The value of words § § Developing vocabulary to give better understanding of other words § § Developing links to emotion words for faster vocabulary building.

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One Hundred Words

One Hundred WordsThe value of words

Developing vocabulary to give better understanding of other words

Developing links to emotion words for faster vocabulary building

Developing better verbalization of emotion in conversation.

Emotion accounts for a large part of communication.

Therefore the need to understand the emotional values of words is vital for communication in ANY language. The idea behind the 100 words is to ....

know how many words or depth of vocabulary a student has.

use the words to give emotional values to the words from a base.

This will help the student think about each word differently.

It is not just a word but a value to a conversation and communicates values to the rest of the words.Therefore, the last page in this 100 Words section challenges the student to think about the emotional values of word they use. After this is worked through, the continued emphasis on these four areas which are critical to good communication.

Categorizing WordsOn the next page write down 100 words that you know.

1 - 25 use words that help you communicate TIME.

26 50 use words that help you communicate Basic ACTION.

51 - 75 use words using ing or MOVING words.

76 - 100 use words that tell EMOTIONS. Time1.__________2.__________3.__________4.__________5.__________6.__________7.__________8.__________9.__________10._________11._________12._________13._________14._________15._________16._________17._________18._________

19._________20._________21._________22._________23.________24._________25._________byanybeforeataroundforaboutlatersoonoftenforevermanyno timefrequentlyalwayssometimehourweekminuteFridayholidayOclockvacationweekendday7Action26._________27._________28._________29._________30._________31._________32._________33._________34._________35._________36._________37._________38._________39._________40._________41._________42._________43._________

44._________45._________46._________47._________48._________49._________50._________runwalkstudyspeakjumpdanceplaydigwatchovertalkmovepushskiphugtiedrinkplacebelchlurchjauntfool aroundtobyslurpMotion51._________52._________53._________54._________55._________56._________57._________58._________59._________60._________61._________62._________63._________64._________65._________66._________67._________68._________

69._________70._________71._________72._________73._________74._________75._________slidingseeingshoutingspeakinghelpingeatingtakingforwardbackwardupwardsidewaystowardaway fromgoing toside to sideto the next droopclenchedcareenbendlopestreamslinkshoppingstudying

Emotion76._________77._________78._________79._________ 80.___________81._________82._________83._________84._________



Writing Basic 1 ~~ Step 1

Choose one (1) time/ action/ motion /emotion word from the list. Write them in the boxes. u Hour / play / hitting /hardwvxNow you do 3 more from your list Writing Basic 2 ~~ Step 2

Step 2 Make a sentence with each of the four words. Write them in the boxes below. You can mix the order of the words to help you.u At five o'clock I play baseball, hitting the ball hard. vwxStep 3 Read them out loud in front of the class. Try three by yourself


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