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  • 1. free create sound files video/presentation mobile app share add music
  • 2. free share thoughts read others ideas find out about good practice collect them in one place through using RSS feeds
  • 3. free behaviour management system pupils can earn points and lose points accessible via desktop or mobile device pupil access and pupil avatars
  • 4. free share folders with groups/individuals the more people you invite, the more space you have MFL Twitterati folders (Spanish, French, German and general)
  • 5. free bookmarking online can share and follow lists have created an MFL revision list for pupils reduce bookmarks using tag feature
  • 6. free create class groups for pupils communicate with teacher or pupils looks like Facebook share messages, documents, links, set assignments etc
  • 7. handheld video camera easy to use USB flips out for easy connection great for blogging, encouraging the use target language and giving a real purpose to an activity
  • 8. searching specifically using filetype: doc/ppt etc Google apps reader, videos, maps, drive, mail make interactive posters educational accounts available
  • 9. free make different types of games can publish on blog or website eg. examples on my site
  • 10. iPad, iTunes, iPod, iPhone phenomenal apps favourites include wordreference, linguascope, cartoon makers, voice recorders GCSE material made by teachers for free in iTunes
  • 11. share and create screencasts, images and videos collaborate free snagit and camtasia are run by the same people that do more detailed things
  • 12. electronic resources linked to AQA Nelson Thornes text books, subscription only KS3-5 audio visual, soundfiles, downloadable worksheets, supports and supplements the textbook eBook with links to Kerboodle files (OUP offers ActivTeach)
  • 13. language resources sites languagesresources languagesonline linguascope atantot mfl sunderland TES resource bank
  • 14. my Languages Online department for Education games and activities scoreboard free
  • 15. authentic materials can change language includes videos and transcripts other news sites eg El Pas, 20 minutes authentic websites offer a wealth of material
  • 16. Oye, Zut, Gut, Zut Jnr free after 4pm, minimal cost games and interactive exercises
  • 17. make presentations linear, non-linear zooms in and out can add images, videos and hyperlinks
  • 18. vocabulary learning can create own quizzes and classes can monitor who is playing/accessing can add pre-existing lists to your classes
  • 19. Reader to collect blogs and read easily works using RSS feeds tells me automatically when a blog/page is updated and feeds it onto my reader list saves accessing 30 different pages just to see if there is anything new
  • 20. storybird make and tell stories great for younger students MFL storybird wiki
  • 21. follow other educators and linguists tweet and share ideas best CPD around! @spanishsam protect your tweets?
  • 22. create avatars that speak add voice by typing or uploading a sound file make the character look however you want
  • 23. put virtual post-its on a wall great for feedback or collecting ideas MFL collection of reading and listening tips for the GCSE exam LinoIt is an alternative
  • 24. word clouds : Wordle, ImageChef, Tagxedo see blog post on different ways to use them in the classroom
  • 25. free basic plan create videos and add voice
  • 26. authentic materials music, film grammar help share with the world alternatives: TeacherTube, TES video, download videos using Zamzar
  • 27. games teachers can make and share pre-made games all topics free
  • 28. Sign up to Quizlet using a username that you would be happy for students to see (mine is MissLunn)Browse through some of the vocab lists that already exist maybe look at mine!Try to make a vocab list of your ownCan you create a class?How would you have pupils find your vocabulary list?
  • 29. Wallwisher Go to the URL above Give some feedback on todays session and what you plan to do next Tell me what went well and what could be even better next time
  • 30. Other things to try today sign up to twitter (and follow me, @spanishsam) create a storybird start your own blog with what you have learnt today play some games on Zondle, MYLO, languagesonline or Oye/Zut/Gut Make your own animated video using animoto or xtranormal