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Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Their Eyes Were Watching God. Zora Neale Hurston 1930s. Characters. Janie-- wants love, independent?? Logan--farmer, loves Janie Jody--rich, powerful, Janie as a prize Teacake--young, attractive, gives Janie freedom. Plot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Their Eyes Were Watching God

  • Their Eyes Were Watching GodZora Neale Hurston1930s

  • CharactersJanie-- wants love, independent??Logan--farmer, loves JanieJody--rich, powerful, Janie as a prizeTeacake--young, attractive, gives Janie freedom

  • PlotJanie looking for love raised by grandma (mother raped by white teacher)Marries Logan for security only 1 yearMarries Jody for adventure 20 yearsMarries Teacake and goes to EvergladesHurricane and rabies, court sceneFlashback structure returning from burying Teacake

  • ThemesLoveFeminismRaceRural lifeMarriage

  • The Turn of the ScrewHenry James1890s

  • CharactersGoverness- protagonist/antagonist, sees ghosts, feelings for master, possible insanityMiles- manipulative, dies, expelled from school, orphanFlora- Supposed innocence, afraid of gov. sent away from Bly, orphanMrs. Grose- servant below gov. companion but possible manipulative as wellQuint and Jessel- former servant and gov. ghosts haunting the children, forbidden relationshipDouglass- keeper of gov. story, possibly loved her

  • PlotYoung Gov. arrives at Bly to care for children at request of Uncle.Gov. allowed no contact with Uncle.Sees ghosts and gets increasingly hysterical.Ends by smothering Miles?

  • ThemesMadnessOppression of femalesClass InequalitiesSupernaturalIsolation

  • The AwakeningKate Chopin1899

  • CharactersEdna- young wife and mother, discontent with social roleLeonce- controlling husbandM. Reisz- Independent artist type, not liked by societyAdele Ratignolle- typical mother-woman befriends EdnaRobert- loves Edna, wants to marry herAlcee- seduces Edna

  • PlotEdna awakens to her true self after attention from Robert.Moves out of her home and attempts independence with men.Fails to be both independent and intimate.Drowns in the sea.

  • ThemesSocial conventionsFeminismLove/possessionArt

  • Native SonRichard Wright1930s

  • CharactersBigger- young poor black, violent, fearful, chauffeurMary Dalton- rich white, ties with Communists, friendlyDaltons- rich family, try to help blacks but really oppressive with businessBessie- submissive, drunk, girlfriend to BiggerMax- lawyer, speech for Bigger

  • PlotBigger born to poverty in Black Belt, becomes chauffeur for whites.Accidentally kills Mary and blames it on CommunistsSearch for Bigger highlights oppression of blacksMax defends Bigger but loses

  • ThemesRaceClassFearIsolationViolence

  • One Flew Over the Cuckoos NestKen Kesey1950s

  • CharactersMcMurphy- hero figure, in jail, Christ comparisonNurse Ratched- hides sexuality, overly controllingChief Bromden- deaf, mute, Native-AmericanHarding- effeminate, dainty handsBilly Bibbit- stutters, innocentBlack aides- abuse power, rapists

  • PlotMental hospital completely run by Nurse.Mac comes in and rebels against her, raises the men up against the system.Mac is sacrificed through lobotomy.

  • ThemesRace ConformitySexualityGenderInsanity

  • The Tortilla CurtainT.C. Boyle1999

  • CharactersDelaney--rich, white liberal, writerKyra-- aggressive realtor, Candido--illegal mexican, America--illegal mexican,

  • PlotDelaney hits Candido w/ his carCandido desperate for work keeps having problems (injuries, fire, rape, mud slide)Delaney attacks Candido w/ a gunEnds with birth of baby but drowns and Candido grabs Delaney

  • ThemesRace HypocrisyImmigrationBorders/wallsAmerican DreamSurvival

  • Great GatsbyF. Scott Fitzgerald1920s

  • CharactersNick- narrator, Midwest, supposedly unbiasedGatsby- rags to riches, hunts DaisyDaisy- wealthy, voice of moneyTom- brutal, snob, cheaterMyrtle- wants to be upper class, very sexualGeorge- submissive, lower classJordan- gender contrast, careless, love interest with Nick

  • PlotNick moves East and befriends Gatsby and BuchanansGatsby reunited with Daisy only to be denied again due to his reputation

  • ThemesClassAmerican DreamMoralityTreatment of women

  • Huck FinnMark Twain1880s and pre-Civil War

  • CharactersHuck- white boy, matures, goes against society.Tom- very romanticized, imaginativeJim- runaway slave, very moral and logicalHucks dad- drunk, abusive, thiefKing and Duke- carpetbaggers, manipulative thievesWidow and Miss Watson- care for Huck, want to civilize him

  • PlotHuck fakes death and escapes from his father down river.Meets Jim and has many adventures always finding trouble and violence when on land.Huck ends up realizing society is wrong and decides to free Jim

  • ThemesRacismSatire- hypocrisyViolenceEducationMaturation

  • The CrucibleArthur Miller1690s and 1950s

  • CharactersProctor- protagonist, cheater, honorAbigail- antagonist, jealousHale- Rev. character changeMary Warren- weak, manipulated

  • PlotPuritan society, run by strict religion.No outlet for sins, emotions, ect.Town run by hysteria, revenge, power.Belief in innocence of children. Need a sacrifice to stop corruption.

  • ThemesConnection to McCarthyismReligionPowerIntoleranceHysteriaInnocenceLying/Manipulation

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