Towards Context-Aware Computing via the Mobile Social Cloud

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Towards Context-Aware Computing via the Mobile Social Cloud. Prof. Rick Han University of Colorado at Boulder. Context-Aware Mobile Social Networks. Social Networks. Who?. Where?. My Preferences My Friends. Context-Aware System. Context-Aware Mobile Applications. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Towards Context-Aware Computing via the Mobile Social Cloud

Towards Context-Aware Computing via the Mobile Social CloudProf. Rick HanUniversity of Colorado at BoulderContext-Aware Mobile Social NetworksWho?Where?Context-Aware SystemContext-Aware Mobile Applications

Social Networks

My PreferencesMy FriendsMention Aaron Beach2The SocialFusion ProjectWho?Where?SocialFusion

Social Networks

My PreferencesMy FriendsWhat?Sensor activity,Mood, etc.

IndividuallyContext-AwareApps[HotMobile10]WhozThat?Mobile Social Network[IEEENetwork08]Loopt, Foursquare, etc.

Group Context-Aware AppsContext-Aware GroupVideoSocialAwareFlicks [MS09]Context-Aware GroupAudio - Music JukeboxNew apps

MobileCloudServices(Context-Aware),e.g. Azure,EC2, etc.[CUTechReport09]Distributing SocialFusion in the CloudWho?What?Where?Who?What?Where?Who?What?Where?DBDistributedDM1DM2DMNDML2Data MiningInferenceLayerDML2Minority ReportAppMobile SocialNetworksContext-Aware Group VideoAnd Audio AppsContext-AwareAppsREC1REC2RECXRecommendationOr ActuationLayerREC2DBPrivacy in the Context-AwareMobile CloudWho?Where?

What?PRIVACYPRIVACYPRIVACYAaron Beach:PP-Anonymityvs. K-AnonymityPRIVACY ANONYMIZATIONData Mining/InferenceRecommendationContext-Aware Mobile AppsGroup PrivacyIssues, anonymizebefore releasing to3rd parties downstreamCawbWeb - The Context-Aware Mobile Web/CloudHow do we make developing a context-aware app easy? (and the results reusable)Specify what you want to do in CawbWeb, e.g. in a series of intentionsCompile these intentions into a working appCompiler hides details of how to compose Web services, e.g. WSDL, etc.[CawbWeb CU Tech Report 2010]SummaryResearch challenges encountered (and not solved):What are the important attributes to track?Group inference and recommendationPrivacy of individuals and groupsHow to make building context-aware apps easy and reusable?


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