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2. GaeaGaea is the Earthgoddess. She matedwith herson Uranus toproduce theremaining Titans.Gaea seems tohave started as aneolithic earth-mother worshipped 3. Uranus is thesky god and firstruler. He is the sonof Gaea , whocreated him withouthelp. He then becamethe husband of Gaeaand together theyhad manyoffspring, includingtwelve of the Titans.His rule ended when 4. Cronus was theruling Titan who came topower by castrating hisFather Uranus. His wifewas Rhea. Thereoffspring were the firstof the Olympians. Toinsure his safety Cronusate each of the childrenas they were born. Thisworked until Rhea,unhappy at the loss ofher children, trickedCronus into swallowing arock, instead of Zeus.When he grew up Zeuswould revolt against 5. Rhea wasthe wifeof Cronus.Cronus made ita practice toswallow theirchildren. Toavoid 6. Oceanus isthe unendingstream ofwaterencircling theworld.Together with 7. Tethysis the wifeof Oceanus.Togethertheyproducedthe riversand the 8. Hyperion isthe Titan oflight, an earlysun god. He isthe sonof Gaea and Uranus. Hemarried hissister Theia. 9. Mnemosyne wasthe Titan ofmemory andthe motherof Muses. 10. Themis wasthe Titan ofjustice andorder. Shewas themother of 11. Iapetuswas thefatherof Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius, and Atlas by C 12. CoeusTitan ofIntelligence. Fatherof Leto. 13. PhoebeTitan of theMoon.Motherof Leto. 14. Prometheus wasthe wisest Titan. Hisname means"forethought" and hewas able to foretellthe future. He was theson of Iapetus .When Zeus revoltedagainst Cronus Prometheus deserted theother Titans andfought on Zeus side.By some accounts heand his 15. He also tricked Zeusinto allowing man tokeep the best part ofthe animalssacrificed to the godsand to give the godsthe worst parts.For this Zeus punishedPrometheus by havinghim chained to a rockwith an eagle tearingat his liver. He was tobe left there for all 16. Epimetheus wasa stupid Titan,whose name means"afterthought". Hewas the sonof Iapetus. In someaccounts he isdelegated, alongwith hisbrother Prometheus by Zeus to create 17. Atlas was the sonof Iapetus. Unlikehisbrothers Prometheus and Epimetheus,Atlas fought withthe other Titanssupporting Cronus against Zeus. Due toCronuss advanceage Atlas lead theTitans in battle. Asa result he wassingled out by Zeus 18. Metis was theTitaness of the forthday and the planetMercury. She presidedover all wisdom andknowledge. Shewas seduced by Zeusand became pregnantwith Athena. Zeusbecame concernedover prophecies thather second childwould replace Zeus.To avoid this Zeus ate 19. DioneAccording toHomer in theIliad she isthe motherof Aphrodite.