Today, please sit with your online discussion group members

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  • Today, please sit with your online discussion group members
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  • Well discuss this weeks readings (Webb & Palincsar, Smith & Berg) with next weeks readings on 10/1. Summaries of both weeks readings are due Tues, 10/5. Reflections on Assignment #2
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  • It will be beneficial if group members understand how different people view and manage conflict. Pauline In the handful of groups I have participated in, there have been few, if any, moments of dissention, triggers, or mismatch that would challenge our status quo we must build trust in each other and the process, realizing that through discomfort and challenge comes real group learning. Reed I do wish we had more team tasks, which would be difficult to do by just a single individual. Florine the weekly tasks do not really require multiple ways to show competence... group tasks need to be worthy of a group effort and require a multitude of skills and abilities. Cameron What is our joint goal or mission? Rich
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  • Team Learning Experience Your Mission... Todays class will be convening in a new, predetermined location. Using the clues provided to you, each team (Discussion groups A-F) is charged with finding it and getting there. Each envelope contains the clues, directions, and supplies you will need. Your team can use any other resources at your disposal but bear in mind the class will begin promptly at 11:00. Your team can remain in this room no longer than 15 minutes. Each team has an observer of the process.... GO!
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  • Team experience debrief... 1. How did that feel? 2. Think about your group process.What did you or your team do well? Not so well? ( stretch yourself to make connections to our readings...)
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  • Fundamental Tensions Knowing Trusting Belonging Leading create shared certainty and maintain doubt. demonstrate competencies and disclose vulnerabilities. create a collective identity and maintain individuality. influence through fluid and fixed power.
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  • ... language, roles, routines and artifacts mediate the tensions of knowing, trusting, belonging, and leading. Fundamental Tensions
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  • For next week... - Discuss this and next weeks readings (Webb & Palincsar, Smith & Berg, Kruglanski, Gersick, Whyte) - These article summaries due 10/5 - Preview of mid-Term Paper


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