Things Not to Do as Freshmen

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1st Semester Survival GuideThings not to do as freshmen1. Don't procrastinate; prioritize your life.

By the time we reach college many of us become experts in avoiding tasks. Since the demands placed on first-year college students are high, it is important to enter the college knowing that you have to stop procrastination. Try to eliminate distractions, asses the task, give yourself deadlines and always remember the saying: Once begun, its half done!

2. Don't hesitate to ask for helpAdjusting to college life can be hard for many people. But there is always this person who will help you with course conflicts, adding or dropping courses, scheduling for future courses, deciding on majors etc. That is why you have to know your academic advisor. Also get to know more your professors and always ask for help when needed.

3. Dont be discouraged, but learn from itBeing overwhelmed is the feeling you would probably get on the first semester. But dont let all of that get in your way. One bad grade doesnt mean you are a failure. You may stumble, be stepped on, but remember to pick up yourself and you will succeed.

4. Dont study in your room.

Also, try to use an active study method such as making flashcards or writing your own quizzes. Its a lot less boring and a lot more effective than just looking over your professors slides. It may be your dorm room or a cozy corner of the library, but find a place that works best for you to get your work done.

5. Dont skip meals

A lot of problems first-year students face can be traced back to an illness that kept them away from classes for an extended period of time. Get enough sleep, take your vitamins, and eat right. Try not to skip a meal, but avoid fast food. Try to balance your food as much as you can and in that way you will stay healthy.

Meeting new people can be harder than calculus, but in the grand scheme of things its just as important. The simplest way to make connections in the classroom and on campus is to talk to people. Dont be afraid of introducing yourself, be liberal in opinion. Find yourself where you belong and try to invest in new friendships!