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New Teacher Workshop: Pathways to Supplemental Texts and Digital Learning Tools for Teaching

New teacher resources and tools

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  • 1. New Teacher Workshop: Pathways to Supplemental Texts and Digital Learning Tools for Teaching

2. Incorporate the Common Core ELA shifts in every subject area and grade level: 3. Your buildings Library Media Specialists are here to help you: Collaborate on technology and research lessons Provide technology tools for classroom Find newspaper and magazine articles Determine reading levels for texts Provide helpful websites for classroom use, projects, and research Suggest supplemental resources for classroom use. 4. Destiny Library Online CatalogFind fiction and informational texts- novels, primary sources, memoir and biography, narrative nonfiction- in each schools library.*Find the link to Destiny on building homepages. Each building is targeted to grade level Quick links to databases and websites built by building Library Media Specialist Access WebPath Express for credible research websites Request new titles from your building LMS 5. Accessing The library OPAC Find a book: 1. Find Library OPAC link on you buildings homepage under Important Links or go to http://destiny.bbpschools.org 2. Select your school. 3. Click on Catalog. 4. Search titles, authors, subjects by typing in the search bar 5. Optional: Filter reading levels at the drop down sections 6. Destiny Library Online Catalog: WebPath Express WebPath Express is an educational search tool that provides todays K-12 students with a safe, fun and familiar search tool that integrates more than 85,000 trustworthy, relevant websites into your library catalog while filtering out questionable content.Directions: 1. Access your buildings Library OPAC (http://destiny.bbpschools.org) 2. After clicking on your school, select Webpath Express on the left toolbar. 3. Enter in a subject.http://www.follettsoftware.com/webpath-express 7. Virtual Reference Collection of Online Databases provides digital articles for multiple subject areashttp://www.flickr.com/photos/adrilurgiazone/5723891101/ 8. Virtual Reference Collection: Online DatabaseMagazinesNewspapersPrimary SourcesEducational JournalsEncyclopedic 9. Online Databases: Login information for all building levelsesbDigital Media Libraryfirst initial + last name tek 10. Digital Media Library Educational Multimedia http://www.flickr.com/photos/paul_nelson/6805351834/ 11. DML K-12 DIGITAL MEDIA LIBRARY Click on the DML tab in the VRC or go tohttp://dml.esboces.orgContains digital media including video, audio, images, interactives, maps, podcastsVendors include: Discovery Education Learn 360Espresso Education (Pre K-5)NBC Learns (Intermediate-12) PBS Media 12. Resource Cheat Sheet Note: All of the following can be found on district homepages, Destiny, or Library links.Destiny Library OPAC Link: destiny.bbpschools.org Used for: books in your schools libraries WebPath Express Link: destiny.bbpschools.org Used for: credible, research-based websites Virtual Reference Collection (VRC) Link: http://xaaa.calypso.scoolaid.net Used for: online magazine, newspaper, primary source, journal articles Digital Media Library Link: http://dml.esboces.org Used for: videos, images