Time 1.Di Brand 1:27:49 2.Angelika Goudis 1:54:35

    C Grade Men 3 Laps Overall Time 1.Nathan Johnston 1:07:39 2.Gavin Bigland 1:07:41 3.Jordan Lynch 1:07:53

    C Grade Women 2 Laps Overall Time1.Allana Mackertich 59:11 2.Zena Metcalfe 1:01:06 3.Montana Raggett 1:02:42

    A Grade Men Time1st.Josh Smith 02:04.12 2nd.David Maggs 02:14.68 3rdBen Leslie 02:23.02

    A Grade Women Time 1st.Vanessa Thompson 02:45.40 2nd.Jo Fox 02:47.72 3rd.Clare Ly 03:47.14

    B Grade Men1st.Brendan Cunning 02:31.60 2nd.Brad Thompson 02:34.82 3rd.Andrew Gunns 02:44.74

    Under 17s Men1st.Sacha Muranieda 02:58.89 2nd.Dean Muddle 03:09.99 3rd.James Hookham 03:42.58

    WSMTBWestern Sydney Mountain Bike Club




    -Round 4: Yellomundee Sunday 24th July 2011 -Round 5: Blue Gum Lodge Sunday 7th August 2011-Round 6: Yellomundee Sunday 11th September 2011-Club Championship: Yellomundee Sunday 23rd October 2011 DOWNHILL - Round 6: Pacific Park Sunday July 3rd - Round 7: Del Rio Sunday August 14th - Round 8: Del Rio Sunday September 25th - Round 9: Pacific Park Sunday October 9th - Round 10: Del Rio Sunday November 13th


    Further Info:

    Photo: Pinner

  • STATE SIDENSW MAJOR RACESJULY XC Shimano MTB Grand Prix RD 2 Awaba NSW Saturday the 16th of July 2011 Winter Warmers Series Frozen Fingers 3hr Merimbula NSW Sunday the 17th of July 2011 Banzai Lifecycle MTB Fitness Race RD 2 Awaba NSW Sunday the 17th of July 2011 3 Ring Circus Wingello State Forest, Southern Highlands Sunday the 31st of July 2011

    AUGUST XC Jet Black Western Sydney Mountain Bike 12 Hour Dargle Farm Saturday the 13th of August 2011 Pleasure and Pain Coffs Harbour NSW Sunday the 28th of August 2011 Shimano MTB Grand Prix RD3 Dargle Farm Sunday the 14th of August 2011 Single Track Mind Enduro no.4 Wingello State Forest NSW Sunday the 21st of August 2011

    JULY DH NSW State DH Round 4 Coffs Harbour Sat & Sun 9th-10th of July 2011

  • Unratedd

  • NAME, AgE AND HoMEToWN? I am 16 years of age and I live in Woronora Heights the Sutherland Shire NSW

    HoW loNg HAVE YoU BEEN RIDINg AND HoW DID YoU gET INTo MoUNTAIN BIKINg? I have been riding motorbikes of some description since I was 3years old, from thereI progressed into a couple of years in BMX. I came across the all schools event at Thredbo and thought I would give it a go. Since then my interest in mountain biking has been growing and growing rapidly. In my first year i started racing in U15s. I did the State Downhill series and Cross country series placing 2nd in the State championships in both. I have now been racing DH for 3 years and really enjoying it.

    WHAT Do YoU loVE MoST ABoUT RIDINg? The feeling when youre in the starting gate about to do your race run and your thinking why do I do this?

    YoU AlWAYS SEEM To HAVE SUCH A FloW AND STYlE To YoUR RIDINg. DoES THAT CoME NATURAllY oR IS IT SoMETHINg YoUVE PERFECTED oVER TIME? I feel riding a motorbike from a young age has helped develop my style. It has taught me how to handle a bike at high speed and on different terrains.

    WHAT ANIMAl WoUlD YoU CoMPARE YoUR RIDINg STYlE To? Maybe a cheetah.

    WHAT RIDERS HAVE INFlUENCED YoU? Defiantly Sam Hill and Troy Bronson. Just watching them succeed shows that any Australian can be up there at the top level.

    WHAT IS YoUR FAVoURITE RIDINg MoVIE SECTIoN? The Aaron gwin section in The Tipping Point

  • WHAT WAS YoUR BIggEST NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE oN A BIKE?None so far and I hope that it stays that way.

    WHAT APPRoACH Do YoU HAVE To TRAININg ARE YoU A gYM JUNKIE oR IS IT All ABoUT THAT TIME oN THE BIKE. RUN US THRoUgH AN AVERAgE WEEK? Nah, I m not a gym junkie, just a lot of road riding through the week followed through with some XC riding and core fitness work.

    KEEPINg IT CASUAl oR FACToRY? I try to keep it casual; I tend to buy the kits that no one else has. WHAT IS YoUR FAVoURITE TRACK? Awaba up near Newcastle because i think it is well designed with natural rock gardens and nice man

  • made jumps. The track suites my riding style, I really enjoy getting into the technical tracks.


    YoU ARE CURRENTlY RIDINg A KNollY. TEll US HoW THAT HooK UP CAME ABoUT. The deal was organised by Knolly Team Rider Alan Crisp . Al worked for Endeavour Cycles before

    moving to Canada where he joined the Knolly Team. While overseas he was keeping an eye on my results and when he returned to Australia for a visit, he asked me if I wanted to join the team. RECENTlY YoU WERE CRoWNED STATE CHAMPIoN IN UNDER 17S. HoW DoES THAT FEEl? It was a good feeling knowing all the effort had payed off but I know that I also have to keep putting in the hard yards to stay on top.


  • CHAMPIoNSHIP WIN WITH ANoTHER AT oURIMBAH BUT WERE UNABlE To THREEPEAT IN CANBERRA AND FINISHED A lITTlE oFF THE PACE. WHAT HAPPENED THERE? My foot came out in the top of the rock garden and was unable to get it back in, there was a mechanical issue with the pedal. I was trying to get back into that racing state of mind but it just wasnt happening.


    I have never raced at the track but i have been told that its fast and there are heaps of jumps on the track. So im looking forward to it.

    WITH THIS BEINg YoUR FINAl YEAR IN U17S, Do YoU THINK YoU ARE READY FoR THE CoMPETITIVNESS oF THE U19S FIElD?All the divisions I have raced in have been competitive so Im not worried about moving up into the 19s

    oVER THE PAST MoNTH, YoU HAVE BEEN FIlMINg WITH TY BoWMAKER FoR A RIDER BIo. WHAT WAS THAT lIKE AS AN EXPERIENCE? Its been really fun making a film with Ty; I have never been filmed riding Downhill before so it was really fun. It going to be really good to be able to show people the tracks I enjoy to ride and share with friends.

    lASTlY ANY SHoUT oUTS YoU WoUlD lIKE To MAKE.I like to say a big thanks to greg Ryan at T.W.E He has been helping me out for over a year and a half which I really appreciate, hopefully there will be many more years to come. Also a big thanks goes to my local bike shop and long term supporter Endeavour Cycles. They have always supported me in what I do, they really care about the people they support they always ask me how my racing is going. My good friend Alan Crisp who approached me to ride the new Knolly Podium thanks for all the support , I am really grateful for this opportunity and they really are the best bikes! last but not least I would like to say a big thanks to my parents for offering up their love time and money to help me in a sport that I love to do.




    FRAME Knolly Podium Medium sizeSHoCK Cane Creek Double BarrelFoRK Boxxer World Cups modifiedSTEM Sunline direct mountBARS Sunline 745HEADSET Cane CreekgRIPS Black oDI TlDSHIFTER Sram XoDERAIllEUR Sram Xo short cage BRAKES Avid Elixers 8stock rotorsSEATPoST T.W.E carbonSADDlE SDg Fly Ti railedCRANK Shimano SaintsB.B Shimano SaintRINg 36t MRPCHAIN gUIDE MRP g2CASSETTE Sram (the size changes depending on track) CHAIN ShimanoPEDAlS Shimano DX Clip- insWHEElSET Custom made T.W.ETYRES Maxxis Minnion FR &RRTUBES Unknown

    HoW loNg HAVE YoU HAD IT? Ive been on the Knolly now for about 10 months and could not be any happier with the bike.

    WHATS YoUR CURRENT SET UP lIKE?My Dad changes the settings for each track.I run modified world cups up front and a cane creek double barrel on the rear. The Podium is maintained by Endeavour Cycles mechanic Adam he does wonders helping get the bike setup for me and does sweet suspension work. WHATS THE BEST THINg ABoUT THE KNollY PoDIUM? The podium handles well in all situations and seem to have the grip down in any section on any trail. It glides like an eagle through the air and is as low as a caterpillar in the harshest of rock gardens.

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